Advantages and Disadvantages of Air Purifier

Pros of Air Purifiers:

  1. Odourless Atmosphere
  2. Everyone Loves Smoke free Place
  3. Dispose of Volatile Organic Compounds
  4. Air Purifiers are Energy Efficient
  5. Allergic Microorganisms are Away from your House

Cons of Air Purifiers:

  1. Maintenance Overhead
  2. Under Performance
  3. Ozone Emissions
  4. A multiplicity of Molds and Bacteria
  5. UV Rays

There was a time when Air purifiers were meant for hospitals and commercial industries. Unsurprisingly, air quality has worsened than one had ever expected. People are growing more sensitive to dirt floating in the air, and some are ever affected by the consequences of breathing the contaminated air. Many companies have designed different air purifiers based on the parameterized standards HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) Air purifiers are designed specifically for people in need. But, is it worth installing an air purifier at home? How efficient is an air purifier even after cleaning the air and letting us breathe the fresh air? This talk covers the major points on the Advantages and Disadvantages of Air Purifiers.

Air Purifiers are getting more popular among homeowners as their first choice when it is all about caring for their family and kids. It is a matter of health, after all. Air filter or air purifier is a device that cleans the air and enhances its quality eliminating contaminants. Moreover, if you have someone who needs the utmost care, you must install a certified air purifier first and foremost.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Air Purifiers?

There are many undesirable particles in air lurking around us everywhere in our homes. Many residues and sensitivity particles defile the air that we take in. Not everyone is immune to the looming contaminants finding it hard to resist the contaminated air. With the pollution crisis, the rise in demand for buying a perfect air purifier is getting common these days. Today, purchasing air purifiers has turned into a typical scene. More noticed like a fundamental apparatus, an air purifier promises pure and natural air.

But is it really so?

Benefits or Advantages of Air Purifier

Among the common ones, here are some facts about the Advantages of Air Purifier if you have arrived here wondering whether buying one for your home, here are some facts you need to consider.

1. Odorless Atmosphere

Air purifiers enable you to keep your space free from scents. On the off chance that you live in urban culture, the activity may cause undesired smells. Anything putrid from dirty socks to a messy trash stench is gone when you utilize an air purifier. You could likewise dispose of the kitchen smells that wait for quite a while. And when you return home from work, the atmosphere is even more blissful.

2. Everyone Loves Smoke free Place

If there happens to be a smoker in your house, the little indoor air purifier comes handy at such times that assists you remain unaffected by the smoke. An air purifier is a boon for you if you don't have a separate smoke zone in your condo or flat. Air purifiers decrease the danger of uninvolved smoking in homes with youthful kids and elderly individuals.

3. Dispose of Volatile Organic Compounds

Most cancer-causing agents are in unpredictable structures that are scattered unnoticeable all around in the form of vapors. For example, these vapors can be from paints and varnishes that are responsible for causing cancer. The Carbon channels actuated in Air Purifiers dispose-off these vapors.

4. Air Purifiers are energy efficient

Air Purifiers are an efficient way to make your home ventilated, hotter, and less reliant on other energy supplies even during winter. An Air Purifier can help you cut overall expenses spent on other energy-based utilities. The HEPA channels make them work faster and more efficiently, thus, helping you plan your power and utility bills.

5. Allergic Microorganisms are Away from your House

Pups and Kittens are a big responsibility to undertake at home. With air like such, there may be a strong pet smell hitting your home. Let’s not forget about the microorganisms they bring from the outside. If you are Asthmatic or sensitive to dust, living with pets might turn into another problematic experience. With an Air purifier installed at home, you will find no problem in cuddling with your all-time favorite companion. And you never have to spray a room freshener to get rid of putrid smell every once in a while.

Demerits or Disadvantages of Air Purifiers

What seemed to be a promising solution for air conditioning, now turns into a concerning subject for the environment. There are some other worrying reasons for us whether Air Purifiers are a suitable alternative for our homes or not? Indoor air purifiers are associated with Ammonia, Methyl Chloride, Sulfur dioxide, and Chlorofluorocarbons. This is another concern for the Ozone layer and global warming. Some other disadvantages of Air Purifiers you’ll have to watch out for are listed below.

1. Maintenance Overhead is most a disadvantage of air purifiers

It sounds weird, but indoor Air purifiers do need maintenance, which can be erratically expensive. For as long as you have one installed in your home, you have to be careful with its maintenance as its efficiency will majorly rely on how functional you keep its parts and peripherals. Considering a replacement would not solve any problem, instead, it would add to your expenses. Cleaning and replacing the filters can turn out into a costly activity, and this has to be done timely.

2. Under Performance

No Air Purifier can work with 100% efficiency, despite many manufacturers claim that their mechanisms are up to the mark. Some purifiers will remove smoke or odor and will fail at tackling microorganisms and allergens from your home. Another reason for their low efficiency is the age of air purifiers. Their effectiveness wears out as they age with time, also filters tend to trap less and fewer microorganisms as they get clogged with other trapped particles over time. Consider doing your part, replace the filters, and keep your home clean as much as possible. Relying on a machine would not be a good idea.

3. Ozone Emissions

These emissions may seem hard to spot; the more unconditioned a room is, the more emissions would be there in your place. As said before, a mix of harmful gases would be dangerous to you and your animals’ health. Despite the fact that many manufacturers make claims that they deliver products with reduced levels of ozone. Still, many air purifiers emit ozone gas as a byproduct, exposure to which will put your health at risk. At first, your air purifier may seem like a perfect match for your needs, but later it may turn into somewhat threatening. Effects of Ozone gas on human health include shortness of breath, chest congestion, coughing, and other respiratory diseases.

4. A multiplicity of Molds and Bacteria

What happens when all the microorganisms are grouped in a trap inside HEPA filters over time, and they are left untreated? These filters can turn into a perfect breeding place for bacteria and microbes. The grouped microscopic organisms can quickly multiply themselves swiftly to bounce back into your room. This makes many people dubious about whether to install an air purifier or go natural.

5. UV Rays

UV rays in a filter kill all the particulate matter that passes through it. UV technology is commonly combined with air filters to attain efficiency and maximum air quality. Facts are also astonishing for humans as the filter fixed with UV technology also tends to break the oxygen and water molecules into ozone and hydroxyl. The broken down elements will then react with other pollutants and turn even more harmful. UV air purifiers, thus, may not be an effective solution for particulate matter. Many UV air purifiers miss out on trapping microorganisms because of shielding provided by the particles.

Air Purifiers - Up Ahead

There is nothing more evident than facing the truth practically. Air quality is deteriorating while people are, and researchers are looking for answers. Given the disadvantages of air, purifiers don’t make them entirely useless. An ideal air purifier can save you money and efforts too. Right investment and maintenance are always worth it.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Air Purifier

Frequently Asked Questions

Do air purifiers really make a difference?

There are both supportive and nonsupportive theories in response to that. Air purifiers are efficient in tackling airborne particles but seem ineffective against the microscopic particles that have already settled on the floor mat. Also, they come at higher costs.

Do air purifiers really work?

Close to perfect cleansing of air, yes they are effective at trapping all the allergens and microorganisms present in the air and keep the odor out of your home. All air purifier needs are timely maintenance and regular filter replacement.

Should you leave your air purifier on all the time?

Ideally, it is good to keep your home free from dirt all the time, that is 24x7. This is important from multiple viewpoints, concern for family's health, patients, or pets in your family. If turned off for a while, the dirt and allergens would start contaminating your home.

What are the disadvantages of Air Purifier?

It is a fact that you also have to be careful about the cleanliness of your home, you cannot rely on your air purifier entirely. Much to your attention, maintenance from time to time is gravely important, filter cleaning should be done regularly. If not, this might cost you extra money. Another con of air purifier is that it may not be 100% efficient.

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