Advantages and Disadvantages of Hostel Life

Certain advantages of hostel life come to mind as students decide to live in a whole new environment with loads of opportunities. New friends, surrounded by books, and full attention in the classroom are some benefits worth counting. However, many students restrict themselves from opting for a hostel life for different reasons. Homesickness comes first among the cons of living in a Hostel. There are many other angles to judge life in the hostel from a border’s point of view. These Advantages and Disadvantages of Hostel Life evaluate how living away from home can impact your life as a student.

What are the Advantages of Hostel Life?

Living in a hostel is like leaving your comfort zone to explore a new world of possibilities with little limitation. Following a timetable for activities like outings, attending classes and reading projects with classmates are easy. These advantages of hostel life are worth considering, especially while studying abroad.

1. You’ll learn to be Independent

As a student, it’s more important to be self-reliant, so later, when you start your career, you will lead a better life as an individual. This quality is advantageous, especially when you are away and want to practice this freedom life-long.

Home is full of luxuries where parents get you everything you need. But, hostel life encourages you to participate in acts on your own. From managing studies to taking self-responsibility living in a hostel teaches some valuable lessons. Getting accustomed to a new environment and looking after yourselves are major advantages of hostel life.

2. Discipline is among the valuable advantages of hostel life

Breakfast 8:00, Lunch at 13:00, dinner at 9:00 hours; the timing is fixed. If you are late, you may have to sleep without food. Meals are the best thing to keep you disciplined. Hostel life is perfect for brazen kids who haven’t learnt the value of time at school.

The best part about hostel life is that the college or universities’ authority is maintained, which can’t be manipulated by students. There is a fixed time for everything, from wakeup call to sleep time, from attending lectures to late hours of study.

3. Hostel life lets you Build Friendships

Staying away from family doesn’t mean you are helpless. On the contrary, some friends will play an immense role in your life. Once you get to know each other well, you can discuss studies, share your problems with them and listen to what they have to say.

With new friendships built in hostel life, you also tend to develop a sense of care towards someone you didn’t before. You would likely build emotional contacts with your roommates over time. These moments are what you cherish after graduating.

4. You can Explore Cultures while living in Hostel

Top Universities and colleges in the world offer inter-cultural study programmes. If you are the one who’s enrolled in such, there are advantages of living in a hostel. Hostels are a common staying place where you’ll get to meet people from varied cultural backgrounds.

Living with each other day in and day out, you can learn about their culture and traditions, increasing your knowledge about a different language. Learning a different language can be among the advantages of hostel life you can put in your resume.

5. Everything you need is close to you

Confectionaries, Gyms, Playgrounds, Libraries, and even washing lines are located near hostels. Having every basic facility in your vicinity is one of the major benefits of living in hostels.

You do not have to waste time and energy travelling all the way to get what you need. Hostel life is where you can tune your timing to your preferences. You can delve into your studies at your convenience.

What are the Disadvantages of Hostel Life?

Living a Hostel life has many advantages, but it can be the other way around. Much of it depends on your company. The freedom may let you loose on deciding whether activities are harmful in terms of money, health, or time. On the other hand, staying away from home means no one is there to direct you whenever you are in trouble. Here are some other concerning disadvantages of hostel life.

1. Difficulty adjusting to new Atmosphere

It can be difficult to acclimate to a whole new place with a small room with 3-4 beds. Also, shrinking from your wide personal room to a small place can be hard for introverts who prefer to live quietly.

Many students have to deal with emotional setbacks as they part from their parents. So even though hostel life brings you freedom and self-reliance, you may have to deal with the pressure of being on your own for quite some time.

2. Lack of Proper Facilities

Since most of your life is not private in hostel life, lack of facilities may disappoint you often. Living in a hostel means you’ll have to live the way others do within limits.

There is no questioning whatever facilities you are getting from food to bathroom. If you are not habitual to live without an Air Conditioner, you have to make it work. If the food doesn’t taste good enough, there is no choice except for eating.

3. Loneliness is one of the emotional disadvantages of hostel Life

Leaving home comfort, living among strangers who don’t understand your language, bad food, and falling sick. All these happenings all of a sudden can make you feel lonely.

Even if the hostel friends try to take care of each other, they cannot take care of the parents. In such situations, it’s usual to feel lonely and helpless. That’s why many students drop out of college.

4. Bad company

The hostel is a vulnerable place to join the bad company and grow bad habits, which later become an addiction. As there is no family member around to tell you what’s good and what’s not, you tend to grow more careless.

Watching late-night movies, smoking, and drinking not only deteriorate your health but also lets you lose focus from your studies. Among good friends come the bad ones. You may not always have good company, which is among the dire disadvantages of hostel life for parents and students.

5. Hostel Life is Expensive

Among the many disadvantages of living in a hostel come the expenses. Not everyone can afford the cost of studying in college and finding accommodation. Given tuition fees, admission charges, and registration fees, hostel charges add to even a huge amount, which you must pay upfront.

Many campus hostels charge students more for better facilities. In addition, some parents tend to pay more considering their kids’ safety. However, some may find it difficult to afford a better life for their loved ones.

Conclusion on Pros and Cons of Hostel Life

Hostel life can be highly beneficial if you have spent disciplined life at school. Then, it will be easy to switch to an environment where you can focus more on your studies. However, there can be many risks of living in hostel life if you haven’t learned ethics early and are already fallen into bad company. If you have enrolled in a college already, keep in mind the Pros and Cons of Hostel Life.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Hostel Life

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of hostel life?

1. A Disciplined Life.
2. Ascertain that you can do everything on your own.
3. Improved Study Environment.
4. Better Cultural Awareness.
5. The Benefit of Proximity.

What are the disadvantages of hostel?

1. Inadequate Privacy.
2. On each floor, there are bathrooms.
3. There aren't enough places to go around.
4. The risk of theft is present.

Are hostels good or bad?

Living in a hostel may teach you many other skills, including cooperation, assisting your roommates, a sense of community, and adaptation. A student learns many good traits from their roommates and other hostellers while living in a hostel and being susceptible to the bad influence of others.

Is hostel life difficult?

It is difficult to leave your house, but most students appreciate the independence of living in a hostel. There are, however, certain things to keep in mind before taking on the new roller coaster ride of being the ignorant hosteller while hosteling.

Is living in hostel good?

The life of a hostel teaches you many other things, such as teamwork, assisting your roommates, a feeling of togetherness, and adaptation. A student may acquire several excellent characteristics from their roommates and other hostelers while also being susceptible to the negative influence of others in a hostel.

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