Advantages and Disadvantages of Elliptical Exerciser

Low on impact but steady and safe, Elliptical exerciser is becoming the first choice for fitness enthusiasts working indoors. Simulating a natural running or walking motion and, depending on the intensity of your workout, an Elliptical trainer can boost your cardio fitness. The mechanics of the Elliptical machine lets you control the speed enabling you to direct the energy in a better way. An Elliptical Exercise Benefits you in plenty of ways depending on your workout goals, physical health, and other factors. These machines have their pros and cons, much of which is covered in the Advantages and Disadvantages of Elliptical Exerciser.

Advantages of Elliptical Exerciser

The elliptical trainer is a common piece of equipment you would usually see in every gym these days. An elliptical trainer benefits you whether you intend to recover from an injury or just do regular cardio. There are different types of ellipticals available depending on your needs. Following are some reasons why an Elliptical exerciser is good for you.

1. Elliptical trainer benefits in Weight Loss

One of the evident advantages of Elliptical Exerciser is weight loss. Many people use ellipticals to accelerate weight loss. Research says that elliptical trainers such as under desk elliptical exerciser benefits weight loss. In terms of calories burned, workouts on mini elliptical machines are comparable with the treadmill. These machines are often easier and comfortable to work with.

The precise number of calories burned during a workout on the elliptical trainer depends on various factors, including age, gender and your current level of fitness. However, the Elliptical trainer for weight loss is certainly one of the most effective machines to achieve your goal.

2. Convenience -One of the biggest advantages of Elliptical Exerciser

Smaller and lighter than a treadmill, the under-desk elliptical exerciser gives you the freedom to finish your workouts in whatever position you feel comfortable. Elliptical exercising machines are adjustable, and you can exercise while standing or remaining seated.

Exercising doesn’t always mean including heavy machinery and breaking sweats. Ability to use mini ellipticals while standing or sitting is another bigger advantage of an elliptical exerciser over treadmills or other heavy gym equipment. You can use an elliptical trainer from a seated position while at work or use it from a standing position while you’re at home or watching TV. If you wonder, are under-desk ellipticals beneficial? You’ll have the answer without shedding a sweat or over-exercising.

3. Low impact on your joints

Ellipticals allow for safe and effective training that poses absolutely no risk of developing overuse injuries. The elliptical trainers are low-impact machines that are perfectly suitable for you if you are a beginner or unable to do high impact workouts. Ellipticals are your reason to hit the Gym if your joints really can’t handle the strenuous load of other equipment.

Low-impact exercises typically put less stress on your joints than high-impact exercise, which is a considerable move when you have a musculoskeletal condition such as low-back pain, knee or hip pain, or other health conditions like arthritis or osteoporosis. Question yourself again, are under-desk ellipticals beneficial and why? The answer is yes because these types of ellipticals are safe and put no pressure on our joints.

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4. Elliptical Trainers are great for post-injury workouts

Injury takes away most of the vitality from your body, making your routine passive, painful, and even irregular. Being a low-impact machine, an Elliptical trainer can give you the ability to get a high-intensity workout. This can be especially helpful if you’re recovering from an injury yet still want to maintain a high level of fitness.

A study published in 2010 found that calories burned, oxygen consumption, and heart rate were nearly identical on the elliptical. The researchers concluded that the elliptical exerciser is an acceptable alternative to the treadmill as a cardio exercise.

5. Mini Elliptical Exerciser are Lightweight and Portable

Giving you the ability to work and exercise simultaneously, Elliptical Trainer Benefits include portability and optimum use of your time. You will find ellipticals suitable for the home and your Office. Given that mini elliptical trainers are easy to carry and light in weight, you can easily adjust one into your car and bring it to your workplace.

A Mini Elliptical trainer is small and compact enough to fit under most standard-sized desks also. On the plus side, they are generally low on noise, which means you won’t disturb anyone else around you. Noiseless operation is probably one of the major advantages of Elliptical Exerciser.

What are the Disadvantages of an Elliptical Exerciser?

Each equipment focuses on certain body parts and depending on this feature, the difference in each type of elliptical strainer can be arranged vastly. If used properly, Elliptical Exerciser can provide an intense workout. However, there are certain disadvantages of elliptical exercisers that may restrict the full use of your body and prevent you from reaping optimum results.

1. Low impact means less muscular development

Even though a low-impact exercise is excellent for recovering or arthritic patients, it’s also one of the disadvantages of an elliptical exerciser. If you intend to gain a muscular shape within weeks, an elliptical bike or under desk elliptical won’t help you out. You also need to include some weight-bearing exercises in your regular workouts to prevent osteoporosis as well as strengthening your bones and muscles.

Less muscle development is indeed one of the concerning disadvantages of elliptical trainer as it doesn’t result in the same benefits you can reap from a treadmill. You’ll have to add another workout to your routine to gain muscle.

2. Cost is one of the Disadvantages of Elliptical Exerciser

Cost is the ultimate question that comes to every person’s mind while buying ellipticals. Many believe the only reasonable way is to work out on an elliptical consistently is to have access to a gym. Also, most people would want to pay for the membership instead of investing in a single machine.

Unless you have $1,000 or more to drop on a single fitness machine, owning one just isn’t all that beneficial. An elliptical exerciser benefits you, but it’s a little bit costly.

3. Calorie Comparisons

Thirty minutes of elliptical machine workout burns about 335 calories for a 155-pound person. The time here is the main issue as a person with this much weight can burn much more than that by cycling, weight-lifting, running or practicing high-impact aerobics. If your only intention is to burn calories, there are better options available at the gym. All you need is to follow what the instructor tells you.

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4. Elliptical Exerciser benefits the Lower Body mostly

Be it an Elliptical Bike or an Under Desk Elliptical trainer, every machine is centred on working on your lower body mechanism. These trainer machines have less effect on your shoulders and arms. Even though the elliptical trainer contains a spot for your arms to hold, it primarily focuses on the lower body.

Since a mini elliptical trainer benefits the lower portion of the body, it limits the workout you should receive for the upper half. You’ll need another exercise routine to work out your entire body fully. This can make you invest more of your time (or money) in exercising.

5. Not Suitable for Everyone

Although an elliptical trainer is safe to use in injury, it can trigger more pain in your knees if you recently have undergone a knee injury or surgical procedure. In such a case, consulting your Physiotherapist is the only smart thing you need to do.

Also, you can get the same benefits from a stationary bike or a different type of exercise recommended by a doctor or fitness instructor. If you’re training for a treadmill or brisk walking in the park, it can also help your body prepare you for running motions better than the elliptical machine.

The Bottom Line:

Elliptical Trainers would be a great choice for those who are unable to make rigorous movements due to medical reasons. For an avid walker, it’s still important to get off the couch and keep moving like the running water. As everyone opines, there can be, and there are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Elliptical Exerciser. The disadvantages are negligible, but you can work your way out of the most if you follow the routine properly.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Elliptical Exerciser

Frequently Asked Questions

Is elliptical machine dangerous?

If you use an elliptical machine correctly, it shouldn't cause knee discomfort. Because elliptical machines provide low-impact aerobics, they can be an excellent substitute for running or jogging for someone who has arthritis-related joint pain.

Is it safe to use elliptical everyday?

According to the American Council on Exercise, you should not exercise on an elliptical every morning ? your body requires at least one rest day between workouts every seven to 10 days. Overtraining is a possibility if you do a laborious exercise on the elliptical every morning in addition to strength training.

What happens to your body when you use an elliptical?

The elliptical machine can help strengthen your heart, lungs, and muscles while increasing your stamina, balance, and calorie burning. It's an excellent choice if you have joint concerns or want to increase or maintain your fitness following an accident.

Is the elliptical a waste of time?

The treadmill is the most uninteresting piece of equipment in the gym, and it is also highly ineffective. To begin with, the elliptical does not employ a natural body motion to exercise your body. This will raise your heart rate while working your upper body and back.

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