Learn about the vital benefits and possible side effects of medicines you use to upkeep your health how the drugs may interact with other medications.

Medicine is the field of health and healing to prevent and cure amenable to severe illnesses. Medicines cover diagnosis, treatment, prognosis, and prevention of disease, medical research, and many other aspects of health if looked upon insightfully.

Medicines have a variety of uses and benefits, depending on your health status. Pharma and herbal medicines both have specific side effects and health benefits. Playing the crucial role in health care services, drugs are as yet the most effective life supporters for elderly adults and patients.

Both herbal and pharmaceutical drugs come in a variety of types or compositions. Some medicines only come in one kind, given their effects. Different types of medications are Tablet, Liquid (Syrups), Capsules, Powder, Patches, Inhalers, Drops, Implants, and Injections.

Drugs can of any type depending on the severity and effects of the ailment. Administration of drugs mainly varies on a patient’s condition and age. For example, a kid needs to be given syrups or powdered medicines; on the other hand, medication needs to be administered through injections in patients who are unable to chew or swallow a pill.

Note: Herbal medicines have gained more popularity due to fewer side effects and interactions than pharmaceutical drugs.

Consumers need to have adequate knowledge about certain types of drugs they take. At times, anyone can experience adverse effects of prescribed or over the counter medicines besides the benefits. Elders take regular medicines to counter old-age problems. Everyone must know how a drug may interact with their health system, what are the therapeutic effects of using it? And what are its side effects? ; Find relevant and evidence-based answers on

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