What are Advantages and Disadvantages of Energy Drinks

Advantages and Disadvantages of Energy Drinks: Energy drinks are mostly loaded with calories and sugar, so their body does not fall to the optimum efficiency level and can perform better at strenuous situations. Here are some facts involved with the use of such beverages in the Advantages and Disadvantages of Energy Drinks. But first, let us throw some light on the latest and world-famous brands that claim what they serve in their drinks and who these drinks are meant for.

Top Selling Energy Drink Brands

Think about getting up and brewing a cup of coffee every morning. That’s how a usual day breaks for you while you load your stuff and leave for office. But what’s a cup of coffee doing here? Coffee stimulates your body for the entire day’s activities so you don’t have to feel lethargic or lousy whether in the field or in the chair. Some people prefer the energy level to an escalated level. This is why most of us prefer to consume energy drinks every day. Reasons are multifaceted and vary from profession to profession. Life is full of hassles you know, and when there is a heck of an effort you need to put, you are definitely going to have to have a nice electrifying drink besides coffee. Here are some top energy drink brands in USA.

  1. Red Bull
  2. Monster
  3. Rockstar
  4. Eastroc Super Drink
  5. Hi-Tiger
  6. Lucozade
  7. NOS
  8. Oronamin
  9. Burn
  10. Gatorade

What are the Advantages of Energy Drinks

Despite being cited as highly controversial beverages recently, energy drinks are still the most favorite pick-me-up drinks among youngsters. This popularity is perhaps because of the several benefits to athletes and professionals who heed to their performance-based needs and everyday hustle they carry forth. Here are some benefits of energy drinks as the most prominent reasons.

1. Performance Booster

Athletes and sportsmen need energy drinks as an essential stamina booster. From an athletes’ point of view, energy drinks are a must to increase performance level. The strenuous activities make you sweat and body energy is drained due to exhaustion, regular contraction, and relaxation. The more physical stress the body takes, the more an athlete perspire. Since energy drinks are loaded with calories and Vitamins, Calories, Taurine, Sugar, and Carbs. Keeping your hydrated during workouts is an essential part to keep the fluid levels to an optimum and maximize on work efficiency.

2. Energy Drinks are the best substitute for Vegans

Taurine is an amino acid derived from methionine and cysteine which are also found in meat and fish. The average daily human intake of taurine is between 40 mg to 400 mg. Thus, Taurine a vital element for vegetarians, as this amino acid recuperates the energy levels nutrients required to keep you fit.

3. Energy Drinks are a perfect match for Bodybuilders

Creatine is naturally found in meat and is also a major constituent that supplies energy to the muscles. Besides, health supplements, Creatine is also found in energy drinks. Energy drinks are a suitable choice for you if you have a hard time dealing with a meaty diet. For health and fitness enthusiasts, energy drinks are also preferred choice rather than using recreational substances to pump up stamina and shape up the muscles.

4. Sports Drinks are Detoxifiers

For alcoholic people, some sports beverages act as an active detoxifying agent. Few energy drinks contain Milk Thistle that is used as a liver detoxifying agent. Instead of housing calories and carbs, some drinks contain low calories and a higher level of Milk Thistle. Milk thistle doesn’t exactly provide energy to the body but works towards your health. So, if you have a morning hangover, go for a sports drink and lighten up your head.

What are the Disadvantages of Energy Drinks?

Even though sipping these sporty drinks get your stamina high instantly, but there are some side effects and dangers of energy drinks associated with health. High on sugar and Taurine, these drinks pose several threats to children, pregnant ladies, and teens. Let’s zero in on the risks and disadvantages of energy drinks.

1. High Sugar Contents Affect your Health

High sugar contents present in energy drinks threaten children's and teens’ health. Caffeine and sugary contents heighten the risks of developing dental, mental, and physical health issues. Excessive caffeine may hype heart problems, aggravate insomnia, and trigger anxiety among sensitive individuals.

2. Energy Drinks Promote Alcoholism

Mixing energy drinks with alcoholic beverages is quite a trend these days among youngsters. Seeing a sports drink fused with liquor is not a surprise anymore. There are many reasons why people enjoy these mix-ups. One is to reduce the hangover time which resultantly makes them more immune to intoxication. People tend to drink more and more turning clubgoers into heavy drinkers.

3. Dangerous to Kids and Lactating Mothers

Energy drinks pose dangers to lactating mothers and kids due to high sugary and caffeine content. According to reports unfolded by the NHS, intake of energy drink poses a threat to both the lactating mother and the baby. A higher amount of Taurine and Sucrose is hard on the digestive system of the infant and the mother. This may also lead to severe health disorders including some initial stages like nausea, vomiting, and Diarrhea.

4. Energy Drinks are Responsible for Miscarriages

In the same study conducted by NHS, it was also found that consumption of energy drinks is associated with late miscarriages, low birth weight, and stillbirths among pregnant women.

5. Energy Drinks escalates BP and Heart-related Problems

According to studies conducted by, American Heart Association 32 ounces of energy drink instantly spikes your blood pressure and also affects your heart functions leading to Cardiac Arrhythmia.

The Bottom Line

Risks and benefits of energy drinks go hand on hand and need to be learned about by every professional relying too much on sporty beverages. People should be aware of the impacts and little effects that may lead to extremities. First, people need to learn about their body metabolism and what they are sensitive to. Caffeine, Taurine, and higher sugar levels may not be a treat for people with specific health conditions. As for calorie burners and athletes, sports drinks are yet a promising source of energy to delivering the best performance.

What are Advantages and Disadvantages of Energy Drinks

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best energy drinks?

Drinks that are based on natural ingredients and have no artificial agents are the healthiest energy beverages. Such drinks have the least side effects on your health compared to other energy drinks containing artificial sweeteners and processed nutrients.

Why are energy drinks good for athletes?

Energy Drinks are good for athletes as they give an instant boost to their energy levels. Most sports drinks incorporate higher amounts of electrolytic elements and calories to help sportspersons recover from energy loss and replenish their fluid levels.

Do energy drinks improve athletic performance?

Facts support both the pros and cons of energy drinks. Caffeine improves your memory and concentration levels while calories account to level up your physical performance. Fluid loss is recuperated by taking energy drinks which also hydrates athletes instantly.

What are the dangers of drinking energy drinks?

Studies reveal that drinking energy drinks regularly or excessively leads to Cardiovuscular effects, Renal effects, Neurological, and Dental effects. This is due to presence of higher quantity of electrolytes, vitamins, and sugar.

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