Advantages and Disadvantages of Kitchen Garden

Kitchen Gardens, say for aesthetic purposes or simply as a source of fresh food, are growing back in trend. You shall today be knowing about the advantages and disadvantages of Kitchen Garden and the reason for their growing popularity.

What are the Advantages of a Kitchen Garden?

No matter how much of a smart home you own, the pleasure of having a green, nature-friendly house is certainly above anything else. And what’s more exciting than knowing that these greens can also feed your family.

Excitingly, the ability to be your own kitchen gardener isn’t the end, there are several other merits of gardening in your kitchen or for your kitchen.

1. Gardening for your Kitchen is a Productive Hobby

Certainly, planting and caring for your veggies is far more beneficial than binge-watching. No matter how long you do it, it isn’t going to strain your eyes. It has been proven by research in the UK that gardening instils social skills like cooperation, empathy. And it also leads to a reduction in diseases like Alzheimer’s when done continuously in the long run.

2. It is Very Eco-friendly

For most people like me, there is nothing prouder than knowing that a small engagement in gardening can result in vast benefits to the environment. Apart from that up to a certain extent, it assists in reducing the emission of green-houses gases which are the reason for a lot of damage to nature. This means that by engaging in this fruitful activity there is not only an advantage to the self but also the complete society.

3. A Good Source of Freshly Produced Healthy Vegetables

Where on the one hand technology like that of GMO has been a boon to the human species, the excessive use of pesticides and fertilizers has also been a regrettable bane. However, with one growing fresh vegetables in the kitchen garden, there is no more fear, provided the right use of methods such as rotational cropping and soil nourishment.

4. Ensures Proper Use of Domestic Waste

One of the most helpful advantages of kitchen garden is the use of domestic waste in it. Okay, let’s think about it this way:

  • Does the backyard of your house look like a garbage center?
  • Does the water after cleaning vegetables and fruits go to waste to the sewage?
  • Does the rotten organic waste keep stinking in your dustbin?

If you have answered ‘yes’ to any or all of these questions then having a potager can surely benefit you. This is because usually grown in the backyard of most houses, kitchen gardens bloom with organic manure and also ensure proper water management that is a must in today’s times.

5. Increases the Aesthetic Value of Your Sweet Home

Fed up watching pathetic screens all day, no one can stress enough the joy of glaring at a colorfully green fragrant backyard filled with one’s favorite vegetables. Now just imagine this green beauty being at your place and grown by your own hands. It is something to boast about and get positive vibes from. When there are so many absolute advantages of having a kitchen garden, why would one not grow it in the first place?

Though it’s a very obvious question, to answer it below mentioned are some of the drawbacks of the same.

What are the Disadvantages of Kitchen Garden?

Just as every coin has two sides, ironically the kitchen garden has some demerits too. And while you might have made up your mind to grow a kitchen garden, these disadvantages of kitchen garden would want you to rethink for a second time:

1. Kitchen Gardening Consumes a Lot of Time

For those who believe gardening to be their hobby, this isn’t a great deal, but for others, it’s nothing less than a painstaking task requiring both time and patience. Nonetheless, if the results make you delighted, the efforts are certainly worth giving the try.

2. Kitchen Gardening requires money

Though this one is not required every single time, to be very honest, gardening is something that does require some, if not a lot, of money. Whether for purchasing seeds, watering equipment, fertilizers or anything else you feel might be ‘necessary’ for your gardening, money is vital.

For this thing, unlike having dance as your hobby where all you need to do is move and groove to the beat, gardening is expensive.

Conscious about your health? Read more here.

3. It Takes Up ‘S P A C E’

As obvious as it sounds, unless you become a professional at it, you cannot grow enough vegetables or fruits to always keep your refrigerator filled. While an average backyard garden yields sufficiently enough for a family of four, more land is required for more produce.

This might result in you compromising with that extra space where you might have parked your kid’s or your bike or something else, maybe!

4. Presence of Several Insects and Worms

Although all of these will surely not be dangerous or fatal for you or your family, one of the drawbacks of a kitchen garden is the presence of unwanted insects and worms. There is always a need to keep an eye on these alien intruders and ensure that no one, especially the children at home, is in contact with them.

5. Kitchen Gardening Leads to Physical Injuries

As there would be a requirement of handling some tools and facing plants that may have some thorns or peaky leaf-ends, there is a fair chance to get injured. Most people with sensitive skin also tend to have allergies after coming in touch with soil while gardening. So, it is always advisable to be careful while growing kitchen gardens.

Conclusion of Pros and Cons of Kitchen Gardening

Now that you have reached so far after reading the article, you must have received a good knowledge about the pros and cons of the kitchen garden.

It would be great to know how you felt about it through your reaction below. Analyze both pros and cons to see if Kitchen Gardening is worth giving a try yet or not.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Kitchen Garden

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of kitchen garden?

1. You get fresh vegetables and fruits whenever you want.
2. You know exactly what you're putting in your food.
3. It's cost-efficient.
4. You have a chance to become healthier.
5. Plants repel mosquitoes.

What are disadvantages of gardening?

1. Costs for initial setup are high.
2. Regular Maintenance is essential
3. Lack of skills can spoil everything
4. Gardening tools can lead to injuries
5. You may need time to learn gardening.

How do you grow a kitchen garden?

Fill your container or make the bed with a standard mix when planting your vegetables or fruits for a kitchen garden. If using pots, add a few pebbles or crushed thermocol pieces to prevent clogging. Sprinkle some water onto the seeds or veggies after being planted to keep them moist.

Where can we put a kitchen garden?

A kitchen garden should not be built adjacent to your kitchen. However, you may make use of the available space, such as a balcony or a hallway, if you live in an apartment. Veggies can be cultivated successfully inside these confines, much like indoor plants.

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