Advantages and Disadvantages of Mosquito Coil

Mosquito coils are the commonly used mosquito repellent that are used to prevent mosquito bites and dangerous diseases. The material that helps burn the mosquito repellent coils is Pyrethrum Powder. Good at keeping mosquitoes away from you; how do Mosquito coils affect human health and nature. These Advantages and Disadvantages of Mosquito Coil discuss further.

Why Mosquito Repellent Coils?

Mosquitos have a specific sense of smell and are better than humans at smelling from a distance. Humans emanate a different kind of smell that mosquitoes and insects can identify easily. The rest is done by the air that helps mosquitoes track you down even in the darkness.

How does mosquito coil work?

Mosquito coils use insecticide compounds commonly used for protection against dangerous mosquito bites and prevent humans from coming into contact. The mosquito coil works in two ways, the potent aroma in the air disturbs mosquitoes tracking sense, while insecticides burning in the air help kill the mosquitoes.

Advantages of Mosquito Coil and Repellent Incense Sticks

Mosquito coils are excellent mosquito repellents that can help you prevent mosquito bites keeping your family safe. Place it in the corner of your house, and the mosquitoes sitting here and there would eventually run out of space and leave the territory. Some other advantages of mosquito coil repellents are the reasons why you can opt for this easy option.

1. Cheaper Option

Mosquito coil is the cheapest option to stay away from infectious diseases like malaria and Dengue. The incense sticks and Mosquito coils are both based on aromatic effect and insecticides that drive away or kill mosquitoes. The smoke emanating from the coil infused with insecticides is enough to prevent small insects other than mosquitoes.

2. Lasts Longer

An average Mosquito coil lasts up to 8-10 hours that ensures you can sleep carefree as the bloodsuckers won’t be able to trouble you. Besides being cheaper, Mosquito Repellent Coils also burns for longer period. These coil are shaped and designed in such a way (spiral shape) that the smoke reaches wider area after burning.

3. Widely used

The centuries-old formula Pyrethrum was used in Persia and Europe as insecticides. Now, mosquito coils based on this compound are widely used in Asia, Africa, South America, Canada and Australia.

Mosquito coils are infused with natural ingredients which have been used for a long time as a reliable method to prevent mosquito bites. With regular and balanced use, mosquito coils are unlikely to be a health risk.

4. Good alternative to Oils, Gels, Body sprays, and Creams

Mosquito coil is a better alternative to oils and creams used to repel mosquito bites. Applying oil and repellent creams sounds like a good idea for many people and babies; nobody actually knows about the unprecedented effects of application on their skin.

Since ointments and solutions come in direct contact with your skin, you and your kids are more likely to consume the chemicals orally, which may pose a health risk. Mosquito coil, on the other hand, are safer than repellent creams and solutions.

The Disadvantages of Mosquito Coil Repellent

Given the benefits, burning the Mosquito coil has its downsides too. There are growing concerns about the adverse health effects associated with the burning of mosquito coils indoors. The insecticide compounds are generally considered safe, but the residual smoke and dust produced from a smouldering mosquito coil pose the greatest risk. Here are a few other Disadvantages of the Mosquito coil that make its use more arguable.

1. Health Implications due to emissions

Studies suggest that burning mosquito coils indoors generates smoke that can control mosquitoes effectively but poses risks to the inhabitants at the same time. The smoke may contain pollutants of a health concern as the coil releases toxic, carcinogenic elements that may lead to acute and chronic health risks. Burning one mosquito coil would release the same amount of mass as burning 75-137 cigarettes.

2. Physical Accidents

Mosquito Coils come with a holder or stand, which you can place anywhere depending on your bed location and effectiveness. You’d probably want to put the coil where the mosquito population is the highest. But, placing the combustible repellent near a flammable object may turn accidental.

Coil burns slowly, and once lit, its tip keeps smouldering and can burn any flammable object having ignition temperature. Use of wooden stands is not recommended with Mosquito coils as wood may catch fire easily within 7-12 hours.

3. Irritation and breathing issues

Staying in a closed room for hours with a lit mosquito coil risks your health in many ways. The smoke produced by the coil can start irritating your eyes and nostrils if your room doesn’t have a proper ventilation system.

The fine dust that collects on the floor is even dangerous for humans as they inhale the fumes travelling inside the room. This dust may turn hazardous for the lungs and respiratory system.

Is Mosquito Coil Effective against Mosquitoes?

To some extent, Yes, but if the place is overcrowded with mosquitoes or it’s closed from every direction, using Mosquito coil would certainly add more problems rather than repelling mosquitoes.

Additional Tips for Parents

  • Mind placing a coil inside your baby’s room as the smoke from coils can damage small lungs and lead to severe effects on the baby’s health.
  • Never place a mosquito coil in a closed environment.
  • Remember, with mosquito coil burn many insecticides, avoid inhaling the smoke directly to prevent respiratory disorders.
  • Place the coil in a safe place where kids can’t reach it.
  • Unattended areas in and around the house are the breeding points for mosquitoes. Keep the vicinity clear of the stored water or garbage.


Although the health risks from using the mosquito coil are low when considered the safer side, the coil does help you prevent severe illnesses like Malaria and Dengue. More studies are underway to evaluate further the Advantages and Disadvantages of Mosquito Coil. As of now, safety from mosquitoes at a low cost seems like a handy option. Just make sure the room is equipped with vents and windows to expel the excess amount of smoke and matter.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Mosquito Coil

Frequently Asked Questions

Are mosquito coils harmful?

Mosquito coils and incense sticks smoke is not only damaging to the respiratory system but can also cause cancer. “Smoking 100 cigarettes in a closed room by burning one mosquito coil.” Sandeep Salvi, The Director of Chest Research Foundation, Pune.

Can you get sick from mosquito coils?

Mosquito coils resemble citronella candles in that they create smoke that mosquitoes find confusing. The insecticide allethrin is present in the coils. However, several recent research projects demonstrate that smoke can be harmful to the lungs, mainly when utilized indoors, as they frequently are in South Asia.

Can you sleep with mosquito coil?

Mosquito coils are frequently used overnight in sleeping quarters where high mosquito exposure is likely. Children and their parents are frequently exposed to this chemically complex mosquito coil smoke, which includes tiny particles (1 μm) and metal fumes and vapors that can reach the alveolar region of the lung.

Is Mosquito Coil harmful to babies?

The burning coil, which is constantly burning throughout the night to keep out any nasties and mosquitoes, may cause suffocation in young animals if the doors and windows are shut during the night. Though they are safe for babies over two months old, it is not advised to use them for youngsters less than that age.

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