Best way to increase body immunity

Best way to increase body immunity
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To fight against every disease, our immune system is very useful. Due to lack of disease-resistant capacity, we become victims of serious diseases. For this, it is very necessary to strengthen the immune system. If the disease resistance will be strong then you will not be sick every day. Therefore, it is necessary that the disease can cure immunity from its lifestyle and food habits. Boost immune system and remain healthy is something that we have been hearing every now and then. But boosting immune would have been that easy then we would have never heard of any immune booster. So the question is what are the factors that help to boost the immune. And today we have brought this article to you to know about many things like how to boost immune system, immune system, immunity, how to build up your immune system, what is immune system, immune booster supplements,strengthen immune system, ways to boost immune system,how to improve your immune system,how to strengthen your immune system, how to strengthen immune system, how to build immune system, foods that boost your immune system, immune support, how to boost immune system quickly and many more of your other queries.

But before learning a lot of things let us understand how does the immune system function. So the function of the immune system is to protect our body from outside invaders like viruses, bacteria, fungi and many other factors which can harm our body in any way. So in order to protect your body from diseases, one must know how to build up the immune system and also know about food for the immune system. Today a lot of supplements to boost immune system have come in the market but you should always try to strengthen your natural immunity with the help of herbs for immune system.

So now let us jump to the list describing ideas to boost your immune system.

How to build up your immune system

1. What to Eat in order to increase Disease Resistant Efficiency

Foods play an important role to boost up the immunity so that the Human body can easily fight the diseases causing illness. So you need to add some special foods to your diet, which are as follows

(a) Garlic - Garlic should be used and garlic should be included in the food. Garlic contains elements rich in antioxidants. Antioxidants help in fighting various types of diseases of the body. Apart from this Garlic also has an element named Eleisin which gives the ability to fight various types of bacteria.

(b) Linseed- Eating linseed is a very good way to increase the immunity to fight the diseases. Alpa-lalitic stings, omega-3 fatty acid are found in the linseed and all these nutrients work as immunity boosters so people with the weak immune system should definitely use linseed.

(c) Green vegetables and fruits - By taking green vegetables and fruits regularly, you can boost your immune system.

(d) Dried fruits - Apricot, sunflower seeds, melon seeds, gourd seeds, sesame seeds, etc should be included in your meals to boost up immunity. Elements found in these dry fruits such as beta-Corrine, selenium, vitamin A, vitamin B2, and zinc are very important for increasing the immunity of the body.

(e) Cinnamon - Anti-oxidant properties are found in cinnamon which prevents blood clots and is very beneficial in preventing harmful bacteria from growing.

2. Appropriate daily routine to increase the immunity

You should have a record of your routine so that you can give time to your health as it is one of the ways to strengthen your immune system. To improve immunity to fight diseases, there must be some changes in your lifestyle. Sleep, wake up and eat food at the right time. And you should also manage your work properly and try not to stress over for your work.

3. Drink water to increase disease resistance

Water which is considered as a health booster is very essential immune supplement. We should drink at least 2 liters of water every day at regular intervals. As water gives strength to the body.

4. The body weight should be under control to increase the immunity

Maintaining a healthy body weight is one of the answers to the question of how to have a strong immune system. Increasing body weight is a pandemic trap in itself. Which becomes the home of many diseases. Therefore, you should not increase the weight of your body.

5. Take appropriate sleep to increase disease resistant capacity

A sound and good Sleep is one of the essential factors in building up your immune system. The body needs at least 7-8 hours of sleep. This is the fashion of the body and mind. Due to low sleep, many types of problems increase. There by affecting the immune system.

6. Chyavanprash should be consumed

By taking Chyavanprash, the weakness in the body is removed and the body also feels hungry. And taking Ayurveda Chyavanprash will increase the immune system.

7. Exercise to increase disease resistance

In today's busy world where everyone has some reason for being short of time, you must give time to physical activities and exercises. The person who exercises regularly tends to remain fit. The main reason for this is that exercise increases resistance to disease.

8. Do not smoke and drink alcohol

Smoking and alcohol have a very bad effect on our body. This reduces our immune system resistance. Therefore they should not be consumed.

9. Keep blood pressure normal

Maintaining blood pressure in the normal range is what helps the immune system. Blood pressure should be kept normal and should be checked from time to time.

10. Being conscious of your body

Being aware of your body is not that easy as it seems because what's going inside your body will be only known to you if become conscious of yourself. And to be really focused towards your body you can't take the help of yoga. It is very important to be awake toward your body. It is very difficult to take care of your body in today's world of the race.


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