Advantages and Disadvantages of 5G Network

As soon as 5G has hit the market, smartphone companies have started launching upgraded devices to match the fifth-generation standards. The lightning-fast speed technology is on the market-watch now as the Advantages and Disadvantages of 5G Network grow debatable. 5G may still be a while away from reaching everyone; it is important to start learning about this technology. Considering the uses and potential downsides, benefits, and drawbacks of 5G network are something worth tending to.

What is 5G? – Let's have a look

5G refers to the fifth generation technology standard for broadband cellular networks. Many Cellular phone companies began deploying this standard in 2019 worldwide. Currently, most users rely on the 4G networks, which provide connectivity to most current phones. Like, every new generation of wireless, 5G is significantly faster and more capable than its predecessors mentioned below.

  • 1G – Analog Phone Calls
  • 2G – Digital Phone Calls & Messaging
  • 3G – Phone Calls, Messaging & Data
  • 4G – Phone Calls, Messaging & Data, Voice Messages with Enhanced Speed

How does 5G Network work?

The 5G network is based on the combination of wireless technologies like GSM, Wi-Fi, LTE, VoLTE, etc. which incorporates new radio access technologies.

The Millimeter Waves– Communication over handsets is carried out through radiofrequency generally, under 6GHz. However, if more and more devices come online, the traffic eventually reduces the speed and more and more connections drop. To curb this problem, this frequency is now increased to 24-90GHz.

Thus, with the increased spectrum, 5G enables a new kind of network built to connect virtually everyone and everything together, including machines, objects, and devices smoothly. This technology has been designed with an extended capacity to enable next-generation user experiences and deliver better mobile services.

What are the Advantages of 5G Network?

Better speed certainly sums up things great at first; less number of dropped connections, smoother transmission, and stable connections are the possible benefits of 5G network. Some of the key advantages of 5G network are elaborated below.

1. Improved Bandwidth

With better bandwidth of 5g network, users will be able to consume voice and data services smoothly. In simpler words, when bandwidth swill increase, users will have more space available to stream and download data without any hassles. Remember the days when people had to wait while YouTube videos too time to buffer. So, with the launch of 5G technology, the problem would be history.

2. Tremendous Speeds

Impeccable transmission speed is probably one of the greatest advantages of 5G network. A 5G tower installed in your vicinity will let you access internet services at a much faster rate, and you can download HD programs within minutes. People have to struggle with 3G and 4G speeds. Access to high definition content will be much easier because of the increased speed, as the 5G bandwidth will have the least network congestions.

3. Less tower obstruction

Tower obstructions is the most common problem with current 4G LTE technology. Many users have to rely on tower signals that tend to get jammed hence affecting the influence capacity. However, on the 5G network, this will no longer be an issue as there will be no tower conflicts. This means 5G Network benefits users with more bandwidth capacity as they can access internet-based services without any obstructions. Tower obstructions is the most common problem with current 4G LTE technology. Many users have to rely on tower signals that tend to get jammed hence affecting the influence capacity. However, on the 5G network, this will no longer be an issue as there will be no tower conflicts. This means 5G Network benefits users with more bandwidth capacity as they can access internet-based services without any obstructions.

4. Connect PCs with handsets

An advanced fifth-generation network will be much better than dedicated internet access points, and users can save their money on extra bills. Users can use their cell phones as internet access points and simultaneously use the 5G bandwidth for multiple devices. With the least transmission-related hindrances, the 5G network will be as smooth and effective for multiple devices for your home or office.

5. Technological Advancements

Think of the big picture, greater possibilities lead to greater inventions. The Internet of Things (IoT) will be at your fingertips from the health to finance sectors. More technological advancements will open doors for more smart device inventions based on VR and Artificial intelligence that were not available in the past.

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What are the Disadvantages of 5G Network?

It’s obvious that two moving two steps ahead certainly pushes the world a step back in different ways. These disadvantages of 5G network are more likely to affect consumers in the coming times.

1. 5G Disadvantages in Healthcare

There's a range of debates about alleged health risks due to 5G's higher radio frequencies (RF). Network carriers continue to spray the bright side of the 5G network. Still, according to a recent National Toxicology Program study, high levels of cell phone radiation on male rats came up with 6% increased carcinogenic activity. However, the radiation emanating from networks was not part of the study.

Dr. Jeffrey Shuren, director of the FDA's Center for Devices and Radiological Health, said, "The totality of the available scientific evidence continues to not support adverse health effects in humans due to such exposures. This debate still needs compelling evidences whether 5G disadvantages in healthcare are worth are considerable or not.

2. Additional Cost

Think of establishing new 5G network equipment, infrastructure improvements, and maintenance costs to be incurred by telecom companies. All these expenses would somehow ultimately add up the cost for consumers. Better services mean users will have to spend much more to avail high-end 5G technology.

3. Broadcast Distance

The 5G network is speculated to be effective in the populated areas only. Another disadvantage of 5G network is that the frequency waves can only transfer to a short distance. For example, Wi-Fi does not travel as far as 2.4 GHz WI-Fi, and 5G cellular will not be able to travel as far from the tower.

Also, the millimeter 5G waves will only transfer linearly with the capability to see the tower. This, ultimately sums up that more buildings, trees, walls, and other obstructions will block or disturb the high-frequency signal. Abnormal weather conditions are also another nightmare for 5G technology.

4. Battery drain and device overheating

5G network disadvantages include toiling down the user’s mobile battery. Phone manufacturers have to figure out a superior battery technology to cope with the drainage issues surfacing due to high-frequency consumption.

When cellular phone looks for a new access point or the device network antenna consumes more battery than usual. Therefore, less 5G network coverage would eventually deplete the mobile battery. Users are also expected to face device overheating issues after running their phones on 5G connections overtime.

5. Upload speeds will consume more data

Data transmits through a dual-channel while users search for something on the internet. Current technology offers download speeds as high as 1.9 Gbps with a maximum upload speed of 100mbps. Given that 5G network speed is blistering and is costlier than the previous ones, data transmission will also be more during a small internet transaction.

6. Coverage issues in Rural Areas

As of now, 5G network is a dream come true for the urban areas. As per the speculations, carriers will deploy 5G towers in densely populated areas to provide impeccable data and voice services. In contrast, those dwelling in the rural areas will not likely have the benefits of 5G Network. At present, numerous remote areas lack access to any form of cellular connectivity whatsoever.

The Bottom Line

Ultimately, there are both Advantages and Disadvantages of 5G Network for users and telecom companies. Both rural and urban residents would have their concerns over cost and availability, respectively. Meanwhile, technology companies are making their efforts to overcome the expected disadvantages of 5G network. Hopefully, there is going to be a way out of it too.

Advantages and Disadvantages of 5G Network

Frequently Asked Questions

Is 5G bad for privacy?

Some people are concerned that 5G networks will have adverse health effects, such as increased radiation levels that could make us ill. However, there is no concrete evidence to support these fears.

How will 5G affect my phone?

By upgrading to NGMT, you can expect a drastic improvement in network reception and internet speed. This will be especially noticeable when using multiplayer games, live video calls, and other bandwidth-intensive applications.

Is 5G safe from hackers?

5G networks are vulnerable to hackers who could crash the networks and steal your data. You should be able to learn about security vulnerabilities and how to protect yourself.

Can 5G phones spy on you?

The security benefits you miss while on a non-standalone 5G network extend beyond stingrays. You're potentially susceptible to tracking, eavesdropping, and so-called downgrade attacks that can push your device onto an older, more vulnerable data network.

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