Advantages and Disadvantages of Living in Singapore

Advantages of Living in Singapore:

  • Better Housing
  • Safety
  • Cleanliness
  • Easy to Travel
  • Cultural Diversity

Disadvantages of living in Singapore:

  • Higher Cost of living
  • Weather is not suitable for everyone
  • Singapore isn’t perfect for road trips
  • Roads are unsafe for pedestrians and cyclists
  • Stricter laws

There’s a lot to enjoy and much to consider in the city-state and a sovereign country Singapore if you have planned to move here. The growing number of expats in Singapore tells the story of why the small country is their first choice. It’s tempting for anyone who wishes to settle here, whether single or a family person. The lifestyle here may seem to add to the temptation, but you need to consider the Advantages and Disadvantages of Living in Singapore before making the big move.

Facts about Singapore Living

The island is located in the southeast of Asia, with a mix of culture and languages. This country is a sovereign island city-state and developed to be known as one of the Four Asian Tigers. Singapore is globally ranked 9th on the UN Human Development Index with the second-highest GDP Per Capita.

If you are willing to move to the country, education, healthcare, quality of life, personal safety, and housing are some factors to consider. If you are a retiree looking to switch your humble abode, do note that Singapore has the world's longest life expectancies and the lowest infant mortality rates.

What are the Advantages of Living in Singapore?

Before understanding Singapore Pros and cons, it’s better to look for why you should head to this island in Southeast Asia. From cleanliness to social safety, many advantages of living in Singapore drive expats to this nation.

1. Better Housing

The country has a home-ownership rate of 91%, one of the main reasons people relocate here. Finding a bungalow is rare sight due to space limitations. However, you’ll likely find accommodation in high-rise condos or apartment buildings in the countryside.

It’s easy to find all amenities in one place, from Gyms to swimming pools. You don’t even have to go far from your residence if you want to get a breath of fresh air.

2. Safety

Safety is one of the prime concerns for a person moving somewhere with their family members. Well, Singapore is one of the safest places to be on earth unless you have a dark history.

The policing system is well-equipped with high-tech devices and public safety systems to monitor and secure civilians. Singapore was also ranked second on the Intelligence Unit’s Safe Cities Index for 2017, next to Tokyo. Singaporeans are also known for their honesty; So, if you lose your phone or laptop, you’ll most likely have it back.

3. Cleanliness is one of the attractive advantages of living in Singapore

One of the commendable reasons to move to Singapore is the cleanliness. You are not allowed to carry edibles and drinks on public transport, which means; you’ll have a better experience walking in the streets admiring the city's architecture.

If you prefer a more disciplined lifestyle, Singapore is a perfect place to be as you’ll find many people sharing the same value as yours. Even if you are a little careless about dumping your trash, make sure you do it here correctly.

4. Easy to Travel

With 731.0 sq km nearly 282.2 square miles, Singapore is one of the smallest countries. This means you won’t have to spend much of your time travelling from one end to another. The movement is smooth and hassle-free as the city has a train system known as MRT/LRT, buses, and taxis. Whatever your travel destination, the transit system lets you move around within minutes.

5. Cultural Diversity

Singapore signifies immense unity despite having a mix of religions and cultures. More surprisingly, the small country is a place to celebrate different festivals and flavors. The city has four official languages English, Mandarin, Malay, and Tamil. English is widely spoken here, so, you’ll have no issues of being misunderstood or misheard.

What are the disadvantages of living in Singapore?

Next to the positive side come some reasons why not to live in Singapore. Finally, you must consider the disadvantages of living in Singapore, especially in terms of cost. Apart from the expenses, there are a few issues you may come across while living here.

1. Higher Cost of living

You may be able to get a rented apartment in suburban places; the cost of living, such as including medical care, education, groceries, owning a car, would eventually add more to your expenses. Buying a car in Singapore is the most expensive here, which can be up to thrice as much as what you pay in Europe or the US.

One of the worst things about living in Singapore with your family and kids is that education also costs higher enough to disturb your budget. Singapore is also one of the top 20 most expensive cities in the world for Expats.

2. Weather is not suitable for everyone

The tropical climate of Singapore may not be for you if you are much into outdoor activities. Although the temperature remains above 30 degrees, you are less likely to enjoy outings without breaking a sweat. The temperature soars, especially midday, making it quite impossible for people looking for outdoor fun. However, the lush greenery surrounding you all around is the reason to go out for jogging and evening or morning walks.

3. Singapore isn’t perfect for road trips

The country is small in size, so you don't have much to explore on weekends except the city's interiors. So if you are an explorer who loves going on road trips, you are limited to the size of Singapore, almost half the size of London.

4. Roads are unsafe for pedestrians and cyclists

You may have to face more challenges of living in Singapore if you don’t take public transport or own a car. The roads connecting to the places in the city are laden more with automobiles giving less space to pedestrians and cyclists.

Also, the city has less space for pedestrians on the roads except for crosswalks. Oftentimes, bikers share the sidewalks provided they are too small to walk on. Such disadvantages of living in Singapore can be hazardous for you if you prefer to walk to places within the city.

5. Stricter laws are major disadvantage of Living in Singapore

Singapore’s Government has stricter laws in place, from keeping the city clean to monitor unlawful activities. Sometimes, you may feel uncomfortable by cameras around the corner of the streets, parks, and other public places.

Also, note that smoking or drinking and even selling chewing gum in public are illegal here. You are also prohibited from feeding pigeons and connect to a private WiFi network in Singapore.

Conclusion on Pros and Cons of Living in Singapore

Although the city features the most suitable environment, the cost of living and stricter laws add more to concerns for ex-pats moving to Singapore. If you are new to the city, you may also have to face language issues if English is your language. By acknowledging the Pros and Cons of Living in Singapore, it’s quite clear that you have to have financially sound backup to buy a property or a car. Maybe a high-paying job is an answer to the cost issues you face here.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Living in Singapore

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of living in Singapore?

1. Singapore is a safe place to live
2. Singapore is a beautiful country
3. Singapore has a rich and dynamic culture
4. Opportunities abound in Singapore
5. Good education system
6. Great healthcare system
7. Low crime rate
8. Friendly people 9) Impressive public transport 10) High standard of living

Is Singapore a good country to live in?

Singapore is widely recognized as one of the world's safest countries, with exceptionally low crime statistics, a transparent legal system, and a competent police force that active citizens assist.

Is living in Singapore nice?

According to international human resource consultancy Mercer, Singapore has been named Asia's best city in terms of quality of living. According to the 2018 World Happiness Report, Singapore is also recognized as the Happiest country in Southeast Asia.

Is Singapore safe at night?

According to international human resource consultancy Mercer, Singapore has been named Asia's best city in terms of quality of living. According to the 2018 World Happiness Report, Singapore is also recognized as the happiest country in Southeast Asia.

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