Advantages and Disadvantages of Beer

Advantages and Disadvantages of Beer: Weekends are for beer and booze for everyone. All the week’s stress comes to an end when one steps into a bar and orders his favourite pint. Well, besides just taking away your troubles for a while, beer is also helpful in preventing heart diseases and strokes in case you are wondering. But there are some risks associated with too much beer consumption. What are they are marked in the Advantages and Disadvantages of drinking beer, which you need to note for the next time you order some more few shots.

With a brewing history of over 7000 years, beer was the natural drink that was produced first in Iran. Since then, we have been witnessing many brands and forms of beer, but all of them come from a naturally finished product. Yes, the cereal, barley, malt, etc., all undergo a natural fermentation process that, in turn, delivers you a brilliant taste and, nonetheless, a balanced and healthy living.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Beer

Beer is incomplete without some alcoholic touch, so let’s face the fact the low level of alcohol in beer is both beneficial and a bit on the bitter side. All you need to know about beer and its side effects are pointed out here. Let’s have a quickie at the pros and cons of drinking beer.

All-round Advantages of Drinking Beer

Consumed everywhere in the world, beer comes next to tea and coffee due to the following reasons and benefits. Malt and barley are sources of Fibre. Thus the extracts of Fibre are also present in beer, including some other nutrients such as Potassium, Magnesium, and Vitamin-B complexes. Here are some of the things that beer tends to keep under control.

1. Heart Diseases and Stroke

A controlled and moderate pint will always be beneficial to your heart’s health. A dose of a fair amount can reduce your bad cholesterol (Low-Density Lipoprotein) and avoids the arterial passage from thickening. The ethanol content also reduces the amount of excessive cholesterol in your liver. Moderate beer drinkers are also immune to Coronary Heart Disease that earns them an extra point against heart problems, including heart attack as the beer drinkers are 35% less likely to fall ill as compared to non-drinkers. So, if you want your bloodstream to be healthy and High-Density Lipoprotein in an adequate amount, do try beer for good.

2. Beer means antioxidants

How good would it be to know beer is a perfect solution for your skin and hair growth? You can see a beer shampoo- ad hitting your TV screens, but that’s not for drinking for sure. Otherwise, you can enjoy pints of beer as it’s a natural hair conditioner, Dark beers are the primary source of Vitamins and Antioxidants.

3. Beers Packs Vitamins and Fibre

Unfiltered Beer is loaded with Vitamin B3 that repairs blood cells, Folic acid, and Vitamin B6, which helps you control Post Menstrual Syndrome. Folic acids (B9) is known to prevent colon cancer. Fibre slows the speed of food digestion and ingestion by suppressing appetite and acts as a natural laxative.

4. Beer Solves Kidney’s Problems

If you haven’t tried tasting a beer, ask your doctor if you have kidney stones. Beer would be the first cure your physician would suggest you dissolve the kidney stones. By drinking a beer, your chances of developing a kidney stone would be 40% less. A moderate amount of alcohol is also an excellent solution for keeping your urinary tract healthy.

5. Beer Solves Diabetes and RA

As per studies carried out by Harvard University, middle-aged men who drank at least 2 pints of beer every day were at a 25% lower risk of getting Diabetes as compared to those who never drank. The conclusion established latterly supported the fact that alcohol enhances insulin activity. Beer is always a beneficial brew for people with Rheumatoid Arthritis to rid the joint pains. Keep a healthy diet along with a jar of beer and follow the routine of exercises to reduce joint inflammation.

Disadvantages of Beer Drinking

Overlimit consumption can be harmful to you. Nobody is unfamiliar with the facts of over-drinking. This is why cops always chase people with rash driving since the second suspicion of rash driving is drinking and driving. That is not the only disadvantages of beer; there are more, straight on your health.

1. Overshot can be harmful to Diabetic People

As earlier said, alcohol controls insulin activity in diabetic patients. One of the leading downsides of drinking beer in excessive quantity can also raise your insulin level, disturbing the ideal blood-sugar level in your body. Once the liver is functions are altered. The liver converts glycogen into glucose and releases it into the bloodstream. Once alcohol induces this process, you tend to feel hungry and eat uncontrollably. This is why throwing up is common in heavy drinkers. The liver counters the effect of alcohol to balance the process through anti-peristalsis.

2. Obesity

Obesity is not something strange for drinkers who have a hard time staying away from the cravings. Once you have developed a craving for alcohol, you are more likely to bulge your belly, unless you want it. It is somewhat easier to put on some pounds when you are into heavy drinking regularly. Studies have also reported about lack of sexual desire among regular beer drinkers.

3. Hangover and Lethargy

This would sound worst of all as it is linked to beer drinking directly. Party nights are always memorable and full of energy. The next brings you more pain, accompanied by headaches and dizziness. This may affect your entire day activities and disturb your work life.

4. Beer also has Gluten

Beer also comes with Gluten (due to Malt/Barley), which doesn’t bide well with those who are allergic or sensitive to Gluten. If you are a beer drinker apart from being gluten sensitive, you may get affected by Celiac disease and eventually end up damaging your small intestine weakening your immune system. Mind see the packaging of the beer for your health sakes.

5. Heartburn and Tastelessness

The powerful acidic contents in beer cause heartburns, which you can feel the next morning. This is when you need some hot water or another soda to simmer down the effect. This heartburn is actually the burning sensation felt in the chest just above the stomach and below the heart. If you drink beer regularly in excessive amounts, that may also disturb your taste buds, forcing you to survive on soft drinks or liver syrups. Heavy drinkers are more prone to liver failure and fatty liver (Steatosis).

More to Suggest…

Drinking beer is never trouble, drinking too much, maybe. Stay away from brawls and drink responsibly. A fixed and limited amount will add to your health and looks. Once you go over the limit, you’ll have to be careful about what might put you to trouble. Raise your glass and cheers.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Beer

Frequently Asked Questions

Is beer Good for Arhtritis?

The answers are somewhat self-contradictory, but if your beer intake is limited to a couple of Pints, you can explore a few good sides of drinking beer every day.

Is beer good for inflammation?

Inflammation causes many diseases as you grow older, and according to a study published in Molecular Nutrition & Food Research, hops, which is an essential ingredient in beer, has anti-inflammatory properties that can help you rid the inflammation.

Why Beer is bad for you?

Drinking too much beer, or even any other type of alcohol is bad for you. Heavy alcohol consumption drains out any health benefit and elevates the risk of liver cancer, cirrhosis, alcoholism, and obesity, says experts.

Is beer good for kidneys?

Yes, beer indeed is a perfect remedy to Kidney stones; According to a Finnish study, Beer and several other alcoholic beverages is better for your kidney's health. For every bottle of beer you drink, you reduce the risk of developing kidney stones by 40%.

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