Moringa benefits and side effects

Moringa benefits and side effects

There are many proven health benefits of the moringa plant which is also considered to be a powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant agent. The plant, Moringa Oleifera is now growing its popularity as a new “superfood” which is also known as drumstick tree. The tree is especially originated from some Asian countries like India, Nepal, Philippines, Mexico, Cambodia, etc. and has been providing countless health benefits for decades. In some eastern Asian countries, the Moringa tree is also known as a horseradish tree or ben tree. Moringa powder is very useful in curing diseases like diabetes, anemia, arthritis, liver disease, respiratory, skin, digestive disorders, heart disease, and many more.

What is Moringa?

Original moringa tree is a native Indian Himalayan resident, but nowadays it can be found all over the world particularly in tropical, subtropical, and semi-arid areas. Moringa contains super beneficial nutrients that make your life healthy and better. It contains vitamin C seven times more than what you find in oranges. It contains calcium, vitamin A, and potassium as well, that you can find in milk, carrots, and bananas respectively. However, this time, you are getting more nutritional values than what you get in all those foods if you combine them together. Not only that, but moringa leaves also contain high Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity and the antioxidants that are basically found in Acai berries, green tea, blueberries, dark chocolate, garlic, goji berries, pomegranates, and red wine if you combine them all together.

Therefore, in places where people cannot afford the medicines contain those medicinal values or nutrients, go for the drumstick leaves, in fact, it is also called vitamin trees. In the countries where the drumstick trees are common plants, you will see people pulling some young leaves of the plans and munching on them. It gives them the required vitamin and nutrients without much effort and obviously free of cost.

The moringa tree grows under tropical and subtropical weather and has 13 different species. All of these species include a wide range of sizes and most of them differ from tiny to major. Moringa Oleifera is the most cultivated one and you can mostly find them in Senegal.

Moringa Health Benefits

Moringa benefits range from various skin benefits, health benefits, it is also used for curing diseases. Now let’s have a look at some of those moringa leaves benefits that I am talking about.

1. Moringa for skin | Moringa oil for hair

Moringa hair oil is used to protect your hair from free radicals and keeps it healthy and clean at the same time. That is not the end, it is also helpful for protecting your skin from cell damage and the hydrating and detoxifying elements improve your hair and skin. In many countries, moringa is used to cure skin infections and sores.

2. Organic Moringa Powder Benefits for Curing Edema

People who suffer from Edema develop fluid in specific body tissues. Moringa contains anti-inflammatory properties, is proved to prevent edema from developing further.

3. Moringa Leaves Protect the Liver

Moringa leaves are used in medicines for curing liver diseases. Due to some anti-tubercular drugs, liver damage is a common thing, and moringa can save your liver from those damages and also quickens the repair of your damaged liver.

4. Moringa Benefits for Treating Cancer

Moringa is rich with anti-cancer properties that obviously prevent the development of cancer. Furthermore, the Niazimicin agents that it contains within, are helpful in suppressing the development of cancer cells.

5. Moringa for Digestion

Many people suffer from digestive and other stomach related problems including constipation, gastritis, and ulcerative colitis. Moringa also contains antibiotic and antibacterial properties that prevent different types of pathogens from growing as well as it helps in digestion since it is rich with vitamin B.

6. Moringa Benefits for Bacterial Infections

Moringa leaves contain antibacterial, antifungal, and antimicrobial properties that can be helpful in treating infections caused by Salmonella, Rhizopus, and E. coli. Apart from that, it also strengthens your bones with its anti-inflammatory properties, calcium, and phosphorous. Along with that, moringa extracts might also help in curing arthritis and similar diseases occur due to bone damage.

7. Moringa Benefits for Mental Health

If you are suffering from any kind of anxiety or depression, take help from moringa leaves. They have powerful extracts that keep depression, fatigue, and anxiety away from your life, therefore promoting an overall good mental health. Moringa is not helpful only for mental health, but for heart health as well. It contains powerful antioxidants that are found to be helpful against cardiac damage and also maintain overall good heart health.

8. Moringa Helps Healing Wounds

It has powerful compounds that only can heal wounds but also reduce the scars if you apply the moringa leaves on the wound or scar.

9. Helps Treating Diabetes

Doctors suggest moringa leaves that help in reducing the high level of glucose in our blood. Not only reducing glucose, but it also plays a significant role in reducing sugar and protein in our urine. Apart from that, it also improves the hemoglobin level in our blood. Moringa also can protect us from bronchial constrictions and decreases asthma attacks syndromes by providing better lung functions and removing difficulties with our lung system.

10. Keeps Us Safe From Kidney Disorders

Moringa extracts help us from developing kidney stones and keep us safe from forming stones in our bladder or uterus. The key remedy is moringa leaves that also contain a high level of antioxidants that also removes toxins from our kidneys.

11. Other Health Benefits of Moringa

Apart from all the Moringa Benefits I have included, there are some other benefits that you should consider as well. For example, Moringa helps in preventing a higher level of blood pressure by hindering arteries from thickening. Moringa also improves your eye health by preventing dilation of retinal vessels, and the thickening of capillary membranes. Moreover, if you are suffering from anemia, you can take moringa leaf powder or Moringa capsules that will help you absorb more iron from your daily diet.

Moringa Side Effects

Moring plan is a natural herb that contains many health benefits and no side effects. However, fake moringa capsules or powder can be harmful to you. Thus, the doctor’s recommendation is a must. If you are a pregnant woman, I would not recommend you moringa as it may contain anti-fertility qualities that can be harmful to your future generation.

Can Moringa Help in Weight Loss?

Research has shown that moringa can be helpful in reducing weight for mice. The vitamin B that is consists of, gives a smooth digestive system can help you in gaining energy from your foods and gaining fewer fats. As it can control cholesterol and blood pressure, it also can contain weight gain. Moreover, it can stop inflammation, and help your system by converting excessive fats into energy. It similarly has proven to diminish your fatigue level and boost your energy level.

Last words

Not all supplements that claim to be real moringa, are real. They are in huge concern about purity and quality. Therefore, before going to take any type of moringa supplements, first, make sure if that contains a real value or not, otherwise if consumed it without proper test or doctor’s prescription, it can show side effects.

Moringa benefits and side effects

Frequently Asked Questions

How to use moringa powder?

There are many ways you can take Moringa Powder: You can add stir it with hot or cold water, sprinkle it onto salads, add in your cuisine, mix it in your soup, or even prepare a refreshing smoothie.

What is moringa powder good for?

Moringa powder fortifies your immune system and improves heart health. Besides, being an anti-inflammatory agent, moringa is a rich source of Antioxidants too.

How much Moringa powder should I take daily?

You can consume a teaspoon as a minimum quantity or a maximum of 1 tablespoon every day to reap the potential benefits of Moringa Powder. On the brighter side, you can add this much amount of powder to any food you like.

Moringa what are the benefits?

As of now, the recent breakthroughs made in reference to Moringa Oleifera speak about the positive effects of this herbal plant which are namely, reduction in blood sugar level, cholesterol, and production of Antioxidants in our body.

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