Benefits of honey - How to use it get its maximum

Benefits of honey - How to use it get its maximum
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Now let's discuss Benefits of honey, Honey should eat and how to use it get its maximum benefits.

Following are the benefits of honey

1. Make the immunity system strong

Eating honey continuously especially the Manuka or Buckwheat honey in the morning every day improves the immunity system of our body. As it contains some such nutrients which fight strongly against the bacteria.

2. Work as a natural energy booster

If you eat honey or drink it with milk or even with water just before the exercise you will feel quite much energetic for a long duration or if you eat honey in the morning it will keep you charge for the whole day.

3. Works as antibacterial and protect from infections

Consuming honey daily improve our overall health. But it especially stops bacteria’s to grow in our body and that’s why if we apply honey on wounds it cures them very fast. It also stops infections to grow and protect our body from skin diseases.

4. Keep us fresh and healthy

Having the habit of eating honey protects us from the problem of constipation which actually is the mother of all health-related problems. For this advantage of honey, one should eat honey in the night with milk or separate. (Note- if you are a diabetic, don't use honey such way).

5. Beneficial for sound sleep

If one suffering with the problem of not falling asleep, should consume honey with hot milk, one or two tablespoons in one glass of milk and you will start getting deep sleep in your bed.

6. A great remedy to cure a cough

Suffering from a cough or irritation in the throat or any infection inside, eating one or two tablespoon buckwheat honey will relief you more than any other medicine.

7. Keep body internally completely balanced

In India honey is being used as a medicine from a very long time. It called "Yogavahi" in Vedas and it is said that it cures eyesight, weight loss, impotence, urinary tract disorder, and asthma.

8. The best thing for athletes

In every athletics, game athlete needs to consume a great quantity of energy in very less time. Producing this much energy from carbohydrates, proteins or from fats by cells, is a long process as these things first need to convert into glucose and then after glucose oxidation provides energy to the body. But honey is a combination of glucose and fructose so it very quickly provides huge energy to the body which improves the performance of the athlete on the field.

9. Protect from cancer and heart disease

Honey is a great anti-oxidant so it keeps our heart healthy and it also contains flavonoids which protect s our body cells from cancer.

Before we go for counting the benefits of the honey, let's discuss the type of honey. There are several types of honey and used for different purpose especially.

Based on Processing we have two types of honey

1. Pasteurized Honey: Heating honey to kill harmful microorganisms is called pasteurization of honey, although this process also destroys some components which are beneficial for us.

2. Raw Honey: The honey which we get from the directly from the honey bees hives and has not been processed is called raw honey.

Types of Honey

  • Clover Honey: It is produced in Canada and New Zealand.
  • Manuka Honey: Mostly used for making medicines and generally produced in America.
  • Sourwood honey: It is Sour in test and found in Brazil.
  • Buckwheat Honey: Very dark in color and not found very often. Very effective in a cough.
  • Black louts honey: Dark in color.
  • Blueberry honey: Test as blueberry.
  • Orange Blossom honey: Light in color and testy as well.

There are other types of honey we can find at different locations with a different brand name or name given by the locals.

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