Advantages and Disadvantages of Covid-19 Tracker App

Where countries are putting together efforts to find a definitive solution to COVID-19, some have sought digital aide to mitigate the widespread of this pandemic. Students, Professionals, and researchers have developed mobile apps that can assist you to spot affected patients. How these apps are coming to effect, and what are their limitations, uses, and benefits?

Every Coronavirus Tracker App works on a similar method by which you can identify the contacts who may have been infected. These apps utilize the data collected based on the user’s geolocation, phone number, health status, etc.

List of Coronavirus Tracking App Developed Lately

1. Close Contact Detector App - China

Official App launched by the Chinese Government to monitor the population. According to Xinhua, a health transport authority, this app is jointly developed by the Government & Chinese Electronics Technology Group.

Advantages of Coronavirus Tracker App – Close Contact Detector

  • Users can know if they have been near a person suspected to be affected by COVID-19.
  • You can scan a QR code on your smart devices to get registered.
  • After registration, you can use your Id number, Name, and Phone number to check the status of at least 3 people using by entering their respective Id numbers.
  • Users can use the Close Contact Detector through Alipay or WeChat.

Disadvantages of COVID-19 Tracker App – CCD (China)

Even though this app is used in more than 200 Chinese cities at the moment, there are some privacy concerns including:

  • Access to personal information and geographical location.
  • User’s data exposure.

2. Trace Together App– Singapore

The TraceTogether App is released by the Singapore Government Agency to help track possible infected cases of COVID-19. This Coronavirus Tracking App is designed by SGUnited, GovTech, and the Ministry of Health of Singapore.

Advantages of COVID-19 Tracking App Tracetogether

Tracetogether App simplifies the complex process of tracking your last activities in the past 14 days which is not possible if done manually.

  • You can use this app through Bluetooth and identify other nearby phones with the app installed.
  • This app lets you recognize the close contacts and encounters you had with others.
  • You can launch this through 4 simple steps which are, Registering your Mobile number, enabling your push notification, and Turning Bluetooth on.
  • Your personal information remains confidential for 21 days and can’t be accessed by anyone (including government authorities).
  • In case you are identified as infected, only then will your details be accessed.

Disadvantages of Coronavirus Tracking App-Trace Together

The only apparent drawback of tracetogether app for Coronavirus tracking is that it uses your phone’s Bluetooth. Some devices may not be visible to other phones even if they are staying in the vicinity.

  • Identifying an infected person is more difficult when the other person has not a Bluetooth-enabled phone or is having no smartphone at all.
  • A problem may also arise if other users have not made their Bluetooth visibility detectable to nearby devices.

3. eRouška (eFacemask) COVID-19 App – Czech Republic

Inspired by Singapore, this Coronavirus app is developed as an open-source application by a Local IT Company in the Czech Republic to detect and prevent COVID-19 infections.

Pros and Cons of COVID-19 app eFacemask

eFacemask is similar to that of Trace Together developed by Singapore.

4. COVID Symptom Tracker App-UK

COVID Symptom Tracker app UK is designed for Apple devices to slow the spread of COVID-19 by self-reporting your symptoms daily. Contributing to data gathering on Coronavirus, this app is capable to spot your symptoms even if you feel well despite being infected.

This app is the second most downloaded app in the UK while the government is all set to launch its official contact-tracing app (allying with Apple and Google) to track the spread.

Advantages of COVID Symptom Tracker App

  • It is the easiest tool to predict COVID-19 symptoms even if you don’t exhibit any.
  • COVID Symptom Tracker App takes less time to load and run.
  • You can keep track of your health as well as the ones near you.
  • It keeps you updated with a centralized database of cases found so far nation-wide.

Disadvantages of the COVID Symptom Tracker App

  • Many users have found this app buggy and had reported login issues.
  • COVID Symptom Tracker App also falls short of being incredibly helpful to scientists and data analysts.
  • This app seems inadequate to find out symptoms in the patients who were affected by Coronavirus earlier and recovered later.

Major Disadvantages of the COVID-19 Tracker App

  • With more stress out on users’ privacy and the widespread of the pandemic, Mountains of user data are on the edge of exposure.
  • Some privacy campaigners have objected to the bulk of their details by the government authorities.
  • On the flip side, even the leading nations have no further provisions or backup continuity plan for handling bulk user data which may lead to critical server issues like data handling and redundancies.
  • Where many believe that Coronavirus Tracking apps are an effective tool to mitigate the outbreak, technologists also warn that apps may not be as effective as actually testing the population.


Given the circumstances and little time to deal with the pandemic, every effort, and every breakthrough is a high priority. Many countries have hinted to collaborate with tech giants to prevent the further spread of coronavirus disease. Prevention is better than cure, and smartphones are what everyone has at their disposal to safeguard from infection easily.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Covid-19 Tracker App

Frequently Asked Questions

How useful are mobile Apps to prevent the spread of coronavirus disease?

A smartphone app can help you keep track of possible contacts you have made recently. You can also receive updates and statistics, besides, following the guidelines issued by the health department you can educate yourself about the basic dos and don'ts to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

What does a COVID-19 App do?

The most basic use of COVID-19 Apps is contact tracing and assisting users to contact the appropriate authority upon detection of the infection. Many Apps also provide a live status of the spread such as the number of cases so far, cured, and uncured patients.

How accurate are the mobile apps to fight coronavirus?

The data that is presented through mobile apps, is linked to servers directly that ensures its accuracy and correctness. Governments have authorized control over these official apps to enable the public to stay alert and ring an alarm in case the infection spreads. Many mobile apps have established direct helpline links to assist users to communicate. with the respective authorities.

What is the pitfall of COVID-19 Apps?

You can not always rely on technology all the time. Health Experts and technologists suggest that an app is not enough to solve the real-time problems faced in spotting patients and testing them.

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