Vitamin C Benefits, High in Foods Fruits & Drinks

Vitamin C Benefits, High in Foods Fruits & Drinks
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Starting with the famous saying "Health is wealth", well as a kid we by hearted this saying as our curriculum demanded. But as we grew we understood the real meaning and importance of this saying. And that is why realized that we need to maintain our most important asset which is health and to do that we need to eat complete meals and foods enrich with all the essential nutrients. One of such nutrients is Vitamin C. Vitamin C which is also known as ascorbic acid is very essential for the human body in many ways. And if you will read this whole article you will come across various vitamin C benefits as vitamin c deficiency or lack of vitamin c can cause harm to your body in many ways.

So if you have decided to maintain an awesome health and want to live every moment to the fullest then continue to read further as we going to discuss topics like foods high in vitamin c, fruits high in vitamin c and many more which will clear all your doubts related to vitamin C. But before jumping to the topic we should know that excess of anything is always considered as harmful so you must know the quantity of maximum vitamin c per day and that is 2000 milligrams per day. And daily recommended vitamin c is 65 to 90 milligrams for adults, if anyone crosses this limit then it will be considered as too much vitamin c and thus they will start to get vitamin c side effects.

Now let us move to some of the benefits of vitamin C

1. Boosts Immunity

White Blood Cells such as lymphocytes and phagocytes plays an important role in maintaining a strong immunity so that you can fight against various bacteria, viruses and other elements which can lead to deterioration of your physical as well as your mental health. And thus as a strong inhibitor, a water-soluble vitamin is responsible for the strengthening of the immune system. Vitamin C also helps in recovering your wounds faster. Vitamin C helps the white blood cells to perform their task perfectly.

2. Detoxification

Detoxification of the human body is not a one in a time process instead it is a regular process so that the toxic elements can be eliminated from our body and thus it remains toxic free. And thus in order to help your body get detoxified, you need to consume the recommended amount of vitamin c at a regular basis as vitamin c has properties of detoxifying heavy metals and many other harmful elements that can be present in your body. So you need to start taking the dose of vitamin c with your regular diet.

3. Production of collagen

Vitamin C plays an important role in the production of collagen. Collagen is one of the proteins which is responsible for the maintenance of your hairs, nails, joints, bones, and muscles. Vitamin c interacts with the amino acids which are present in the collagen cells to produce a good quality of collagen protein. So if you are one who wants to get beautiful hairs and nails and also strengthens bones and muscle then you know the right thing to do is to start taking vitamin c.

4. Inflammation

If you are someone who is suffering from inflammation or get inflammation then here is a piece of good news for you, Vitamin c really helps in reducing inflammation. Wondering how vitamin c reduces inflammation well studies showed that vitamin c plays a significant role in reducing inflammation together with Glutathione. Also as mentioned in the article vitamin c has a load of anti-oxidants which also helps in reducing inflammation.

5. Improve iron absorption

One who takes vitamin c at regular interval will be able to absorb more iron as compared to those who do not take vitamin c at regular intervals as vitamin c helps the human body to absorb the iron that is present in the body. In fact, you can easily increase your body's iron absorbing capacity by sixty-seven percent by just taking a hundred milligrams of vitamin c in a day and an increase of that margin can be considered excellent. So once again, you should start taking vitamin c as soon as possible.

6. Reduces uric level in blood

High levels of uric acid blood can cause severe harms and problems to your body as it can also lead to Gout. Uric acid is one of the many wastes that our body produces so that it does not reside in our body. Uric acid when not be able to get out of the body in the form of waste then it starts to get in crystals forms and start residing in the joints causing several problems related to joints such as arthritis which can cause difficulty in the proper functioning of the joints.

7. Lowers the risk of heart disease

Heart diseases which once considered to be problems for aged people can now be seen in young people too. And one of the reasons could be the negligence towards the vitamin c. As vitamin c has been proved to be lowering the risk of heart diseases which all can lead to many problems related to heart such as heart attack and more. Vitamin c helps in controlling and reducing bad cholesterol which leads to the blockage of arteries. studies showed that five hundred milligrams of vitamin c in a day can really help fighting heart diseases.

8. Controls blood pressure

It is very important for your body to maintain normal blood pressure, not much low and not much high as in both these cases have a very harmful effect on your body. Vitamin C helps our body to relax the blood vessels so that there can be a normal flow of blood through them to all over the body parts as blood helps to carry the oxygen to the organs of your body.

9. Fights chronic diseases

Chronic diseases persist for a long time or their recurrence is very frequent so its treatment should also be frequent. As vitamin c helps fighting chronic diseases as its antioxidants help your body natural defenses to become stronger so that they can fight chronic diseases.

10. Boosts Memory

Memory which can be considered as an important factor for any living being to survive. But as all the living beings ages their power of recalling things start to deteriorate. Thus in order to stronger your memory, you can start taking vitamin c.

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