Advantages and Disadvantages of Mobile Phones

Technology and time have turned the table in our life that once letters and messages took days to reach the recipient, and now it takes just a fraction of a second. Just a couple of decades ago, the world had a different pace to communicate and transact. And all would agree with this, you can forget to take your Night’s Medicines, but you can’t forget your mobile phone. Yet some contradictions creep in with this transforming tool of communication and highlight some advantages and disadvantages of mobile phones you need to beware of and keep it all balanced.

Uses of Mobile Phones these Days

Forget about the SMS thing, and now people have instant messengers to convey their say. Remember back when people used to communicate over the telephone and had to suffer through bad lines or even busy network. Mobile networks have overcome this shortcoming and enabled people to connect better. Now, as we introduce ourselves to the emerging world of mobile phones, this device is expected to bring more to dance besides calling, messaging, emailing, and personalizing your life.

Advantages and disadvantages of using mobile phones

Mobile phones have almost replaced computers and eased their way through to bring countless solutions in your daily life. But sometimes, we also tend to get off on the wrong foot while stepping into this technological revolution. What are the advantages and disadvantages of smartphones is how these facts are enlightened.

Advantages of Mobile Phones

Advantages of Mobile Phones: Everyone wants to make life less complicated and restrictions. Mobile phones have proven to make their mark for us in this scenario. From personal to business use, smartphones have earned constant compliments for their assistance to us

1. Safety Ensured

Mobile phones come with different lock and security features these days. In case your phone is lost or stolen, the culprit will not be able to harm your information, and who knows, it might be of no use for the person. Even in case, someone known or unknown to you is trying to access your details from your phone, and your worries are off the hook. Smartphones are protected and ensure your data safety in all possible manner.

2. Tracking Technology and GPS is main Advantages of Mobile Phones

If you are a concerned and worried parent, it is no time to worry. Many GPS apps can help you track the exact location of your child, friends, or spouse to help them stay out of trouble. Even when you are away from your family or traveling to an unknown place, GPS comes right in time to help you again. You can know your precise location using GPS apps.

3. Entertainment and Fun

Mobile phones are a great way to have fun and learn at the same time. For kids, elders, and professionals, and non-professionals, smartphones come loaded with fun and entertainment. Working hours are so tiring, and a coffee break would be complete with a little Candy Crush or something like Temple Run. Spare some minutes for you and stave off the stress of the day.

4. Alarm Notes & Reminder for Tasks

Get set go, and your mobile phone is your personal assistant that never lets you delay any task for every day. Most phones now come with reminders, calendars, and To-Do, Notes, and alarms, to never let you forget your kids’ birthday, your important meetings, and upcoming events.

5. Phones Maintain Distant Relations

Smartphones are the easiest way to stay connected with distant friends you went to college with. All the mobile messaging apps these days use data to enable you to connect with the ones who are hard to get meet. Geographic locations are brought closer through the use of the digital world.

What are the Disadvantages of Mobile Phones

Now comes the boom… Given that smartphones have brought us much more comfort, mobile phones are also responsible for bringing us into a bit of a pickle. The brighter and shiny has a hidden face as well. If you never knew or wanted to know about these disadvantages of mobile phones, it’s time to recognize these now.

1. Nomophobia is Disadvantages of Mobile Phones

Nomophobia (No + Mobile + Phone + Phobia), also known as NMPs, is the Smartphone addiction is known as Nomophobia (NMP), which is a fear of not using a mobile phone. We all are somewhat nomophobic. Too much dependency on mobile phones also takes our time and drags us into the digital world. This reason is also responsible for students not being able to obtain better grades in studies.

2. Road Accidents

Mind that phone while driving, many users can’t deny it. Taking selfies while driving or riding is what everyone must have done. Some people do it for fun, some to seek attention, or some just because they have to send texts to others. Talking or Texting while driving puts your life at not only risk but also the one upfront your vehicle. According to the US National Safety Council, cell phone use while driving leads to 1.6 million crashes each year. It is better to put your hands on the wheel and mind the highway, a word of advice.

3. Leisure turns into a Time Waste

Too much gaming or addiction is also harmful to you if you are someone with a tight schedule and have some important stuff to take care of. When fun becomes an addiction, you must stop wasting your time and need to switch back to your previous self and maintain your daily life routine. According to a study presented by the National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health, 84% of people were reported to be at risk of mobile addiction.

4. Effect of Mobile Radiation

The level of a vulnerability is severed when the fact is even starker about mobile phones and smartphone risks and dangers. In many of the studies on mobile phone radiation effects, it has been observed that people who use a cell phone for over an hour a day for over ten years have a significantly higher rate of brain cancer and many other detrimental effects and ailments in their bodies, such as dizziness, neurosis, insomnia, headaches, an increase in stress, lower bone density, possible changes in brain activity, and even infertility in some men. The biggest threat has been the possibility of developing brain cancer.

5. Isolation from Reality

Mobile phones are an easy way to connect people in different places. Too much time spent in the virtual world is also harmful to you, as the invention like social media and other networking platforms draws the attention of young minds often. This is one of the most prominent reasons why mobile phones are dangerous for you is lacking communication with real people. You must have come across a group of friends, a family, or people who are too busy with their smartphones that it's too rare to hear the speaking, just texting.

Moment of Thought

It may be the right time to evolve with the technological revolution, but it is also essential to not forget that we are also humans. Humans need a human bond in real life. Necessary communication should be done through a cell phone. The means of using technology is to bring life to a disentangled state.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Mobile Phones

Frequently Asked Questions

What is teh effect of Mobile phones on health?

Mobile Phones works on radiation that affects humans' brain functions. The Electromagnetic radiations emitted through the cell towers and receiver antenna also shrinks brain size.

What are the benefits of mobile phones?

The major benefit of using a mobile phone is that it's easier to communicate and learn through mobile phones as a student and a parent. Mobiles phones are a great deal for conducting business and financial transactions. You can do almost every type of work related to internet or calculations through your smartphone.

Are mobile phones safe for children?

There are oceans of pornographic content that is easily accessible on the internet. Parents need to keep it away from the kids' sight as the content can also be accessed throguh smartphone.

What is a good age to give a kid a cell phone?

According to study conducted in 2016, most kids are getting their first social media account between the ages of 10 and 12 despite the fact that the minimum age for adult social media sites, like Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat, is 13. There must be proper supervision to hand your kids a mobile phone when they turn 13.

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