Advantages and disadvantages of hot water bath

Advantages and Disadvantages of Bath With Hot Water: A warm bath is always refreshing when you head start your day and set yourself on a spree to take on the day’s challenges. A hot shower relaxes you every evening and lets all of the day’s stress vanish before you sink into your bed. If you are the sort of person who takes regular showers, these hot water bath disadvantages will surely do some good for you.

What’s a good Bath?

Whether in a tub or a shower, bath in hot water should be full of luxuries, smooth and relaxing, mild, and refreshing. If you feel sluggish, a nice warm water bath is the way to go because you can’t always rely on coffee. Our body needs necessary moisture and care, and most all, it’s our prime responsibility to keep our body clean and healthy. Our body is our temple, as the saying goes.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of bath in hot water?

As several researchers prefer and suggest taking hot showers due to several benefits, some talk the other way around. Where you can turn your bathroom into a luxurious spa, some research says, a hot shower or bath may not always be a good idea for your hair and skin health. It’s time for you to pin out the benefits and risks of taking a hot shower.

Advantages of bathing with hot water

1. Body Massage

A hot water bath is an excellent treat for your body as it massages your entire body while standing under the shower or laying in the bathtub. Warm water promotes blood flow as it pacifies blood circulation in your whole body. On a chilling wintery night, what else would you need, and where else would you want to be? The feeling of warmth that a hot water bath provides is inexplicable. Not only it refreshes your mind, but also a warm bath makes your skin healthy and glowing.

2. Thorough Cleansing

Hot water is excellent for killing and wiping off unnecessary elements and germs that build up on your body without your notice. Cool water is a bit harsh with soap, whereas hot water thoroughly melts all the impurities and drains them with soap lather when you bathe. All in a day's work, you never know what elements gather on your body's surface and which ones may affect your health.

3. The hot water bath is a cold reliever in cold

People hailing from colder regions will find a hot bath very beneficial. In places like Antarctica, you won't have any other option to take a shower or bath. A hot water bath proves to be a lifesaver in such extremely freezing weather. Winter winds can eat away all the moisture from your skin, which can only be retained by bath with hot weather. Do not forget to apply a moisturizer onto your skin immediately after taking a bath.

4. Hot water controls blood sugar

According to a scientific study by Loughborough University, a hot water bath can control your blood sugar level and burn calories. Scientists had concluded that a hot water bath can burn as many calories as you burn in a half-an-hour walk.

5. Hot water removes muscular stiffness

People with arthritis, joint pains, or muscle stiffness need to take a bath with hot water. Hot water stimulates blood circulation and helps muscle reflex working on sensitive joints, tendons, and connective tissues. Warm water also treats inflammation. This is why physiotherapists also use hot water while massaging or exercising their patients.

Hot water bath disadvantages

1. Hot shower might damage your Hair Cuticles

Hair is made up of cells named Keratin that also protects your hair from weakening and breakage, how water damages Keratin cells, which eventually leads to breakage of hair cuticles. This may also lead to baldness or partial hair loss. There is always one thing you should remember while bathing with hot water. Keep lukewarm water for your scalp and hair.

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2. Hot Water may affect Fertility

Some shreds of evidence show the biggest disadvantage of bath with hot water. 3-years long research in the United States found that male fertility is affected by the men who take a hot shower every day. A study carried out with 11 men concluded that 5 out of 11 men who stopped taking a hot shower had a 491% increase in their sperm count than the ones who took a shower daily. The fact behind this change is that testis produces low sperm in a heated environment. This drawback of bathing with hot water would undoubtedly make you drawn to cool water because sperms are known to develop in a cooler environment.

3. Dry Skin

When you shower or take a bath with hot water, the protective layer on your skin also gets washed. The essential oils and elements that are responsible for retaining the necessary moisture reside beneath this layer. Commonly noticed disadvantage of bathing with hot water is along with the dirt, hot water shower takes away the skin-friendly elements. If you do not apply a moisturizer after a shower right away, cracks and dryness on your skin will show up immediately. It is recommended to take a shower for about 5-10 minutes maximum.

4. Hot water shower may cause itchiness

People with dry skin often go through itchiness during winter. A hot water bath makes your skin drier, which, if not moisturized timely, will instigate itchiness. You'll have to scratch it more and more depending on the dryness factor. To ease the troubles, choose to shower in lukewarm water. Let your skin keep its moisture and glow.

Advantages and disadvantages of hot water bath

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it bad to take a shower with hot water?

Hot showers can dry your skin and can damage hair cuticles. A continual bath with hot water can also lead to hair loss. Hot water also takes away the necessary moisture from your skin.

What are the advantages of bathing with hot water?

A hot water bath calms the body and prepares us for falling asleep. A hot shower also improves our muscular mobility and relieves from muscle stiffness. A cool body entering the hot water gains the body temperature and feels relaxed and soothed.

How often should you shower?

There is no specificity to this question however, you should stay for more than 10 minutes in a shower. Opinion about taking a hot shower varies from person to person or location. Dermatologists recommend taking a shower twice or thrice a week.

Does hot water reduce inflammation?

Soaking in warm water works effectively for arthritic patients. Hot water increases mobility reduces soreness in limbs and reduces swelling and inflammation by improving blood circulation.

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