Advantages and Disadvantages of Machine Learning

Machine learning is a method to encourage automated use of the system and lead to fewer errors. Artificial Intelligence-based technology lets a program recognize the user by voice and or search. It is considered a technique capable of building human-like AI systems. Sometimes it is also called predictive analytics as the machine uses the statistical data to make predictions. Many technologies based on machine learning are used in daily life, like speech recognition, email filtering, etc.; before technology takes over society, it’s essential to understand the Advantages and Disadvantages of Machine Learning.

The world has to use all the available technology for the greater good of society and the environment. The time isn’t far away when machines could understand human needs better. Electric Cars, Flying cars, Now, Autopilot cars maybe the next.

What are the Advantages of Machine Learning?

Alexa, Google, Cortana, Self-driving cars, and Siri are some well-known real-world examples of the application of machine learning. Being very wide in applications, Machine Learning is now added to professional courses in many universities. The advantages of machine learning will help you spring a positive outlook about this technological advancement.

1. Artificial Intelligence

The future of automation is looking forward to wholly automated artificial intelligence. An advanced AI system will be capable of testing various applications where human needs can be avoided. In robotics, research is being made to build a machine capable of thinking like the human brain.

2. Frequent Upgrades and Improvement

As more and more data is fed to the systems, the output improves consistently. With time and learning, the machine can produce more accurate results without the need for new codes and algorithms. The algorithm analyzes various data statistics and predicts the possible options, and gives the best option according to gained experience.

3. Wide Applications are well-known advantages of Machine Learning

With numerous applications and use, there will be more advantages of machine learning apparently. The fields in which a developed machine learning system can be applied are huge in number. From medical, engineering, aviation, space technology, etc., the use of this technology is unlimited. It will create an environment where once the system is designed, it will be capable of taking appropriate actions without human intervention.

4. Security Upgrades

Most industries are prone to various man-made accidents and mishaps, which can be avoided using the science of machine learning. Moreover, once the system has gained enough experience using recorded data, it can mitigate the risks of errors which becomes the reason for various mechanical and human failures.

5. Sorting bulk data

Whether it's finding the best deals or searching relevant user-based results, computer programs can do the work a lot faster than humans. For example, some jobs may require thousands of humans to sort the data; this process may take as long as a month to complete. However, the same process will complete within minutes by the automated systems. The lower cost and maximum time utilization will be highly considered benefits of machine learning to companies and employees.

What are the Disadvantages of Machine Learning?

The innovation of this technique is not very old, but full automation still requires a breakthrough in current technology. Although it has complemented the humans with search and voice features, still the accuracy of results is computer-based, not according to the user's needs. Apart from making humans lazy, some other machine learning disadvantages are listed below.

1. Computational Errors

The results obtained from machines may have errors due to statistical reasoning. Most of the automated systems generate results based on previous searches and data that was loaded into a computer program. Any new experience or data may not have accurate results or output.

2. Huge Data Requirement

Initially, a huge amount of time is invested in making machine programs, and the requirement of data is also very huge. Therefore, long codes and programs are needed to make the machine learn initial responses and essential functions. Then based on user search and requirement machine gives results and continuously gains decisive quality. Even small logical errors can lead to heavy disadvantages of machine learning process in resulting in faulty inputs.

3. Still in the development phase

The results might be satisfactory, but a completely automated system requires a lot of research and analysis. Scientists and programmers are continuously trying to figure out more advanced techniques for improving machine outputs.

And it will be a long journey before we can acquire an AI close to human interpretation. The technology is in its infancy also leads to questions about its acceptance and flexibility with rapidly changing technology.

4. Impossible to identify multiple choices

As the machine is only made to identify certain choices, specify the options based on human behaviour or varies widely. The machine is made to choose mostly the correct decisions, but there could be situations where a machine cannot make optimal decisions.

5. Storage Services are among major disadvantages of Machine Learning

The backup and servers needed to maintain and record the acquired data keep on piling and hence the cost. For a machine to learn, the possible data is unlimited, and there is always a need to store this data. Various storages and cloud services are still not sufficient to make room for this amount of data.

Conclusion on Pros and Cons of Machine Learning

Human-like AI systems may have a promising future, but various researches need to be done to attain that. Time, money, resources, data & modification are required to generate this type of system. While ordinary people use the least advanced versions, the more advanced versions require much investment. Various fields can have vast opportunities if multiple computer techniques can reduce the research time. After understanding the pros and cons of machine learning, it’s somewhat easy to draw the picture of whether the technology is boon or poses limitless challenges up ahead.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Machine Learning

Frequently Asked Questions

What are advantages of machine learning?

The data we give to AI algorithms may teach the machine learning system. The quality and efficiency of the algorithm's decision-making improve with each training session as new data is fed in. Every day, Amazon, Walmart, and other large corporations collect a huge quantity of further information.

Why is machine learning difficult?

It demands imagination, trial and error, and perseverance. Machine learning is still a complex problem when applying existing algorithms and models to your new application. Debugging for machine learning occurs in two situations: 1) your algorithm doesn't function, or 2) it isn't efficient enough.

Why you should not learn machine learning?

If you believe Machine Learning is for you, go for it. However, not everyone needs to be aware of Machine Learning. If you're a successful software developer and like what you do, keep at it. You won't advance in your profession with just any basic Machine Learning tutorials.

Is it good to learn machine learning?

Data is the lifeblood of any corporation. Data-driven judgments are increasingly able to make or break a company's success. Machine learning technologies may be the key to unlocking data's value and making smart business and consumer decisions that put a firm ahead of the competition.

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