Advantages and Disadvantages of Computer

5 Advantages of Computer:

  • A Computer does things faster than humans
  • Availability of Information
  • Computers help you save your time
  • Students can attain a variety of knowledge
  • Entertainment Use

5 Disadvantages of Computer:

  • Excessive use of computers leads to distraction
  • More Screen time may affect your eye eyesight
  • Computer users may become less socially active
  • Health Complaints are common disadvantages of computer
  • Computer is expensive

In the simplest terms, a computer is defined as an electronic machine that uses input from the user, processes or stores it, and generates the desired output data. It can be as simple as a calculator or as complicated as a system of thousands of computers to complete highly complex tasks. There are plenty of specialized computers designed to meet the specific needs of the users, from designing a graphic to bookkeeping. Since the discussion is on machines, it is imperative to talk about the advantages and disadvantages of Computers for students, professionals, and personal users.

Computers are now a common sight in almost every sector of human existence, including at home, schools, colleges, industries, and business. However, there are several key benefits and drawbacks of computers. Computers are now utilized in almost every sector of human existence, including at home, school, college, industries, and business.

What are the Advantages of Computer?

Some advantages of computers include ease of conducting business and basic computational tasks that humans have difficulties with. You can write things down, do research, play games with it, listen to music, or watch movies. You can even connect to the Internet so you can chat with your friends you don't see very often anymore.

1. A Computer does things faster than humans

The speed of a computer is incredibly fast, be it complex mathematical calculations or grammar checking. As a student, you can get maximum advantages of Computer in your school or college projects. But now, thanks to computers, that accounting is easier than ever with automated software and calculation tools.

2. Availability of Information

One of the biggest benefits of computers is instant information accessibility. You don't have to waste time walking through the library's sections to find the right study material. Search it on the browser on your laptop, and you have tons of information sources in front of you. Thanks to Computers for being the only source of knowledge and education for students living at home during the COVID pandemic.

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3. Computers helps you save your time

Imagine the time when you had to write a letter, put it into the mailbox, and it took days to reach the destination. Now you can send your messages through emails instantly. Not just communication, computers are a necessity in every sector from transport to manufacturing. Computer-Aided machines can get every engineering design ready within minutes, reducing errors, manpower, and laborious effort.

4. Students can attain a variety of knowledge

Steve Jobs and Elon Musk are the greatest examples of successful personalities who dropped out of college and achieved their dreams. Thanks to technology, people can now attain knowledge on several subjects related to their work or studies. Now you don't have to look for an expert in various fields. All you need is access to a computer, and you'll have all the information available online at your fingertips.

You can also learn about events taking place around the world too so that it will be easier for you to be aware of what's happening out there. There are several examples of people in real life; one student became a software engineer during the pandemic.

5. Entertainment Use

You can enjoy video games like solitaire, chess, etc., on the computer too. Also, you can enjoy watching movies, videos, and songs online these days that are available for free of cost most of the time. There are plenty of games such as PUBG, Freefire, GTA, etc., you can enjoy in the comfort of your couch. You can connect to the internet with your computer to do more activities such as chatting or watching videos.

What are the Disadvantages of Computer?

Despite their best use, there are many disadvantages of Computers you need to be aware of. Machines depend on electricity, which means computers too need a continuous power supply to make work. Also, automated tasks mean humans are less engaged in work manually, which kills their creativity. A few other problems you may get be caught with are as follows.

1. Excessive use of computer leads to distraction

People nowadays have developed an unhealthy habit of spending long hours in front of their computers. It has become so bad that even kids are being exposed to this so-called "electronic addiction" before walking or talking properly. They want to play games online all day rather than go out there and play with others outside their house.

2. More Screen time may affect your eye eyesight

Yes, prolonged exposure to computer screens is associated with different vision problems among users especially, students. 500 Gulf Medical University, Ajman, and Ajman University of Science and Technology students were selected for this research.

High rates of eye-related issues were discovered among university students in the study. In recent years, several studies have found that the excessive use of a monitor screen is causing eye-related issues in people. The symptoms include poor vision, glares, and even migraines too.

3. Computer users may become less socially active

When you sit down in front of your computer to work or study, you hardly communicate with anyone around you, including your family members. This can cause problems at home because human contact is important for healthy relationships between individuals belonging to the same family or community.

4. Health Complaints are common disadvantages of computer

People who spend long hours on their computers are also prone to obesity due to the lack of physical exercise performed by them daily. Also, they can become lazy when it comes to doing household chores like cooking, cleaning, etc., which will lead to health-related problems in future too.

A study based on Finnish Adolescents found that computer use is associated with health issues such as lower back pain, eye discomfort, and five other occurring symptoms.

5. Computer is expensive

Computer technology has become expensive. You could not afford to buy one these days even if you had the money because of its high cost of production and maintenance. The average Dell laptop costs between $500 and $2400.

In contrast, HP Laptops are available at a similar range with a genuine copy of Windows 10 pre-installed. Some people spend thousands of dollars on buying new laptops or desktops every year so that they can keep up with the latest technological trends in this sector.

Conclusion on Pros and cons of Computer

One should be aware of the benefits and disadvantages that go along with computers. If you spend too much time on your computer or use it for excessive purposes, this will have negative effects on your eyesight and social interactions. You also run a higher risk of becoming obese from not exercising regularly, leading to health problems in the future. Computers are expensive so if you want one, buy used models from reputable dealers only.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Computer

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s is the World’s first Computer?

The first general-purpose electronic computing device was the Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer (ENIAC). It was built at the University of Pennsylvania in 1946 by J. Presper Eckert and John Mauchly. Since it filled up a large room and used about 18,000 vacuum tubes, it was called a giant brain

Is computer really helpful now a day?

Yes, computers are extremely helpful in today’s electronic age for various reasons. They allow people to communicate worldwide at a simple touch of a button through social media and or email. In addition, computers are used in order to get information about anything so long as there is an internet connection available.

Are computers good for society?

Computers are good for society because they allow people to connect all over the world. In today's competitive world, it's gravely important to stay connected socially. Thus, computers help you connect to others, whether for business or personal reasons.

Who is intelligent computer or human?

There are different theories to suffice; one is technological while the other is psychological. A computer is more intelligent than a human in technical terms as it cuts down the cumbersome and complicated computational processes and reduces the burden. Also, being able to multi-task, computers are way accurate than humans. But psychologically, it's the human who created this machine, which brings up the fact that humans are superior to being the creator of engines.

What is the advantages and disadvantages of computer?

The incredible speed of a computer is one of the most notable benefits. You can do complex tasks using a computer. On the other hand, affordability is one of the significant disadvantages of computers. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford one.

How is computer useful to us?

Computers consolidate and organize data, information, files, photographs, and videos to save time. Nowadays, computers are primarily used to keep track of information, browse the internet, create presentations, communicate with others via the internet, explore the world using the internet, and perform complicated calculations.

How computer is useful for students?

Computers have revolutionized education because they provide access to such a vast amount of information. While students of previous generations had to rely on books, knowledge can be found quickly online nowadays.

Are computers bad for your brain?

Prolonged screen time and technology use can cause several adverse consequences, including attention-deficit symptoms, emotional and social intelligence impairments, technology addiction, social withdrawal, slowed brain development, and disrupted sleep.

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