Pros and Cons of FHO Surgery Cat

Hip dysplasia, arthritis, and other hip-related conditions in cats may often be treated with FHO surgery. , the FHO procedure includes removing the head of the femur bone from the hip joint. FHO surgery has significant limitations even though it is generally safe and secure for cats. In this post, we shall go into depth about some key benefits and drawbacks of FHO surgery in cats.

Pros of FHO Surgery Cat

The benefits of FHO surgery for cats include the following;Pain relief is one of the primary benefits of FHO surgery for cats since it is essential to alleviate any pain or discomfort brought on by hip dysplasia, arthritis, or other hip-related conditions. By removing the head of the femur bone, cats can move freely and have less pain and suffering.

1. Increases Mobility

Another benefit of FHO surgery for cats is increasing their mobility by letting them move more pain-free and freely. Enhancing mobility helps your cat live a better overall quality of life and makes it quicker for your cat to return to regular daily activities. Shorter Recovery Time: Another benefit of FHO surgery in cats is that it is a fairly basic and straightforward treatment that doesn't call for extended recovery time. In some circumstances, most cats establish a habit in a few weeks.

2. Low Risk of Complications

FHO surgery has few limitations and is a low-risk operation. FHO surgery has a lower risk of infection and other complications than other hip operations.

Cons of FHO Surgery Cat

The FHO procedure for cats has certain disadvantages in addition to its many benefits. What are the drawbacks? What follows will be discussed.

1. Possibility for Muscle Atrophy

Some cats may have muscular atrophy in the afflicted limb following FHO surgery. As a result, it may lessen the cat's leg's movement and increase weakening.

2. Reduced Range of Motion

Because of the hip joint, another disadvantage of FHO surgery is that it can reduce your cat's total range of motion. Although it might not be apparent during routine activities, it might limit your cat's capacity for harder activities.

3. Costly FHO Surgery

The major disadvantage of FHO surgery is the price, especially if your cat occasionally needs physical therapy or follow-up treatment. Before making a choice, it is advisable to research the local average cost of FHO operation.

4. Anesthesia Risk

FHO surgery, like all surgical procedures, involves general anesthesia, which, in extreme circumstances, can be dangerous for some cats. It is crucial to discuss your cat's medical situation with the doctor and get their advice.


We know that FHO surgery can successfully treat discomfort and increase mobility in cats with hip dysplasia, arthritis, or other hip-related issues. Our blog article summarises the benefits and drawbacks of FHO surgery in cats. FHO surgery has several benefits, but there are some disadvantages, such as a reduced range of motion, higher expense, and potential for muscle atrophy.

These benefits include restoring your cats' daily routines, improving their comfort, and boosting their mobility. Before making a choice, weighing all the benefits and drawbacks of FHO surgery in cats is essential. It would help to discuss your cat's condition with the vet for better advice.

Pros and Cons of FHO Surgery Cat

Frequently Asked Questions

How well does FHO surgery work on cats?

After FHO surgery, the damaged limb functions as it did before for most cats. Even if the leg's range of motion or limb length may be somewhat diminished following surgery, these effects are normally minor and do not affect the cat's quality of life.

What disadvantages are associated with FHO?

While FHOs can fix problems brought on by bad anatomy, discomfort isn't usually eliminated. FHO also shortens a dog's leg, meaning recovery from the procedure can take longer.

Do alternatives exist to femoral head osteotomy?

Historically, the preferred course of therapy for this problem has been femoral head and neck osteotomy (FHNO). Innovative choices such as complete hip prostheses, capsular sutures, and toggle pins (TP) have recently been promoted to retain normal joint biomechanics.

What is the cost of an FHO procedure?

$1,200 to $2,500. The size, age, and degree of hip dysplasia influence the cost of FHO surgery in your dog. Between $1,200 to $2,500 or more is what you should budget for, taking into account the operation, anesthesia, post-operative care, and drugs.

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