Pros and Cons of Dalgona Coffee

The South Korean Dalgona Coffee is a new buzzword among coffee lovers these days. Millions of people sharing How to make Dalgona Coffee have become famous worldwide. Dalgona coffee, famous as the Quarantine coffee, is the only thing people could cherish during the COVID-19 lockdown. These Pros and Cons of Dalgona Coffee evaluate whether the brew is a charm or a bane.

What is Dalgona Coffee Exactly?

If you are not quite familiar with social media, you probably must have missed out on the recently trending coffee type. Dalgona coffee is the invention of South Koreans during the lockdown of 2020, which in simplest terms is the whipped coffee drink.

It’s a commonly consumed drink globally, and the only reason Dalgona Coffee gained popularity is its noticeable benefits. A TV presenter from Korea had it on vacation in Macau, which tasted pretty identical to the sweet famous South Korean dish called Dalgona; that’s how this coffee type started becoming a trend on TikTok and, eventually, Instagram.

Why is Dalgona Coffee known as Quarantine Coffee?

It’s usual to figure out quarantine as a name of this whipped version of coffee when people are ordered to stay at home and work from home. Everyone needed to kill boredom and that’s how they mashed it all up. The TikTok users also named Dalgona Coffee as TikTok Coffee (Also because of boredom).

What makes Dalgona Coffee unique?

It’s a glass of milk topped with whipped coffee, making caffeine content relatively lower than a regular coffee cup. Otherwise, technically, there are slight differences in taste, health benefits, and effects. Let’s look into the good reasons as to why you should have Dalgona Coffee.

Pros of Dalgona Coffee- The Blatant Benefits of Dalgona Coffee

Coffee has been known for doing both the goods and bad; all the credits go to Caffeine, the natural psychoactive component. Its beneficial properties are always under research, and some studies even contradict each other. Dalgona Coffee being the recent entrant to brews, has also been put under the light. Let’s look up the health benefits of Dalgona Coffee.

1. More Milk means less Acidity

Milk is known to combat acidity as it absorbs acid formation in the stomach, stopping any acidic reflux or burning sensation in the gastric system. More milk in your Dalgona Coffee can help you tackle acidic reactions in your stomach. Studies also suggest that Calcium and Protein content in milk may help relieve heartburn.

2. Less caffeine for a balanced sleep

According to scientific studies, too much caffeine is as harmful as nicotine and can turn you sleepless. Moreover, caffeine is often mocked for causing upset stomach, tremors, fast heartbeat, and sleep deprivation. Taking lower caffeine content, you can curb all these problems. This could be the biggest of the advantages of Dalgona Coffee.

3. Energy Booster

Caffeine is also known top boost adrenaline levels (The "fight or flight" hormone which preps you up for physical exertion) that’s why Gym coaches suggest coffee for strenuous physical workout. Just like a regular cup of coffee, Dalgona Coffee can boost your energy levels, making you ready for exercise. It may not be as instant as black coffee, and milk complements Dalgona Coffee quite fairly.

4. Coffee may help you shed weight

Magnesium and Potassium are great aides to regulate blood sugar levels. With a cup of perfectly balanced Dalgona Coffee, you can also control your cravings for other sugary dishes. Caffeine helps break down fatty cells and helps turn them into body fuel.

5. Dalgone Coffee is the way to stay Lively

The number of patients suffering from Anxiety and Depression has escalated globally. It’s a serious mental disorder that every 3 out of 5 people are dealing with. Not many know that depression significantly deteriorates life quality, which can be deadliest if left untreated. A Harvard-based study in 2011 concluded that four or more cups of coffee could help lower the risk of depression by 20%.

Cons of Dalgona Coffee- The Possible Disadvantages of Dalgona Coffee

Having a cup of dalgona coffee in the morning will definitely induce your energy levels and mental alertness. However, drinking coffee excessively can turn things sour. The following Disadvantages of Dalgona Coffee explain furthermore.

1. Bad Coffee Can Turn Toxic

Whipped Bad quality coffee can have coffee, balanced sugar, milk in proportion, and the health factor are the requirements for Dalgona Coffee. On the other hand, the milk needs to be fresh and bacteria-free, coffee quality must be optimum to prepare a nice and healthy treat. Bad quality coffee can lead to several illnesses, from headaches to diarrhea.

2. Excessive Dalgona Coffee can be Fatal

Despite being low on caffeine levels, Dalgona Coffee is sugary, and there is no chance you’d avoid a tasty delight easily. Over drinking coffee may result in poor teeth, including the risks of elevated Caffeine levels in your body. More than four full cups of Dalgona coffee a day ruin your health.

Another study came up with striking results showing that those who consume more than 6 cups of coffee per day are at greater risk of developing heart diseases and are prone to an early death.

3. Caffeine may cause Insomnia and restlessness

Caffeine is linked to causing insomnia and restlessness, and it deserves to be placed next to nicotine for causing much trouble to late-night drinkers. 400 mg (4 Cups) of caffeine is considered sufficient, but if you exceed this amount, you might have to spend your night tilting in your bed from one corner to another. If you are caffeine intolerant, make sure your intake of Dalgona Coffee is minimum.

4. Dalgona Coffee may affect your pregnancy

According to a study published on coffee's effect during pregnancy has been controversial. If you drink coffee during pregnancy, caffeine is more likely to reach the fetus, and your baby is susceptible to caffeine. If you have a knack for Dalgona Coffee or and can't curb your cravings, mind drinking it while pregnant and consult your doctor.

5. Pepple with high cholesterol need precaution

Coffee beans contain Cafestol and Kahweol, which are two major contributors to raise LDL cholesterol levels (aka bad cholesterol). Make sure Dalgona Coffee is well-filtered and intake in limited to maximum 3-4 cups. Even though Dalgona Coffee scales fairly on the scale of Caffeine content, but people with high LDL must ensure it doesn’t render any adverse effects on their health.

Final Thoughts:

Dalgona Coffee is gaining more attention aggressively, and many health specialists and nutritionists are fixing up more evidence-based research on it. If it’s trendy, then Dalgona Coffee's benefits will outweigh its negative side. But for caffeine-sensitive and pregnant ones, it’s still a dubious drink. Make sure to go through Cons of Dalgona Coffee properly and ask your health expert whether it’s a good-to-go option or not.

Pros and Cons of Dalgona Coffee

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I drink dalgona coffee everyday?

That takes you to 3-4 tablespoons of added sugar under your daily limit. However, as with every trend, many people have been shaking up the Dalgona Coffee idea – and some changes have added an extra health twist. Some people add collagen peptides to their coffee for added health benefits or use healthier sweeteners like honey or stevia. So if you're looking to hop on the Dalgona Coffee bandwagon, be sure to customize it to fit your own needs.

Why dalgona coffee is bad?

Dalgona coffee is made of natural ingredients and is safe to drink. There are no artificial additives, so you can rest assured that you're drinking a high-quality cup of coffee.

Why is dalgona coffee popular?

The popular Korean coffee drink Dalgona is often credited to actor Jung Il-woo, who drank the drink during a mukbang in Macau on a television program called Stars' Top Recipe at Fun-Staurant.

Is dalgona candy safe to eat?

According to the expert, this candy is packed with energy and can give an energy boost during low blood sugar scenarios. However, consuming refined sugar is not recommended for health and fitness purposes.

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