Advantages and Disadvantages of OYO Rooms

Advantages of Oyo Rooms:

  • Guests find OYO Rooms a Convenient option
  • Affordable pricing
  • Ease of Access
  • Impeccable Hospitality
  • Employment Options

Disadvantages of OYO Rooms:

  • Non-payment to Hotels
  • Noisy Locations
  • Hidden Cams
  • Data Privacy
  • Lack of Visibility

Oyo Rooms, led by the Founder Ritesh Agarwal, is now a billion-dollar brand operating in more than 80 countries now. As for customers’ point of view, OYO Rooms is beneficial in many ways. Now you can plan your trip and find a budget hotel room or vacation home whenever you need. But with the growing business, there are many concerns among guests and hoteliers regarding the hospitality company. The Advantages and Disadvantages of OYO Rooms highlight the current pros and cons of this rapidly growing multinational company.

What are the advantages of Oyo Rooms?

Many customers prefer the way that the hospitality chain caters to their needs. Therefore, you can book a room or apartment whenever you need it from the comfort of your home. The following factors are among the main advantages of OYO Rooms as to why the hospitality chain is one of the first go-to places for guests.

1. Guests find OYO Rooms a Convenient option

OYO Rooms may save you from hassles if you travel on a budget to another country without any advanced reservations. You can find an OYO Room nearby your area and 1 Room for up to 3 guests instantly even before you arrive. Moreover, you can select from more than 200 cities and a range with over 8,000 hotels in India alone.

2. Affordable pricing is one of many advantages of OYO Rooms

OYO Rooms Pricing is a favorite among visitors. You’ll have to pay an average of 399 INR to get a room equipped with basic amenities. The best part is, the company gives you the freedom to pay ta an hourly rate. So, if you arrive early to catch a flight at 4:00 pm from Delhi to NY, you can look for an OYO Rooms homestay rather than killing time in the waiting lounge.

3. Ease of Access

The booking system is effortlessly easy as you get to choose your staying location in almost every city. If you are in a rush to Rishikesh, the Yoga Capital of the world, or the Northeast region, you’ll probably find a chain of OYO Rooms everywhere. On the plus side, you can access the OYO Rooms service through its official app and book your room on the go.

4. Impeccable Hospitality

One of the greatest advantages of OYO Rooms is the company itself doesn’t own any hotel or vacation home. Being the best alternative to Airbnb, it simply ties up with hotels and ensures guests are provided with top-class facilities as they would have had upon simple reservations. In addition, OYO Rooms has kept the middle and higher classes in mind to opt for the best services within budget.

5. Employment Options

OYO Rooms offers plenty of job opportunities to young professionals in different domains. Besides booking rooms at OYO, you can also apply for internships or freelance or permanent jobs. You can get in touch with the OYO Careers team via tcareers.apply at

The company has a massive workforce of 17000+ employees currently. As the company plans to extend its reach in the UK, UAE, and US, expect more job opportunities ahead.

What are the Disadvantages of OYO Rooms?

Apart from a range of services to customers, the company has recently made it to the news. But, most of the time, it is the hosts who have to deal with the disadvantages of OYO Rooms at times.

1. Non-payment to Hotels

OYO ties with the hotels to cater the best of services to the guests at affordable prices. This means the actual cost of service or rentals is reduced since the hotel has to follow the pricing structure set by OYO rooms.

In many incidents, Hoteliers complaint that OYO charged extra on hotels and even refused to pay them the full amounts as per stipulation. Some hotel owners have even filed criminal cases against OYO Rooms, accusing the company of predatory pricing.

2. Noisy Locations

You can hardly find a peaceful location to rest for a few hours, which is one of the biggest disadvantages of OYO Rooms. Most OYO rooms are either located in highly congested areas or nearby Train stations and airports. Make sure you choose a suitable and less noisy place to park your horses, or else brace for the oncoming problems.

3. Hidden Cams

Another shocker came to the public’s notice when a hotel owner was accused of installing a Spycam in the guestroom and blackmailing a couple in Bhubaneswar. Although the incident was handled actively by the local police later, what sounds problematic is the question left about the customer’s right to privacy.

4. Data Privacy is one of the concerning Disadvantages of OYO Rooms

In 2019, OYO rooms planned to maintain a digital register mechanism to record all the customers’ data. This mechanism will allow the company to share customer data in real-time with government agencies. Many users believe it would be a threat to their privacy as government can manipulate this information.

5. Lack of Visibility

Some OYO Rooms Locations are not visible as visitors may have difficulty spotting accommodation instantly after landing in a new place. For example, hotels and vacation homes may be located in narrow streets or areas where an OYO Rooms advertisement is merely visible.

Final Thoughts on Pros and Cons of OYO Rooms

The company has gained much attention from worldwide users who like to travel for business or pleasure. OYO Rooms is a perfect choice for settlers on the move as they can find pretty much the same facilities at affordable prices. However, do consider a couple of challenges of OYO Rooms before confirming your booking. The Pros and Cons of Oyo Rooms will help you decide whether it’s worth it or not.

Advantages and Disadvantages of OYO Rooms

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the advantage of OYO?

The needs of travelers on a budget are basic facilities such as wifi, clean towels, breakfast, AC, and hot showers at a low price. Oyo collaborates with existing hotel operators to improve the infrastructure and provide these basics to guests.

What is full form of Oyo?

The company's motto is On Your Own Rooms. It is India's largest hotel chain, with 199 locations. Gurugram, Haryana is the headquarters of OYO. Its goal is to become the most loved hotel brand in the world. More than 6500 hotels operate under OYO, providing standardized and pleasant stays at an unmatched price.

What is the age limit for Oyo rooms?

To check-in, the primary guest must be at least 18 years old. The usual check-in time is between noon and 2 p.m. OYO strives to ensure that you can enter the hotel at any time after midnight until your reservation expires. All visitors are required to show valid photo identification at check-in time.

What is OYO famous for?

OYO Rooms, India's largest budget hotel chain, is one of the most famous hotel booking destinations for students. The popularity of OYO among students is attributed to the extremely accommodating booking terms that attended to unusual requests and demands of young guests.

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