The Pros and Cons of Internet

We have come to a point where you don’t have to ask others what the Internet is. The soaring demand for web-based technology has made the Internet a helpful tool for everyone. Pioneering in the Education, learning, financial, and industrial sectors, this technology has formed the base for every nation.

The Internet has seemingly become a more beneficial mode of survival for individuals and businesses. The pros and cons of internet use outlay the significant benefits and possible disadvantages we have seen so far and expect in the future.

What are the Pros of Internet Use and its noticed benefits?

Many were unfamiliar with this term about a couple of decades ago, neither did they imagine that someday, solutions for every problem would be easy to find online. Here are the concrete reasons contributing to the benefits of Internet for every 21st-century human.

In Discussion - Pros of Internet Use

  • Benefits of Internet on Education Sector
  • Pros of Internet Media for Business
  • Advantages of Internet for Society
  • Pros of Internet of Things

1. Source of Information

Everyone needs reliable information that is well-researched and presented as per your need. Oceans of explorable information add to your knowledge base, strengthening your confidence. This capability of delivering instant information is one of the significant benefits of internet technology.

The internet has grown vastly to serve the education, research, and development sectors for professionals. Whatever you need to know about, type in or ask the voice to obtain the results. Online sources like Wikipedia deliver immense knowledge and educational content to worldwide users, whether students or professionals.

2. Benefits of Internet in Education and Learning Sector

The UK has a high literacy rate of over 99% among students aged 15 and older, all credit to internet technology. Opening up vast new opportunities in literacy, the Internet has provided people with an alternative to books.

Via online learning methods, children have many more opportunities to read and write for numerous purposes. Digital reading, including e-books, emails, blogs, and apps, is more accessible than conventional learning methods.

With advanced and hi-tech learning systems, institutions have been able to educate kids better than ever before. According to UNESCO, 750 million adults (two-thirds of whom are women), including 102 million people between the ages of 15 and 24, cannot read or write. These figures arrive from the remote countries of Africa and Asia.

Internet media has curbed this geographic limitation so far as more education providers switch to online learning methods to promote education among far-flung areas of the world. The Internet aims to free education, given that the full availability of millions of education portals doubtlessly adds to the advantages of internet use.

3. Pros of Internet Technology-From Employee to Customers

Every small-scale and major firm recruits the rightly eligible candidates through online job portals. Revolutionizing the corporate world, Internet has paved the obstacle-free route for employees and employers, reducing the hassles of the recruitment process and cutting the expenses.

Now Human Resources are capable enough to fetch the qualified applicants, and prospective candidates can apply for the jobs they deserve. These Pros of Internet in the jobs sector navigate many youngsters towards a successful career.

The Web has opened ways for companies to share their business and promote their products & services to maximize their outreach through globalization. With cutting overhead of manual processing and paperwork, web-based automated systems have come as one of the considerable benefits of Internet simplifying communication process, transit system, and business flow, limiting margin for human error.

4. Work From Home

The Web has ended the old conventional methods of employment by replacing new techniques of hiring new professionals. You don’t have to await a call for an interview anymore, spending days fixing an appointment. Enabling employees to work from home is one of the reapable benefits of Internet for business firms resulting in economic growth and productivity. For corporations, the pros are eliminating daily expenses on the commute, costs on utility, and other work-related activities.

Recruiters can online interview a candidate and assign work to them per their location, flexibility, and availability. Work from home has also turned advantageous for overseas employees and employers as its cost-effective since eliminating the Transport and HR allowances.

According to the US census, around 8 million workers in America work from home, earning more than ones who commute to work daily. Skills should be recognized in a person rather than documented achievements. Work from home empowers homemakers, retirees, students, and freelancers to pursue their dreamful career further by connecting online.

5. Pros of Internet-People can socialize more

Remember how painstakingly difficult it was to communicate through postcards and letters. Social media platforms have made it possible for people to share and interact with their loved ones despite physical distance.

You can easily connect with friends, families, and associates through online forums and social media applications. Internet has tremendously configured the way we communicate and share your opinions using different forums and groups to voice your concerns and reach the eyes.

Social Media for Business Marketing, such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, is an easy way for service providers to target customers and promote services. Today, every company knows how significant socializing is to boom business and drive customers without spending much on advertising firms.

6. Ability to Earn Money Online

Social Media Marketing is one of the reliable tools for individuals and companies to earn big-time profits. Apart from promotions, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube are reliable sources of income for many professionals; many such professionals switch to video blogging because of these pros of internet use.

Millions of campaigners and influencers have boosted their income through blogging and affiliate marketing, showcasing their skills through Google affiliates program in digital marketing, video blogging, and independent artists’ haven such as Tumblr.

If you are a business or individuals want to sell products and services, then nothing is as a better place as Internet to look for potential customers. Connecting your website and sharing your services to the global audience makes it easier for you to earn as compared to the localized retail market.

You have 24/7 access to prospective buyers through the web and advertise what you are selling.

7. Accuracy through GPS

You don’t have to rely on a printed map or others to ask for directions while traveling somewhere. The invention of GPS (Global Positioning System) has significantly secured the environment you live in. Latest navigation and tracking system ensure personal safety with true and accurate information on the whereabouts of your kids or parents.

GPS is undeniably one of the appreciated advantages of Internet technology in terms of the safety of your vehicle and family members. With internet-enabled phones, your phones are double secure against data theft. Now, you can track your kids’ location using maps and online tracking applications. GPS helps the medical team respond faster to a 911 emergency call even in the case of road rage.

It’s way simpler to look for a particular service using your GPS in and around your area. Browsing for an electrician or painter shop takes you a few seconds. The Internet saves you from the cumbersome search in the telephone directory and looking for available service providers.

8. Pros of Internet as Convenience to Seniors

Online bill payment and banking systems have eliminated the health and risks for older adults. It’s more difficult for seniors to hold a spot in long queues at the registration centers, payment offices, booking offices, etc. Instant access to accounts using online banking and payment gateways has proved to be more beneficial for independent seniors.

Web-based concepts have also helped senior citizens catch up with the rapidly-pacing generation of this century by invoking the learning traits among elderly citizens. One of the significant benefits of internet use for older adults is bridging the generation gap.

Let’s not forget that all the Benefits of Internet for adults mentioned above fit perfectly in the picture.

9. Entertainment for every age

Entertainment has become an integral aspect of humans, and when it’s about the internet, it’s all about amusement for most of the internet users. Entertainment is the sole reason why people blow off the steam at online portals with oceans of songs, drama series, and endless lists of movies. Numerous websites offer a free service to users to watch online movies.

So many people love to binge-watch (45% people of the global population watch online videos) movies and web series on platforms like Netflix (1 billion users a week). A board genre of shows and live content serves one and only one purpose, entertainment. You can find age-specific videos and content on different online entertainment platforms such as YouTube, anywhere, and anytime.

Playing online games is the other sort of entertainment people are drawn to. In 2018, the online gaming industry generated $135 billion, which is expected to hit $180 billion by 2021.

10. Internet of Things (IoT)

For those who are less familiar with the term IoT (Internet of Things), just assemble electronic things to build a structure based on Internet framework, for Internet users, to use the Internet services. Add mobile phones, everyday objects such as modems, routers, websites, WiFi, computers, and every internet-enabled device.

Internet of Things has formed the backbone for every economy, making its way into Healthcare, Transportation, manufacturing, and Hospitality sectors. The reason why you are reading here is live and prominent proof of IoT, which also tops the chart of pros of internet technology.

Cons of Internet Use (Ill effects and Disadvantages of Internet)

Though the 21st-century invention has led to a tremendous change in human living standards, it has its disadvantages. Let’s look further into what contributes to the cons of Internet technology. These Disadvantages of Internet vary from common issues to severe ones.

Common Disadvantages of Internet in today’s world are:

  • Data Theft
  • Identity Theft
  • Trolling
  • Cyberbullying
  • Pornography and violence
  • Addiction to online media
  • Fake News and Spams
  • Irrelevant Advertising

1. Cons of Internet for Kids

Today’s kids have learned to acclimate to a digital environment from an early age that they are familiar with the use of smartphones and tablets. Online media can influence children on how to think, process, perceive, and learn.

Stats show that almost 75% of teens own smartphones accessing online apps, games, and other content. 25% of teenagers admit to staying connected online constantly. All the teenagers have at least one social media account where they spend at least 5 hours a day on their smartphones.

Children overuse online services through a smartphone are at risk of several disorders such as obesity, sleep deprivation, eating problems, and behavioral changes. Availability of explicit content is one of the concerning Disadvantages of Internet for kids provided there are lots of websites that post adult or obscene material online.

2. Disadvantages of Internet for Students

According to the European Problematic Use of Internet PUI research network, students overusing internet are at risk of damaging cognitive development.

Prolonged exposure to internet-enabled media and other services can adversely impact memory skills development, attention span, critical reasoning ability, reading, and learning abilities. Cementing evidence is, however, needed to draw more firm conclusions.

Lack of concentration on studies is one of the most considerable cons of internet technology for students so far. Staying online for too many hours is the easiest way of distraction from your reviews. Students use entertainment media concurrently with other school activities at home, which may negatively affect their grades.

3. Disadvantages of Internet for Society

According to the reports published by Martin Hilbert in Science (Hilbert and López 2011), 95% of all the information on the planet is digital, and most of it is accessible online. Given that the information circulates on the internet faster than any other media, unscrupulous elements use online platforms to defame other societies.

Internet media has both benefits and drawbacks for society. Hoax or false data can cause unrest among different sections of society, leading to dangerous outcomes. Misusing the internet for spreading hate and terrorism, are two significantly grave scenarios to deal with.

Some websites employ unfair tactics by providing insufficient or fabricated news to grab users’ attention disregarding the negative impacts on social and cultural concerns. These adverse effects can be categorized as harmful to individuals, to social structures and institutions, and equality and social inclusion.

4. Cons of Internet on Older Adults

Internet safety is as concerning for seniors as it is for kids and students. Though many senior users have adequate computer proficiency, some are still slow to catch up with the basics of dos a don’ts. This slow speed makes them easier targets for automated Internet scams through web and email programs.

Lack of internet knowledge can make senior citizens more vulnerable to fall for online scams as they cannot distinguish between the legit and criminals.

Seniors have never experienced an online environment and merely can judge whether the website or service offered is genuine or bait to steal money.

For instance, an antivirus lookalike Pop-up ad is enough to fool you that asks you for a download at hefty costs. This program may contain a virus, and once you install it, all your private information will be transmitted to hackers you sent it on your computer.

Generally, scammers and phishing attackers target victims who are above 65. Older adults, as compared to their younger counterparts, don’t spot the little differences between the genuine and imposters.

5. Concerns of Cyber Safety for Women

Women’s safety at workplace or social media has been one of the most debated disadvantages of Internet ever since its use sprawled. A numerous cased of women becoming victims of cybercrimes are now surfacing up As per the latest study, more young women are known to use the Internet to strengthen their relationships compared to men. Aged between 18 and 24 years, women experience different types of harassment as compared to their male counterparts. Online stalkers have approached 26 % of these young women, and 25% were sexually harassed on social media.

The growing use of the Internet and the circulation of private information through mobile devices has presented new opportunities for disturbing elements to put some women at risk.

Women’s safety at work is under scrutiny as easy targets for harassers through explicit or pornographic images, emails, and posters.

6. Disadvantages of Internet for Business

Every business process relies extensively on the online framework. However, a small technical glitch or human negligence in the work system can jeopardize the workflow for a business organization.

Companies use online platforms for two prime reasons, namely marketing and communication. As a business firm, online marketing is a powerful tool to enhance your outreach. Customers and clients are valuable assets that need to be satisfied with your incessant services. Negative feedback can spoil your brand value and goodwill in the competitive market.

Given today’s communication process majorly takes place through online applications and modes, the company’s official data is prone to leakage due to intrusion or invasive actions from inside or outside the organization. An intrusive act can also put employees’ details at risk of exposure.

Controversial arguments have flared up everywhere on the use of the Zoom Conferencing App lately. Hackers using a virus to access employees’ data incident selling it online became one of the most concerning incident for leading organizations and countries.

7. Dangers of Using Internet on Economy

With shifts in the global economy, people are more drawn towards generating passive income, such as Bitcoin. Till 12-05-2020, 1 Bitcoin commensurated to approx. 9083 USD, which is predicted to grow stronger with more investors linking with the chain. This is a blockchain network where nobody knows who owns the Bitcoin market.

Since this P2P network is operated on the internet entirely, it doesn’t guarantee assured payback even though millions of users have invested in the trade market. This blockchain relies on a network of computer nodes and keeps growing with the number of nodes.

With more and more people investing in digital currency, the threat of financial loss also hovers over the developed economies. According to the CEO of Digital Currency Group, Barry Silbert, "It’s a higher-risk higher-return."

Many individuals trading in Bitcoins don’t follow regulatory methods for mining operations. They buy and sell BTC on different virtual markets known as bitcoin exchanges. These markets are subject to risk from hackers, malware, or technical faults since every little information resides online.

Worst-case scenario, if you own BTC and someone gains unauthorized access to your computer. He may steal your private information and transfer your bitcoins to another account.

What adds up?

What’s required upfront is computer and Internet literacy for everyone before using social media, online payment systems, and awareness to keep looming threats at bay. Internet surely is one of the smartest inventions that has helped us lead a simplified life, and holds more possibilities for us in the future.

The Pros and Cons of Internet

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of internet?

Some of the major advantages of using internet are a robust banking system, better communication methods, and cheaper education.

What are the disadvantages of Internet?

Kids and teenagers spend more time on Internet that easily averting attention from studies and wasting time in the things that don't matter. Adults using online services and websites are easily approached by hackers due to a lack of internet literacy. Women using social media are easily targeted by online stalkers. Shaming and trolling have become a trend for people sharing their personal or professional life online.

Why is internet useful?

If we use this medium for the good, Internet can simplify our lives in many different ways than we imagined. Being a Universal source of knowledge, the Web can empower the less educated to self-improvement, bring about social transformation, and contribute to overall socio-economic development.

Is Internet harmful or useful?

The web holds the answer from both ends, it empowers your knowledge you, connects you with people, lets you grow your business, reduces the daily life hassles, and makes life easier. On the other hand, Internet is where information about millions of people is at risk of exposure or theft. Unwanted people can intrude on your privacy and even steal your private or financial information.

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