Pros and Cons of Deepfake AI Technology

After taking the world of business by storm, generative AI or simply AI has started impacting people on a personal level. There are both Pros and Cons of Deepfake AI Technology which sooner or later will impact society. According to Forbes, 25% of videos people have watched online are fake. However, from marketing’s viewpoint, Deepfake AI technology seems to be helping. Nobody knows for how long it will prevail and how it’s going to affect people at a personal level. So, before getting stuck in the mayhem, let’s flip both sides of the coin.

For Those Unfamiliar With Deepfake Videos

Deepfake is a technology based on Artificial intelligence and Machine learning to articulate events that never occurred. The technology makes use of Audio, Video, and even images to generate visuals that seem real.

It’s all done with the help of predefined sets of computer algorithms that finally gives you the outcome of what the object is. For example, the algorithm collects a data set of multiple images and combines them altogether to create a new unique one. The same process happens with Deepfake videos as it turns out to be a great tool for influencers using video ads to spread social awareness.

The main purpose of tailoring media using deepfake AI is to cut costs and time as traditional graphical designing process used both manpower and money. Plus, there are many benefits of deepfake technology for small and large businesses.

What are the Pros of Deepfake Videos?

Deepfake videos have gathered much attention in the world of digital marketing as businesses are thriving and making profits. The obvious advantages of Deepfake AI videos and images technology are associated with the marketing industry. These include:

1. Creative Content

One of the notable pros of deepfake technology is the use of creative ideas to generate perfect and engaging content. Be it videos, audios, or images; the digital marketing and entertainment industries have improved their business drastically because of the AI technology blending in media files.

2. On the Go Results are Notable Benefits of Deepfake AI

Time is money; putting special effects in visuals using deepfake AI technology is quite easier compared to traditional CGI methods. This ability of AI lets professionals save time as well as effort. On the plus side, deepfakes are more accurate and realistic which renders better visuals as compared to its counterpart.

3. Cost Savings

You can create Deepfake videos at least expense as compared to hiring specialized professionals for your campaign. As AI helps you create better and enhanced videos in high-quality, you just have to sit back and let the machine do the rest.

4. Personalized Content Creation

You can deepfakes on every social media platform where influencers use them to inform the public about their products through different campaigns. You can also use this AI technology to personalize your content for fun. For example, try creating birthday videos or humorous clips with faces of your friends and family members.

What are the Cons of Deepfake AI Technology?

Well, speaking of using Deepfake videos for personal use, would you put your trust in it wholly? The answer will be “No.” there have been many incidents where celebrities have had to suffer the consequences. The following cons of Deepfake Videos are dire when it comes to personal level.

1. Misinformation and Fake News

It’s easy to use and even easier to spread misinformation around the web. There are the good ones, and there are the bad ones who misuse the technology for their personal gains.

Many businesses have used this technology to create realistic fake videos or audio recordings. Why? To taint their competitor’s image in the market and leverage their illicit practices.

2. Privacy Concerns

Famous singer Taylor Swift was caught into trouble when her deepfake videos went viral on social media. It’s not just one, there are many incidents where famous people around the world had to go through such serious issues.

The ease of manipulating the facial features of celebrities also raises privacy concerns. Celebrities are the soft target as they don’t even know where their morphed videos and images are being posted right now.

3. Financial Frauds are Some Serious Cons of Deepfake Technology

Now imagine someone with a fake identity commits a financial fraud. That actually happened when a finance worker paid off $25 million to a fake CFO after a video call. The incident occurred in Hong Kong, where the fraudsters used Deepfake Technology to pose as the Chief Financial Officer of the Company. The way AI is advancing, you can expect more such incidents to occur around the world.

4. Lack of Trust

The rampant use of deepfake technology can erode trust in the authenticity of digital content. By now, you must be familiar with the fact that not everything you see is for real on the internet. As you grow more aware of the potential for manipulation, you’ll lose trust in the veracity of the media.

5. Legal and Ethical Dilemmas

The legal landscape surrounding the downsides of deepfake AI technology is complex and still evolving. Issues related to consent, intellectual property, and defamation may become more prominent as this technology continues to advance.

Final Thoughts

The pros and cons of Deepfake AI technology reveal the good and the bad sides. It’s a tool that can unlock exciting possibilities in entertainment and artificial intelligence. But, some recent incidents of fake videos going viral indicate how dangerous this technology can be on a personal level.

Pros and Cons of Deepfake AI Technology

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of Deepfake AI technology?

Entertainment and digital marketing are two areas which you can say have maximum benefits of deepfake videos and images. Apart from these two sectors, deepfakes can also be used for Research and development.

Why are Deepfakes Problematic?

False videos visuals and audios can spread like a wildfire which may mislead the societies. Further risks of using deepfakes are, but not limited to spreading misinformation, identity theft, and creating fake content.

What are the Cons of Deepfake Videos?

There have multiple incidents and most of them happened with famous personalities. Falsified content can cause mental and emotional harm to people being targeted using deepfake technology.

Are Deepfakes good or bad?

To be precise, this technology is a double-edged sword which can be both constructive and destructive in. It best possible use is to restore and preserve historical data.

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