Advantages and Disadvantages of Virtual Reality

Advantages and Disadvantages of Virtual Reality: Real or Virtual? Which one is better? People still wave their heads as the debate goes on whether people should rely more on the hustling artificial environment of VR that is, in a way, better than the real-time experience. It is far more than thrilling and chilling. Everything you see, feel, and touch through Head Mounted Display takes you deeper into the Virtual world of entertainment in a limitless and personalized way. But with this, raise some concerns and questions too. Whether or not Virtual Reality is good for the kids and us? What are the advantages and disadvantages of Virtual Reality, and how to make the most of it for humankind?

What is Virtual Reality?

Now imagine standing in your dorm and experiencing the mountain-view. This is such experience is because of Virtual Reality, which is a simulated experience made possible by the use of computers and is similar or entirely different from the real world. VR was a part of Military practice and operations wherein soldiers were allowed to work on their combat skills. These days VR is introduced in the aviation industry, driving schools, education methods, and the medical sector. Lastly, VR had stepped into the entertainment world long ago, since then, the form of entertainment has revamped and formed into two other types known as Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality.

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Virtual Reality?

Questions are many about the concept of an artificial environment, so are the answers. From entertainment and gaming to education and creativity, the virtual experience is much better than the real world. That brings us to the point where remaining in reality and accepting it becomes hard of a task to accomplish. Here are some points to familiarize yourself with the pros and cons of Virtual Reality.

Advantages of Virtual Reality

1. Recovery and Healing

The method of this concept is Virtual Reality is useful for army veterans and soldiers with PTSD. The simulations help the military patients by matching the actual circumstances and enabling them to tolerate disabling stressors. Virtual Reality also helps them reduce phobias by allowing them to understand the fearful environment better. VR is also helpful for patients to enhance their motor skills and physical rehabilitation process.

2. A Real-time educational experience

VR helps students and professionals remodel the complicated tasks and projects which are even difficult to understand in real life. It’s not like Virtual Reality is just made for fun and entertainment, VR is also one such tool for medical practitioners and surgeons where they can understand the anatomical structure. VR also makes it pretty much safer for the aviation and automobile industry. Pilots are given training through simulations so they can avoid mishaps, and aspired drivers are also trained through VR for the same reasons.

3. VR is the way to explore places

In this world evolving technology, VR is a boon to every tech lover. Virtual Reality helps us to explore many places around the globe, just staying in one place. Now, imagine if you want to visit a place sitting on your couch, VR enables you to tour that destination without any cost. The real view will give you an overview of the site for which you can plan a trip later.

4. VR Opens the world of Entertainment

It is needless to say what great amusement VR can bring you while staying at home. The 3-D visuals are merely an example to give you a thrilling experience of all the gaming world and live sports. That’s not all; you can enjoy some breath-taking sports like Bungee jumping, skydiving, and racing. So sit tight at home and get prepped up for adrenaline rush.

5. Engagement and Interaction

Through virtual reality headsets, it is easier to communicate with your peers inside the virtual reality spaces. As this technology is at its peak, you'll never be away from meeting new friends. Thus, Virtual Reality opens many windows for you to be interactive and open to others where you can share your experiences with the other people connected through Social media. What a way to hang out with your friends through virtual reality? Social media platforms through virtual reality are enough to turn your previous experiences upside down.

Dangers & Disadvantages of Virtual Reality

There is always a twist in the story that further thickens the plot. When it’s virtual, there is got to be some bad associated with this technological revolution. As said, this technological change is still undergoing. Some flaws need a correction; some disadvantages of Virtual reality are lined up here.

1. Virtual Reality Isolates you in Real Life

Let’s face the ultimate fact capable enough to help us understand what lies ahead of Virtual Reality. The more time spent in the virtual world, the more isolated one would feel. Being less friendly in society means you would have to struggle to express yourself publically and in private life. As a human, an ideal relationship between humans is developed through interpersonal connections. Be it your family or friends, dangers of Virtual Reality lurk around in the form of disconnecting you entirely from the real world.

2. VR Might Cause Eye Strain

Let's talk in terms of health now, which is also quite distressing to eyes. VR headsets are the closest to your eyes that contain two small LCD monitors, projected at both eyes. Thence, putting you at risk of multiple eye disorders, VR headsets, if used for long periods, can lead to the most common problem, which is Eye strain. It occurs due to focusing on one object for an extended period, as in watching a long movie or staring at your computer or smartphone all day.

3. Limited Educational Flexibility

If a class depends solely on a software-based simulation, this deteriorates the mental capacity and flexibility of students. The verbal interaction reduces between instructors and students where answers are predetermined, and no cross-questions are put up. When both the teacher and students are following programmed instructions and guidelines, the real-time interaction reaches its detrimental state. One should keep in mind that education can't stay limited to programmed software only.

4. Virtual Reality Can be Glitchy

A machine is a machine that can falter at any time and moment. A programmed software can go wrong any minute, which is cumbersome for all types of users, whether students or gamers. Fixing or patching the fault may take time and also cost you more than usual. Now, assume you have a test the next morning, and your headset goes dysfunctional at the 11th hour.

5. VR is Addictive like drug

Users who have VR headsets already will most possibly understand the pain of going through this addiction. As you spend more into the real world, this not only cuts you from reality but also makes you addicted to VR. You’ll never know how many hours you have piled up playing your video games and how much time you have wasted already. You should remind yourself that it is not happening in actual; it is all virtual. It is time to come back to reality.

What’s Next?

Precautionary steps are hard to decide where you know that this technology is continually evolving. Given the fact that VR paves a path for medical sector architectural sectors, it can’t be demonized for the disadvantages you have upfront. To balance the equation, you have to put a number in the right place, thinking of putting VR into educational and other creative sectors sound like a good idea.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Virtual Reality

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the pros and cons of virtual reality?

Pros: Better and real-time experience of the world, Improved Education, Helpful to military and PTSD patients. Cons: User can get Isolated from society and family, Students and gamers may get addicted to VR technology. Any technical fault can cost you time and money.

Are virtual reality headsets bad for you?

Overuse of VR Headsets can cause you headaches, eye strain, dizziness, and nausea. These symptoms are invoked by the VR illusion, which makes the eyes focus on objects in the distance, which are actually on a screen just centimeter away.

Does VR hurt your brain?

VR headset places the screen closest to your eyes which may result in hallucinations. This is because the screen is placed closer than the threshold distance recommended for electronic devices. This may also result in eye damage.

Can virtual reality make you sick?

VR games that include body movement and gestures may also damage or strain your muscles if played for too long. Virtual reality (VR) headsets if used over a long period, can make you feel heaviness and dizziness while playing.

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