Advantages and Disadvantages of Room Air Freshener

Room air fresheners are one of the basic needs for workplace and homes. A smelly place is nobody’s favourite to work or live in. Air freshener sprays are a quick solution to foul smells; that’s why these are counted among essentials. The pleasing fragrance is all you need to start your day at work. But are you familiar with the drawbacks of using Room air fresheners? If not, these advantages and disadvantages of Room Air Fresheners should do you help.

What are the Advantages of Room Air Fresheners?

There are plenty of uses an air freshener can have in your daily life. You can one for Bathroom, Closet, Living Room, bedroom, or even your office cabin. Room fresheners are even more convenient when you can get one in different varieties like air wick, sprays, plug-in sockets, blocks, or even incense sticks. These most prominent advantages of Room Air Fresheners might also intrigue you to try one for your place.

1. Natural Scents

Bringing you close to nature, Room Air fresheners are available in a range of fragrances to fill your space. Velvet Rose, Sandal, Jasmine, Lavender-Vanilla, Fruits, and Meadows & Rain, there are lots of scents you can pick per your liking.

Many deodorizers come without Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) or aerosols. Not only do the air fresheners turn your space naturally liveable, but they also can have a transformative effect because of natural aromas. Most air fresheners are made of crude extract, essential oils, and other natural ingredients, which means you get optimum benefits of Room Air Freshener Spray.

2. Elimination of Unpleasant Odors

Nobody would like to enter a room full of stinky smells, whether it’s a living room or workplace. Many cosmetic companies have now shifted their focus on manufacturing air fresheners of stronger fragrance and aroma, eliminating all the unpleasant odors from your personal space, such as bathroom and bedroom.

Most types of room air fresheners combat foul smells by masking them instead of neutralizing them. The best ones can help you eliminate the odor in just a few sprays. Air fresheners tend to remain active inside the room for longer periods. That means you can stave off the bad smell by replacing it with a fresh and clean scent.

3. Availability in Different types and forms

Aerosols, candles, incense sticks, oils, diffusers, sprays, plug-ins, and solid air fresheners, there is a wide range of products you choose from. So, go ahead and buy the one you want for your space, fitting your particular tastes. Any Room air fresheners can be used to provide your place with the fragrances you can enjoy. You can switch to any fragrances that improvises the situation as much as you like.

4. Elimination of Airborne Pathogens

Fumigation of medical facilities is an essential process to eliminate microbial agents on hospital surfaces and controlling infections. In some cases, room air fresheners can also be used for this medicinal purpose. Airborne pathogens can grow in your home or workplace, causing lists of illnesses.

Air fresheners based on natural extracts and essential oils are often capable of eliminating these harmful pathogens and neutralizing the effects of the people living in the house. Most of the contaminants present in the atmosphere can create an unhealthy atmosphere. The same applies to your car, washroom, or workplace.

5. Room Air Fresheners are mood enhancers

Scents have been used for centuries for Aromatherapy and spiritual healing. Walking into a room filled with your favorite fragrance is the best way to lift your mood. The fresh scent of your favorite flowers can revitalize your rooms even if you feel stressed. You can easily focus on your work.

The sense of smell plays a vital role in the physiological effects of mood, stress, and your working capacity. Electrophysiological studies reveal that various fragrances can improve spontaneous brain activities and cognitive functions. Room Air fresheners are very well associated with your well-being and boosting your positive attitude.

What are the Disadvantages of Room Air Fresheners?

Even though Room air fresheners are widely used for good reason, concerns are emanating just beside the benefits. The chemicals and string aromatic compounds put into a can put your health at risk. These Disadvantages of Room Air Fresheners analyze the possible downsides.

1. Degraded indoor air Quality

Many room air fresheners are based on Volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which can also have an adverse health effect. VOCs consist of a variety of chemicals, which may have short- and long-term side effects. According to the US Environmental Protection Agency, VOCs concentrations are consistently higher indoors (up to ten times higher) than outdoors.

Air freshener ingredients are generally kept undisclosed to consumers, as they are the primary source of VOCs. Even the green and organic air fresheners can emit hazardous air pollutants that can degrade the air quality.

2. Severe Health Risks

Sometimes, the air fresheners made to improve the indoor environment can pose unintended and unknown health risks. Air fresheners are linked with adverse effects, such as headaches, asthma attacks, infant illness, and breathing difficulties from a health perspective.

Artificial fragrances are based on formaldehyde which is the leading cause of cancer in humans. In another study, the researchers have found that fresheners also contain Acetaldehyde and Styrene, the leading carcinogens.

3. It can be allergic

People with skin sensitivity may have allergic reactions due to direct exposure to the Room Air Sprays. Even the sharp smell of scents can increase the risk of allergies. Sneezing, headaches and dizziness are some of the prevalent ones.

Despite claiming that most manufacturers use organic compounds to give the best natural results, the harmful ingredients are kept undisclosed from customers. However, it usually depends on how long your system is exposed to the chemicals and how often you use the room air fresheners.

4. Temporarily Effective

Air fresheners that are also used as disinfectants can make the micro-organisms more resistant. This means the airborne bacteria and organisms are immune to the effect.

On the other hand, most air fresheners cannot tackle the odor permanently, except for just covering up the smell. If the stench is beyond control, it will return most likely, which would make you use more freshener. Sometimes, cleaning is the best answer to rid the foul smell.

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5. May cost More

Continue using an air freshener may not be a practical option in budgetary terms. An average can of air freshener lasts for up to a week. This means the expenses added at the end of the month will undoubtedly exceed than usual.

This is why many homeowners use cheaper alternatives to freshen the air, which is rather an economical choice. Using a vent, keeping flowers/ indoor plants, or keeping the windows opened for a while are a few good ways to start.

The Bottom Line

Balanced use of air fresheners can help you save money and stay away from health risks. Considering both the Advantages and Disadvantages of Room Air Freshener must be considered depending on the type you want for your space. If buying an air freshener seems more of an impressive option to you, go for the one based on natural extracts and essential oils.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Room Air Freshener

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the disadvantages of air freshener?

Rather than addressing the source of the odor, most air fresheners merely mask it. Some air fresheners will get rid of bad smells, but if the foul smell is caused by old trash or food, it will return as the air freshener fades away since more air fresheners are needed.

Are air fresheners harmful to your health?

Air fresheners are extremely combustible. Air fresheners are very uncomfortable for the eyes, skin, and throat. If ingested by dogs or people, solid air fresheners generally result in death. In addition, the majority of the chemicals used in air fresheners are highly poisonous.

Are room fresheners safe?

Small quantities of most air fresheners are rarely harmful. However, the gel-type evaporative beads or reed diffuser solutions might seriously damage children if consumed. There is a debate regarding the potential negative effects of frequent encounters with air fresheners on the environment and health.

Can air fresheners cause breathing problems?

On the other hand, air fresheners may provide a pleasant scent but can be extremely harmful to your health. Popular air fresheners can induce serious respiratory issues and eye and nasal irritation. VOCs in particular — even at low doses below current safety standards — can lead to asthma in children by causing eye and respiratory tract irritation, headaches, and dizziness.

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