Disadvantages of Internet Communication, Online payment, Student life

Disadvantages of Internet Communication, Online payment, Student life
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Internet is the most Innovative creation in the world of technology. It leads to revolutions in the fields of communications and business. The Internet can be evil if you don't know how to use it. People are addicted to the internet due to its ton loads of advantages.

Well, Grass is always greener on the other side. Internet may be the most happening thing in the world today. But it has a stack of disadvantages too.

About the most debated and undeniable disadvantages of internet

1. Disadvantages of internet communication

Web-based communication is an instant process and can be done through Messaging apps, emails, video calls, audio calls, etc. Though these make our life easy, It has negative effects too. You will never be able to disconnect. For instance, you are on vacation with your partner. You accidentally saw your teammate sends you a follow-up message. You cannot ignore the message as it will be treated as unprofessional and ignorant behavior.

Bullying and stalking can be fatal especially when you have extreme concern for your privacy. Sad and fearful fact about the internet is bullying has taken many people’s lives and is increasing day by day.

A lot of cyber crimes are happening just because people share the data over the internet publicly. This data becomes food for the stalkers

So Think twice before sharing your personal information on the internet.

You may land up in an inappropriate page or you can come across irrelevant material while surfing the internet. Such kind of annoying content may disturb your mental health. There might be facts on the internet which can be far from the truth. This is a major demerit of surfing the internet.

2. Addiction

Internet users are addicted to chatting and games. this leads to procrastination and makes you spend your precious time on unimportant things. Your productivity goes down at the workplace if you are addicted to internet games or surfing. Human to human to interaction is reducing considerably these days. Even when they are sitting next to each other, people will be checking their notifications on the phone.

These notifications divert your mind and cause a lack of concentration

3. Disadvantages of online payment

You no longer have to stand in that never-ending Q in the bank counters for sending money to your family every month. You can send money within just a few clicks of your fingertips with the help of internet banking. , This can be considered as the revolution in the banking sector. This facility put lime lite on one of the major disadvantages of online services, Security attacks. It can be also be called Phishing.

Phisher steals your information before it is sent to the server. your identity and bank account details will be stolen by the hacker. This data can be used to withdraw your money on behalf of you. This sensitive matter needs to be addressed thoroughly by the banks for the security of its customers. We do recommend you to check your bank app’s permissions before granting it.

4. Disadvantages of using the internet by children

Children are prone to addiction. They have the tendency of imitating whatever they see. Children always love cartoons, colorful games, Animals, Birds, etc. Remember! They learn what they see. Unsupervised use of the internet by children expose them to inappropriate content like violent crime scenes, abuse, or pornographic content on the internet.

Spending too much on computer surfing and gaming present them to physical inactiveness and gradually it leads to obesity and other health issues. This is a major disadvantage of internet for kids. Children may come across abusive words or can get into a bad company. So keep an eye on your phone after handing it over to your beloved kid. Children can become socially isolated by excess use of the internet.

5. Disadvantages of internet in student life

One of the important Disadvantages of internet for the student is unemployment.

The internet has undeniably created numerous employment opportunities for many talented individuals. However, it has also created a substantial amount of unemployment owing to outsourcing, downsizing.

Students can become addicted to the internet and may not focus on studies. Students waste time watching movies and videos online and may not concentrate during exams. This may result in decreased performance in their academic. One of the most discussed problems is easily accessible pornographic content which affects the mental Health of students. Students suffer from depression by spending more time on the computer.

Be aware of the time u are spending over the internet. Use tools to track down the amount of time you are using the internet. Foreign cultures have Influenced students in a deeper way. Foreign lifestyle, cultures, and Costumes have made a greater impact on the youth.

6. Disadvantages of books over the internet

Books provide limited information whereas the internet contains an ocean of information. You can learn from eBooks, online videos, blogs, Forum discussions, etc.

One of the most acceptable facts about considering internet over books is it is eco-friendly as it reduces shipping and handling costs.

One of the biggest advantages of eBooks is the fact that they require no trees to create them. This is obviously an eco-friendly option that both reduces cost and lowers environmental impact. ... With no shipping and handling costs, eBooks typically have prices lower than physical books

7. Disadvantages of internet in the classroom

There are both advantages and disadvantages to every learning environment. Face to face interaction will be considerably less in online education. Building a relationship with your mentor is difficult in online education. Online courses usually take more effort and to cope up with the mentor.

Since you don't have direct access to communicate with the mentor, your doubts will not be solved instantly. One more important disadvantages of internet in class is, student tend to copy content from the internet for completing their assignments instead of using their creativity. So it comes down to how much effort students will put into their study that determines how beneficial the overall experience was to their future career.

8. Spam and advertisements

The beautiful thing about the Internet is that it allows you to connect with everything and everyone in the world, which is great for businesses to target their audience easily.

People take advantage of the internet with spam messages. They sell data to other companies and making easy money. Due to this, people have already started misusing the Internet with spam messages and selling data to other companies, which in return – send unwanted promotional offers which can fill up your email’s inbox with spam. It prevents you from missing out the important emails.

The ads can be very annoying and very hard to avoid since most of the website force you to fill in your email in order to use their products or services. So it's better to create a separate email so that it can be used only for signup purposes.

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