Advantages and Disadvantages of Amazon Prime Membership

Movies, cloud storage, and instant delivery are a few to mention. Amazon Prime membership is available in 3 months and annual subscriptions and at discounted prices. There are many contradictions to amazon prime consider as well. As a student or a customer, it’s worthwhile to assess Advantages and Disadvantages of Amazon Prime Membership before subscribing.

Amazon Prime membership comes with better access and premium features. It’s the paid membership service offered by Amazon since 2005. Today, Amazon has about 200 million Prime subscribers, 25% more than the last year. The whole idea behind the paid plans is to provide better services to the members. Amazon also offers a 30-day trial period before you purchase so you can test the benefits of Amazon Prime membership.

What are the Advantages of Amazon Prime Membership?

The benefits offered by the website have earned it over 200 million users and are still growing. The wide popularity of the website has helped reach Jeff Bezos to the top of the list of wealthiest people around the globe. You can have various benefits of Amazon Prime membership Subscription as a regular customer.

1. Free gaming content and books

There are thousands of free books which you read for knowledge or as a hobby. A new feature is added for game lovers to download free vouchers and power-ups for their favorite games. These are paid tools and books which the user can get by just purchasing the prime subscription.

2. Free Faster Delivery

Amazon Prime users are eligible for free 1-day or 2-day delivery for free, for which Amazon usually charges extra to non-prime users. But for members, these services are free of cost. And if you purchase even a few items from Amazon, the subscription is worth a try.

3. Amazon Prime Video

The most amazing thing about this is that television lovers can watch their favorite shows and movies free of cost. The legitimate way of watching a movie requires payment for that movie as on YouTube. Still, there are lots of movies you can watch for free, and there are Amazon originals especially available on Amazon Prime.

4. Early offers and Deals

The hot deals and offers are available 30 minutes before the non-members. So members can grab the deals before stocks empties out as many people make it difficult otherwise. However, you can have maximum advantages of Amazon Prime membership being eligible for cracking deals and flash sales. These features are only available to Prime members, and regular flash sales occur for new products.

5. Regular Discounts are main advantage of Amazon Prime

Apart from various benefits such as Amazon Prime video and instant delivery, the e-commerce site also offers discounted prices on various items. In addition, shoppers can earn cashback and rewards for every item purchase. These can be collected and used for the next purchase made on the website.

What are the Disadvantages of Amazon Prime?

The online shopping giant Amazon doesn't need any recognition; it is still expanding its business globally. While it has provided millions of jobs from the software field to delivery partners, Amazon Prime focuses mainly on online shoppers. There are a few disadvantages of Amazon Prime membership to consider.

1. It’s for frequent shoppers

The benefits available for prime users is available for purchasing things from Amazon only. The things bought from other websites may not be available at discounted prices, and the benefits can only be availed online. If you don't purchase a lot from Amazon or watch movies/shows, then the subscription might not be much beneficial.

2. Auto-Renewal

Once you opt for Free-trial or an actual subscription, the website saves your Deibit Card/Credit Card information and charges you automatically on the renewal date. This means even if you don't want it to be renewed, your card gets an automatic deduction. So the auto-renewal needs to be canceled to avoid automatic charges on your account.

3. Other Website Options

The subscription benefits are limited to the website, and the reason is to bring back customers to Amazon. While shopping on one website, the diversity of millions of other products gets lost. Although there are billions of products on Amazon, there are things available at discounted prices on local websites and dealers.

4. Product Limitations are major disadvantages of Amazon Prime

Even if you restrict yourself to one shop, the variety of other products are not on your online shopping list. While a consumer may think about it or not, a person can buy few thousand things in his lifetime, and not every product is available online.

5. Requires Online Payment

One more limitation of using Amazon prime is that it requires a card or online purchase. So either the customer needs to have internet banking or use a card. Still, students and people not having access to banking facilities require somebody else to pay for the subscription.

Conclusion on Pros and Cons of Amazon Prime

There are huge variations and millions of different products available with faster delivery options. The amazing benefits of Amazon Prime Video range from free music to cloud storage. The subscription proves to be a beneficial option for frequent buyers. With just a few purchases, you can recover the amount through cashback and discounts. Amazon Prime can prove a less optimal choice if you are fine waiting with normal delivery time and don't watch Amazon specials. The pros and cons of amazon prime membership will assist you in deciding the rest.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Amazon Prime Membership

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the disadvantage of Amazon Prime?

A drawback of Amazon Prime is that you'll have to pay a monthly or yearly fee. Other consumers will fork out $12.99 per month or $119 per year for the service.

Which is better Amazon or Amazon Prime?

Amazon is the primary parent firm; Amazon Prime is a service it offers. Items purchased on may be delivered standard or express at no extra cost to customers who subscribe to Amazon Prime. In addition, customers who subscribe to Amazon Prime can enjoy free, standard, or 2-day delivery as well as price cuts on other expedited shipping choices.

Does Prime give you free shipping?

Amazon Prime is a service that offers free two-day delivery on millions of items for $119 per year. While there are various advantages to being a Prime member, free two-day shipping is one best. Non-members may get their purchases shipped for free if they spend more than $25, but not necessarily within two days.

Can I cancel my Amazon Prime at any time?

You may cancel your Amazon Prime membership at any time, whether you have a paid or free trial. In addition, you may receive either a part or complete refund for Amazon Prime based on the duration and usage of perks. To inquire about an Amazon Prime refund, go to Amazon's customer care center.

Does Amazon Prime give discounts?

As an Amazon Prime member, you may save money on groceries and prescription pharmaceuticals, get free delivery, watch popular TV shows or listen to new albums for free through Prime Video and Prime Music.

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