Advantages and Disadvantages of Dream11

It’s totally one-in-a-billion chance to win a crore of rupees in Fantasy cricket apps like Dream11. Can there be any exceptions? The answer is a big yes, but at what cost? Millions of Indian fans play fantasy cricket being couch potatoes. How many of them really take away the money is still a question. As IPL, BBL, CPL, and other leagues fill every year, Dream11 also gives you the chance to invest in football games. The chances that make you more of an investor rather than a blind player depend on how much you earn. Here are some Advantages and Disadvantages of Dream11 before take big risk.

About Dream11 Fantasy Cricket App

Fantasy sports are a growing industry in the US and Canada, with 30 million+ players joining live contests. Dream11 is a Fantasy Cricket app that’s growing famous in India. Like any player, people who are good at predicting the outcome of any game can invest a minimum amount in winning rewards.

The method of playing is simple, you select your favorite players, put them on a team, and win points. The more statistics you accumulate, the more points you earn. Everything is based on individual statistics, and the players who produce the best stats are the best players to have.

How Dream11 works?

Ease of use is one reason why over 10 million users have joined this fantasy cricket app now. It’s simple to know how Dream11 works; Sign up, create your fantasy team, select a match, and join the contest by adding a minimum investment amount. However, there are some key points one should be aware of before playing blindly. More of the details are highlighted in Advantages and Disadvantages of Dream11 App.

What are the Advantage of Dream11?

Even though Dream11 offers plenty of contests for users to sign up and join for free of cost, it’s necessary for you to understand how the contest goes in you favour. Following are the advantages of Dream11 app that seem to attract every player.

1. Easy Money

Most users believe it’s an easy catch getting to invest a little and win a big amount. Monetary benefits of the Dream11 app are major factors why players under 18 also involve in fantasy sports apps like this.You can start playing the fantasy sports match by paying as low as 25 Rs.

Most people would prefer to look for attractive contests in Dream11 because it gives them a better chance of making easy money regularly. Dream11 claims to have awarded up to Rs.25 Lakhs to s user. So if your level of expertise in prediction is optimum, Playing Fantasy Cricket on Dream11 more like a dream come true.

2. Loads of Entertainment

The reason many people are involved in playing Fantasy Cricket is because of the entertainment value it offers. Watching a live game is fun; it even gets more interesting if there is some money involved.

Watching your dream team play can be interesting, but the problem is that your team may not play daily or weekly, and this is where dream11 comes in. When you select a player, you will support that player throughout the game, even if he is not your favorite.

3. Convenience-One of common advantages of Dream11

You can’t play your favorite game every day, but you sure can play fantasy sports on Dream11. With Dream11, it is easy to afford the game and try your expertise at every stage of the game. There are 11 players you get to choose from playing 22, so there’s always something to win.

Select your player, predict the outcome, invest in the player you think will perform today, and win the cash /rewards in the comfort of your home. You need not go anywhere as you sit in a pair of pajamas and earn while enjoying the game.

4. Easy to get started

It’s unbelievably easy to get started and create your Dream11 team today. Visit the Dream11 Official Website, get the official link to download the app, and install it on your smartphone. The next thing to do is signup with Dream11 Official App and select the match in which you find interesting players.

If you are exceptional at predicting, create a team of your favorite players and dive into the contest. You can do it from anywhere and anytime.

5. Dream11 is Authentic

Many may question the credibility of Dream11 as now there are many other platforms based on Fantasy cricket. Not many know that Dream11 is owned by Dream Sports, a sports technology company with other brands such as FanCode, DreamX, DreamSetGo, and DreamPay.

Dream11 is also the official partner of VIVO IPL season 2021. The company’s corporate office is located in Mumbai, Maharashtra. So, if you ever doubt the winnings could be fake, here are the reasons not to believe them. No company big as Dream11 would risk their goodwill because of fake reports.

What are the Disadvantages of Dream11 Fantasy Cricket App?

Where there’s money involved, there come many risks. Unfortunately, playing fantasy cricket or other sports online is like betting. The risks of Playing Dream11 Fantasy cricket include the factors such as addictiveness and monetary loss. Let’s look at some other disadvantages of Dream11 fantasy cricket app.

1. Heavy competition reduce your chances of winning

More and more users have a great and easy option to multiply their money through Dream11. Provided there are lesser age limitations, users from all age groups can signup for the contest.

This leads to heavy competition on the platform, which eventually lowers your chances of winning the contest. There will be millions of people earning a good amount of points efficiently. Even if you win, the amount will be less due to an increased rate of winning.

2. Addiction is one of the concerning disadvantages of Dream11

Similar to online gambling and betting, playing fantasy cricket on dream11 can be addictive. If you lose your money in the first or second game but win in the third one, you usually would go for a fourth try hoping to win.

The dream11 games can be tempting to encourage you to play more, and this type of addictiveness can be fatal for your finances. However, if you consider yourself addicted to playing, and can’t resist the urge, you can do good research on the game you are about to invest in. Doing so would give you a better chance to win.

3. Consecutive Losses Can be Discouraging

Stop playing and wasting your time & money if it’s not your forte. As stated earlier, you’ll have less time to make your predictions and buy players. This means that most of your moves will be based on a hunch rather than in-depth research, which is not a profitable strategy.

With the in-app offers and unique, you are more likely to spend more as the entertainment rushes throughout. You need to be aware of your budget at all times, or you might end up losing more money than you can win. If you losing continuously, that could be more discouraging for you.

4. You can lose money quickly

Although in small amounts, the money you spend on playing Fantasy Cricket could add up to make a huge figure. Given that, dream11, like every other fantasy gaming platform, involves risks. You can lose your money in a quick session of the game if you fail to follow the basic precautions.

5. Cashout Issues

If you manage to win some amount, chances are you won’t be able to withdraw the winnings immediately. The basic verification process and time is taken in doing so are major disadvantages of Dream11 fantasy gaming app.

How long it takes to get your funds will depend on the withdrawal method you use and, to some extent, on your bank account. In case you win a huge sum, your bank would probably scrutinize the process taking at least a couple of days.


For many people staying at home and watching the IPL on TV screens, Dream11 is a source of entertainment and a source of pocket income. Given these Advantages and Disadvantages of the Dream11 App, you can also consider spending your time and money depending on how accurate your predictions go. Otherwise, it’s better to stop when the fun stops.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Dream11

Frequently Asked Questions

Is playing Dream11 good?

According to the Dream11 Customer Feedback page, most customers are dissatisfied with their purchases, with a consumer rating of 1.74 stars and 383 reviews. Dreams rank 25th among fantasy sports sites. The majority of consumers griping about Dream11 say vice-captain is the problem.

Is Dream11 a safe app?

Is it safe to use the Dream11 app? It's completely secure, but don't take our word for it. Dream 11 has over 12 million active users, so sign up now and join the fun.

Why is Dream11 not illegal in India?

On this basis, the Court decided that playing on Dream11 is a game of mere skill, thus making the Dream11 game exempt from the provisions of the Public Gambling Act, 1867.

Can we lose money in Dream11?

Without enough study, players lose money frequently. They frequently squander their money. So, before playing any game, make sure to do extensive research on the players, tournament, ground, history, and rules.

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