Benefits of Ginger - How to consume ginger for health

Benefits of Ginger - How to consume ginger for health
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Ginger is very beneficial when it is combined with some other consumable things like onion, honey, and lemon. Ginger is a widely used spice all over the world in different forms. It is used in the form of powder, oil, tea, pickle and in pieces directly. We can make several remedies with ginger at home only, these remedies are very beneficial for our body and mind.

It is a kind of spice which is very easily available in the general market at a very low price and its all forms are easily found in the open market. Here in this article, we will learn about the following:-

1. What is ginger and its properties?
2. How does it produce?
3. How to consume ginger.
4. Benefits of ginger.
5. Some easy to make and beneficial home remedies of ginger.

What is ginger and its properties

Ginger is the lower part of its plant's stem. Some people are also called it ginger root, but it is actually not the root. It looks the same as turmeric but not yellow and different in the test. Its plant can be grown anywhere without doing many efforts. Ginger shows its properties as hot to our body and it contains Gingerol a substance is responsible for its inflammatory and oxidant properties.

How does Ginger produce

As it already mentioned above in the article that the plant of ginger can be grown easily, after some months of planting, dig out the plant with its root, you will get the ginger. After cleaning it with water it will become consumable. At some places, ginger is also cleaned with dilute acid. This cleaned ginger nicely but some harmful substance of acid remains in the ginger and some of its beneficial substances get washed out due to the acidic property of acid. So it's better to get raw ginger and clean it with water to get its complete benefits.

How to consume ginger

Ginger can be consumed in many ways like you can cut it in the pieces and consume it directly, for the test you can add some salt to it. Either you can make dry powder and store it you using some other time. You can make the tea of ginger also. Its powder is used as a spice in almost all the recipes.

Benefits of ginger

Ginger is very good for body and brain, it is very effective for treating every form of nausea or cold, the following are the benefits of ginger.

  1. Treat Nausea and cold: If you have nausea problem either its is morning nausea or other, you just consume ginger daily in any form of it, nausea problem will be cured, if you feel sick with cold, just chew the ginger or drink the tea of ginger, your cold will go away soon.
  2. Treat Muscular Pain: Having 1-3 gm of ginger powder with luck warm water will cure muscular pain in 10 days.
  3. Ginger oil for reducing osteoarthritis pain: Get the oil of ginger, mastic, cinnamon, and sesame, mix them nicely and heat up them for a while, apply this heated oil at the place of pain, it will reduce the pain if it is used twice daily for a couple of months.
  4. Reduce the menstrual Pain: Consuming 1 gram of ginger powder will reduce the menstrual pain and easies the mood.
  5. Lower the sugar level: Many surveys have been conducted by different medical agencies and it is observed that consuming ginger daily lower the sugar level of blood and make the body fit.
  6. Lower the bad cholesterol: Bad cholesterol, which is most importantly responsible for the heart attacks, will get lower by consuming ginger in any form, but if you use ginger water it will affect bad cholesterol greatly.
  7. Prevent from cancer: "Gingerol" the most important substance of ginger is very beneficial for our body as it prevents our body from cancer. It also helps the patient with cancer, who are going on during the process of chemotherapy in preventing vomiting.
  8. Lower the stress: Oxidative properties of ginger lower the stress and improve the functionality of the brain, as much the oxygen will reach the brain, it will work as sharply.
  9. Protect from the infections: The inflammatory properties of ginger protects our body from various infections especially during the winter season.
  10. Stomach Ulcer: It is also observed that consuming ginger protect our body from stomach ulcer as it increases the time of keeping the stomach empty without getting the gastric problem.

Some easy to make and very beneficial home remedies of ginger

  1. Ginger Tea: Pour the 1 cup of water in the pan, put the stove on and add tea leaves and ginger in the water, you can also add sugar if you like to, boil this mixture and drink it as tea, it will remove your cold and open up your brain and senses.
  2. Lemon and ginger water: put 1 lemon juice and some pieces of ginger into one glass of water and boil it, drinking such solution in the morning every day will reduce your weight and keep you fresh.
  3. Onion and Ginger Juice: Take the ginger and onion in equal quantity and grind them, take this mixture in a cotton cloth and squeeze it, the juice which you will get, apply it on the scalp of your head, your hair will start turning gray to black and will stay healthy.
  4. Honey and Ginger: Put the honey in a jar and put the pieces of ginger in the honey, now keep this jar in sunlight for one week, for this week daily open the jar, so that gas made inside getting evaporated out. After one week this honey will become a very effective medicine of a cough. Consume it twice daily will relief you a great.
  5. Pickle of Ginger: Cut the ginger in small pieces and mix salt, black pepper and rai in it, mix well and put this mixture in a jar and keep in sunlight for 15 days, now this pickle of ginger with the great test is ready to consume it in winter. It will protect you from cold.
  6. Garlic clove and ginger: If you feeling that cold is about to be, mean you feel irritation in the throat or at upper side of mouth (Talu) it is sign of being sick with cold, consume garlic clove and ginger pieces in equal quantity in morning, after getting fresh while your stomach is empty, this will cure cold.

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