Pros and Cons of Aspen Dental

Aspen Dental is a leading dental service provider in the industry since 1998. They offer a range of dental services to their clients and patients that many other dentists do not offer. The company provides aims to provide a complete dental care solution, addressing both short- and long-term needs. Aspen Dental promises to deliver an honest, unbiased environment where all concerns are put aside in favor of excellent dental care and services. The Pros and Cons of Aspen Dental will help you decide what to expect and what you shouldn’t.

What are the Pros of Aspen Dental?

There are certainly some perks included in the services offered by Aspen Dental. Life-time service and consultation are just to start. Here are some of the pros of Aspen Dental you need to know.

1. Loyalty Program

Aspen Dental has an exclusive Aspire Rewards Program for clients and patients to earn points every time they visit the dentist. You can use these valuable savings on products, services, or even charitable causes that are important to you.

This is excellent news if you want the freedom to choose where your money goes and want to be rewarded for your loyalty.

Aspen Dental is one of the only dentists that offer a program where patients and clients can save money, earn points and redeem them as they please. This exclusive reward system allows customers to feel special with every visit.

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2. Flexible Payment Plan is one of the noteworthy Pros of Aspen Dental

Aspen dental also helps customers who need financial assistance have an opportunity to receive the care they deserve at affordable prices through their Flexible Payment Plans.

This allows patients and clients who might not afford larger payments for necessary procedures, treatments, or exams to have access to these services with no out-of-pocket fees.

The Flexible Payment Plans are offered for procedures including root canals, crowns, bridges, or even cosmetic dentistry such as teeth whitening. Regardless of whether you have insurance coverage or not, Aspen dental has an affordable payment plan to fit your budget so everyone can receive the care they need without breaking the bank.

3. Offers a variety of procedures and Treatments

Aspen dental not only offers advantages for their customers, but they also offer advantages to those looking for jobs as well. As one of the leading dentist facilities in America, this company is always looking to hire talented individuals who can help continue offering accessible services and treatment options that meet patient needs. These positions include Dental Assistants, Patient Service Representatives, Billing Managers, and more.

4. They serve at 900+ Locations

Aspen Dental has over 900 different offices all around the United States, so wherever you live, there is an office nearby where your needs can be met. This company not only has a variety of locations, but they also offer flexible hours, so no matter what time you have available to visit the dentist, Aspen dental will be open and waiting for your arrival. A vast network of services is among the commendable pros of Aspen Dental.

5. A Variety of Payment Options

Aspen Dental offers an array of advantages, including convenience when it comes to making your payments at the end of each visit! This company accepts all forms of credit cards, debit cards, or cash, so you can make any purchase that works best for you. Their flexibility makes them one-of-a-kind in their industry, and people are catching on quickly because business is booming.

What are the Cons of Aspen Dental?

While the does company offers many advantages including affordable prices, Flexible Payment Plans, and even employment opportunities. There are some cons of Aspen Dental that individuals may want to consider before choosing them as their ultimate problem solver.

1. Expensive Treatment

Although Aspen Dental offices may be close by wherever you live, if you do not have any insurance coverage, these procedures can become extremely expensive without Flexible Payment Plans. This might seem like an advantage, but those who cannot afford their care might still need it, which could cause them financial issues later on.

2. Aspen Dental Charges for Services that Other Companies Offer at No Cost

Aspen Dental is known to be one of the best dentist facilities in America however, they are also known for charging fees and extra costs during each visit. For example:

New Patient Exams- $150-$300 (Depending on Location)

Xray Fees- $40 per image (New Patients Only; not applied if you have private insurance or your last exam included Xrays within the past year).

Consultation Fee- $25 (If outside referral area) these fees can add up quickly. If you do not want to pay any additional fees besides what your co-payment may include then Aspen dental might not be right.

3. Billing Complaints are Rare Cons of Aspen Dental Service

Aspen Dental has an average of three out of five stars on sites such as Yelp because customers have found that their claims were not being reimbursed promptly or correctly, which caused a delay in payment and inconvenience for those needing to pay bills after receiving services. This makes the Flexible Payment Plans less appealing if you will be waiting months before your claim is processed, so it can reduce stress levels during each visit.

4. It is Difficult to Find out the Cost of Services in Advance

Aspen Dental only gives patients an estimate of their co-payments after receiving your initial exam. However, they do not give you a price list or quote for specific treatments until they are complete and ready to be billed.

This can confuse when it comes time to pay because there might already be additional fees never discussed during your initial appointment, which makes this company less desirable than others who offer transparency at every step of the way.

5. Not all Services are covered by Insurance

Aspen dental claims to offer many affordable options for their patients, but they do not tell you that specific treatments and procedures offered will only be partially reimbursed through your insurance company.

Unfortunately, this can make bills even more confusing or expensive when it comes time to pay. There might already be fees associated with the procedure if your insurance does not cover 100% of the cost, which ultimately reduces patient satisfaction levels after completing each visit.

Conclusion on the pros and Cons of Aspen Dental

You can practically understand the pros and cons of Aspen Dental after visiting their practice. It's worth taking the time to get to know your dental needs and buy a treatment plan that fits your budget. They have a vast network and have been trusted for decades now.

Pros and Cons of Aspen Dental

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Aspen Dental overcharge?

The Center for Public Integrity (CPI) and FRONTLINE spent months investigating Aspen Dental, which revealed that the same business model that allows individuals with little cash to access Aspen Dental might also trap customers in debt, resulting in complaints of patients being overcharged or given unneeded treatments.

Is there a class action lawsuit against Aspen Dental?

Yes, there is currently no class-action lawsuit against Aspen Dental. Individuals and attorneys are, however, working on cases against the firm.

Who is Aspen Dental competitors?

Some of Aspen Dental's rivals are Heartland Dental, Kool Smiles, Heartland Dental Care, and Walgreens.

Does Aspen Dental offer payment plans?

We understand that you might be apprehensive about the cost of dental treatment. Aspen Dental offices now provide a variety of payment alternatives to help you pay for your treatment over time and avoid surprise expenses, including no-interest programs with flexible repayment options.

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