From virtual to real social life, from manual to digital, from postcards to emails, from kids to older adults; How the WWW has reshaped the global framework.

Humans in today's age are reliant on online services and Internet-enabled systems. Without this powerful tool, life would have been a lot different today. In developed countries, banking and business firms utilize Internet services to carry out transactions. One can imagine the setbacks in global economy if someday the Internet just stops working all of a sudden.

The advancement brought by online platforms has led to substantial changes in the real world moving work processes from manual to electronic. Paperless and cashless transactions are worth appreciation. The greatest use of Internet is it opens a broad world of information and knowledge delivering relevant data to you within a few seconds. You can multitask checking emails, communicating with your associates while paying your pending bills through online payment portals. There are a lot more options if you can imagine.

Search engines like Google and Yahoo have opened information framework for people despite the physical barriers. Internet has smoothened every process that seemed unachievable years ago, however its implementation and use have also raised questions on security. Different socializing platforms have flooded the virtual world introducing numerous apps. Given, it’s accessible by anyone anywhere, we are unaware as yet who can misuse steal user’s information residing on social media platforms.

News, knowledge, media, and entertainment; there are different reasons why people want to stay connected to each other via different media and applications. This section looks into major advantages and disadvantages of Internet media given its uses, related applications, and their impacts on society.

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