Advantages & disadvantages of Noom diet plan - Pros & cons

Advantages and Disadvantages of Noom Diet Plan: Today, it's hard to find time for fitness program. The rich android technology inch closer to assisting people with their fitness regime and diet plan. Where many apps just follow the conventional template of workouts tips and instructions, the Noom app stands out the list of health and fitness app with something more than just traditional methods. If you are tired of trying out different ways to shed weight, here are some facts about why you should or should not prefer the Noom Health & Weight app. It’s all about looking at the Advantages and Disadvantages of Noom Diet Plan.

What is Noom App and how it works?

What makes this coaching and weight loss app different is a bunch of small yet proven weight loss methods with a touch of technology. People are finding the Noom app pretty much to their liking so far. Noom Health and Weight Loss app focuses on food habits and encouraging your participation in small goal-based activities.

Users have gained noticeable results through Noom proving its worth in real life for real-use in a short amount of time. You can find both the pros and cons of Noom health and weight loss app in this review collected from the users all around.

Working Method of Noom App

Emphasizing your weight, Noom app puts some coaching and monitoring methods to work tracking your day-to-day activities and food habits. You’ll be able to track what to eat, what to exercise, and the essential steps you need to shed some weight.

Fixed diet and rhythmic follow up is a method of the past, what you need to switch to is a plan that suits your lifestyle dynamically. To purge bad eating habits, most of what you need are proper coaching, right exercises, and eating plans.

Since the fitness program of Noom app works online, you can easily track your development each week. You can get started by registering through a smartphone or tablet and completing your noom profile.

Your profile is completed upon providing accurate details about your details. Details like your previous health record, eating habits, previous diet plan, daily work routine, weight goal, etc. are asked to put into algorithm before devising your program.

Some of the questions you may be asked while setting up your profile are:

  • Age
  • Goal Weight
  • Other diets you had
  • Level of your activity
  • whether you have any chronic disease
  • Your previous and current medical status
  • Do you have any spine-related issues
  • whether you are allergic to something
  • Questions related to your daily routine
  • Type of food you eat
  • Type of food you avoid
  • The area where you reside
  • City, Suburb, or Country

Pros of Noom Diet Plan

Proven weight loss is one of the noticeable advantages of noom diet plan as many users have benefitted from it despite being a bit overpricing. Here are some reasons why Noom health & weight is recommended by doctors, insurance providers, and employee health portals.

1. Controlled dietary intake

Based on your diet plan and food intake patterns, Noom guarantees weight loss within a week. The behavior-based pattern is derived for your daily diet which is further categorized color-wise. The color-wise distribution of food indicates calorie density and concentration of nutrients of green, yellow, and red foods.

  • Green Foods: lowest calorie density, the highest concentration of nutrients.
  • Yellow Foods: Calorie and Concentration of Nutrients ranging in between.
  • Red Foods: lowest concentration of nutrients and highest calorie, or both.

2. Personal Coaching

Noom Health & Weight App is unquestionably proven to be the most effective coaching app. The special insights of weight loss are woven specifically targeting people who have the least time to consult or hire a coach. The goal coach in Noom Health & Weight App also delivers a daily dose of tips, nutrition tricks, and education through articles. Just after completing your profile, you are provided with a personal coach to lead you on the right track that goes parallel with your habits and diet.

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3. Unique Diet Approach

Noom follows a minimalistic approach keeping your calorie-nutrients combination that many generally neglect. Many apps and dieticians follow a restricted diet plan that can be rather frustrating for users. Unlike a conventional diet plan inducing disordered eating habits, Noom Health & Weight app offers flexibility allowing you to opt for different diets. Your diet program generally depends on your physical and psychological preferences combining all your eating preferences. Users are liberated to choose some high-calorie foods in a minimal amount which is definitely better than having no calories at all.

4. Noom Encourages Behavioral Changes

Losing weight is what every app offers through different methods, Noom Health & Weight App goes beyond the basic concepts. Tracking your everyday progress and activities through your social, psychological, and medical history, Noom also collaborates deductions and derives plans adhering to your fitness goals. Noom targets a psychology-based curriculum that encourages self-efficacy assisting you to execute the habits required to reach your goals.

4. No Additional Supplements

Noom keeps pills and other health supplements at bay as the app keeps you free to adapt to the lifestyle you have had before. Only the amount of nutritional elements and calories differ from person-to-person. Shakes and Pills work as long as you are following the weight-loss program. As soon as you cease to take pills, your body starts gaining weight faster. There is one prominent benefit of noom diet plan that makes it the most appreciated app so far.

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What are the Disadvantages of Noom Diet Plan?

No surprise that Noom is a value for money, yet the reviews page is flocked with mixed opinions from users. This means, there are certain cons associated with its use. From constructing recipes to virtual connection, and switching from trial to premium version, these are some of the most spoken disadvantages of noom health & weight loss app.

1. Noom diet plans are pricey

An apparent major drawback of Noom app is that it tolls heavier on your pockets. Noom costs a minimum of $50 a month if you sign up for a monthly weight loss plan. You can save some money for sure by enrolling in a long-term noom health plan. But all in all, Noom being a guaranteed problem solver, it is a program worth investing. Different pricing options Noom offer their customers are recurring also, depicted below.

  • $59: 1 month
  • $99: 2 months
  • $129: 4 months
  • $149: 6 months
  • $159: 2 months

2. Internet-Reliant

Another Disadvantage of Noom health & weight loss app is its dependency on internet. To be able to connect with the health program, you got to have a hi-speed internet connection somehow. The most crucial part is its tracking and analysis methods which rely on internet services. This application is available and accessible on devices that support internet connectivity like smartphones and tablets. At times, you may run out of Wifi hotspot or cellular data which is also another flipside of this health and weight loss app.

3. Noom is entirely virtual

Delivering and tracking all your schedules online through an automated system, this app may make you feel somewhat uncomfortable and dubious. For some of the users, meeting face-to-face with their personal coach feels more convenient. Since Noom offers a virtual support team to sort your health and weight issues, the entire conversation occurring between the coaches and users is online or more like virtual.

4. Tracking is Cumbersome

Many users have reported about Noom’s Tracking method which ultimately has turned out to be a bottleneck and full of stress. Moreover, many users would like to share their dietary issues and personally with their dieticians because of loads of tracking features of the app.

Advantages & disadvantages of Noom diet plan - Pros & cons

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of Noom App?

According to the Medical Insurance and companies and doctors, Noom, by far, is the first app that guarantees you lose weight and works out on your health based on your psychology, social interaction, and small habits tracking your everyday activity without hindering your routine. You can check out its 2-week free trial to get enrolled for different health and weight loss programs if interested prior to making any payment.

How Does Noom App work?

Noom works uniquely by conducting a Psychology-based evaluation of each user. While setting your profile, every user has to go through simple yet close questions to let the Goal specialist note the insights. Noom also uses fun tricks and tips to encourage participation among users.

What are the minimum requirements to use Noom?

A user willing to participate must be 18 years or older and must have a device running Android version 6 or above or an iPhone 5s or better running at least iOS 10.3.3 with at least 600mb of free space.

Are Noom coaches trained psychologists/mental health professionals?

The Coaches at Noom come from a variety of backgrounds including psychology, nutrition/dietetics, personal training, health coaching, and more. These professionals undergo extensive training in lifestyle and health behavior change. Many of the coaches at Noom are certified by the National Board for Health and Wellness Coaching (NBHWC).

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