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Myayan always tries its best to innovate and experiment to bring and convey ideas in a unique way that are true to its meaning and is authentic. To maintain the authenticity of the content we convey our writers to do their research work properly and bring us quality content rather than the quantity content.

Health and fitness

Under the category health and fitness you will get to read articles that tell about various benefits of the elements that are present in nature and are easily available, we also talk about the tips and tricks to remain healthy and fit by providing knowledge about various health foods and exercises. The exercises mentioned by us in the articles can be performed by anyone.


In our education section or category, you will get to know about various government schemes that emphasize on the importance of education and how education can prove to be an essential and deciding factor in someone's life. we talk about how education can develop an Individual as well the society and the country he or she lives in.


The Entertainment section includes all the facts from all around the world's entertainment industry which is in present various in various forms such as movies, Tv series, music, dance, arts, games and many more. We tend to represent the industry in the form of news, facts, stories which can be read and enjoyed by our readers.


By reading our sports section you will get to know that we provide various articles related to games and sports personalities and also about their achievements. We always try our best to post about a particular game and performance of the players in that game.

Business and Finance

The business category in which we write about the business, businessman and their inspiring stories so that our readers get to know about the struggles of these businessmen rather than just their success and get inspired and motivated with the stories. Other than the businessmen we display the numbers which play a vital role in the business sector.


Other than the business we also dedicate a separate part of our website to Finance, as it is a topic on which you will find very less content on the internet. We publish a lot of knowledgeable content related to Finance.

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