Pros and Cons of Stay at Home For Moms, Dads & Students

Let’s break the myth, Stay at home job is as challenging and pleasing as for moms and dads. The switch sometimes seems advantageous to dads, but sometimes it reverses completely. There are plenty of benefits and contradictions gyrating around with the combination of stay-at-home dad and working moms and vice versa. Breaking down the major pros and cons of staying at home from both perspectives, we dive deeper to let you decide how you see the scenario through your glasses.

Pros of Stay-at-Home Parenting

Escape from a hectic lifestyle and park your steeds, as you can enjoy these advantages of staying at home being a working mom/dad a student, or a retiree.

1. Your Commute is limited

By staying at home, you tend to restrict your commute for work or college means a few bucks saved every day. You can also save the essential minutes that you usually have to drain away awaiting subway train taxis. Every little penny counts at times when financial stats are of utmost concern to you. Be it by circumstances or by authoritative decisions, you can continue engaging in your work while staying at your residence.

2. Homely Comfort and Freedom

Being presentable at college or the workplace is one of the primary etiquettes that denote your personality. Sometimes, trying to impress others is quite burdening to judging yourself in the mirror. Feeling comforted in staying connected to work/online classrooms in your pajamas is one of the advantages of staying at home.

3. Nanny’s Day Off

For workaholic parents, hours to share with their kids are very limited as they shoulder key responsibilities to nannies. Kids aged from 0-10 are at their learning stage where inculcating behavioral and social etiquette is imperative. Many babysitters consider their role as professional nannies.

The luckiest moments are the ones shared with your family and kids. As a stay-at-home mom or dad, you can save extra cash by babysitting your little ones on your own. The positive effects of staying at home come to attention when you emphasize more on family values and build a bond of love between yourself and the kids. By dedicating time to your kids, you not only can teach them moral values but also help them with better grades at school.

4. Family Time Mitigates Stress overload

For a professional or collegiate, staying at home is a blessing especially when they are used to leading a secluded life somewhere away from home. According to the Pew Research Center, the number of people living with their parents has sharply increased in the last 3 decades. These figures toll up in favor of stay-at-home men.

Another study documented by Dr. Alan Teo, an assistant professor of psychiatry at Oregon Health and Science University speaks about how significant it is to share time with your family. Youths majorly have depressive tendencies, which emerge due to loneliness or pressure at work. Even a pep-talk with your parents can help you rid of the negatives of loneliness. At home, you have the freedom to sit next to your parents at any time.

5. Workout and Keep up

Prolonged hours at work, minutes and hours of waiting at tube stations, then add some more minutes of waking up and getting ready. The routine continues on and on every day. According to a study conducted on adult working professionals, it was found that Obesity was associated with people aged 50 years or more (Both Men and Women).

Stay at home and stay fit, many regular workers find it difficult to manage a few minutes to work out on their health. Staying at home can help you save some minutes as you don’t have to worry about catching your cab or train. You can capitalize on your health and fit into your old pair of trousers.

If you ever wonder how good it is staying at home, think for a while, that you don’t have to eat at your office desk and your physical activity is unrestricted.

Cons of Stay at Home

If you are more into putting your head into files and folders at work, you may have to face the odds of stay a home situation voluntarily or exceptionally. Here are some disadvantages of the stay-at-home scenario (more like being stuck at home) to rock your mind.

1. Chores

Household chores can come as a punishment to you if all of a sudden. Handling work, studies, kids, and spouses is already a hard nut to crack. Doing the dishes and laundry are activities that everyone would want to escape. A desk job seems way easier than keeping up with the cleanliness around you.

However, taking ample advantage of stay-at-home time, you can adjust your minutes according to your work to fix things up at home. Chores are a part of your daily life that may take a while to get used to. All you need to do to gather a few moments and distribute a fair amount of time to each activity given to you at hand. There is a lot that requires your attention if you look closely.

2. Sweet Small Surprises to Disturb

You must have remembered Professor Robert Kelly’s funny interview at home. This sweet little incident was what made the world giggle when his kids came barging in while he was talking with BBC. That may even happen to you at any time if you are also working from home and attending a meeting.

That said, not all the incidents are delightful, and may end up oddly for you disturbing your workflow. Students enrolled in online programs, stay aware of their pets and such little encounters.

3. Work Never Ends

At the workplace, you have fixed hours to report, mail, and submit final work progress. At home, you are more likely to extend your work hours for who knows how long. Some precarious moments are always glaring at you asking for your attention resulting in distraction from work or studies.

4. Stay at Home Mom get less Noticed

According to research published in the SAGE journal, it has been found that moms parenting at home are less likely to be considered for a job interview. Companies prefer applicants with consistent and progressive records. This demand has grown in the market and leaves fewer employment options for stay-at-home parents.

This concerning fact can also make you stressed about your future prospects and question if a stay-at-home situation is a good-to-go option. Perhaps it’s the perception that working from home is still portrayed as the least productive. Another reason why employers prefer regular employees is the career gap on your resume.

All in all, re-entering the workforce is hard for stay-at-home moms and dads. Thanks to technology these days that employers offer more flexible methods to employees to continue on with their work via Video Conferencing.

5. Your Presence is Less Valued

Limiting yourself at home comes with certain drawbacks for sure, and feeling undervalued is one of the odds of staying at home. No matter how much you earned or are still earning, you are still perceived as less stressed and responsible at home.

Tell someone that you are working from home or are staying at home for a while, you can feel the vibes around you. It’s even more difficult to convince people about what you do or how you do it when they know you are inside your house all the time.

What Sums Up at Last?

It’s not bad to stay at home and share time with your family and kids whether you are free or working from home. You can swing around the things and activities that must have been hidden away from your notice before. There is always something to learn and focus on and be inspired. If not financially, try to mend things with your emotional and moral support. Dive into more productive activities at home and keep the environment warm and light.

Pros and Cons of Stay at Home For Moms, Dads & Students

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it healthy to be a stay at home mom?

Quitting your job seems like a terrible idea when you a kid to take care of. Fortunately, there is a bright side to look at. You can continue your professional journey as a stay-at-home parent and dive into plenty of career options. Many organizations offer freelance work these days with a handsome salary and incentives.

Why you should live at home?

Living at home is what everyone should do once in a while. This enables you to learn to manage and budget your expenses, get closer to your family and share quality time with your loved ones.

Is studying at home a good idea?

Studying at home means cutting your budget straightforward. Then comes building more focus on your studies rather than hanging out with your classmates. You tend to become more independent as you learn to solve problems on your own. With every required material at home, the learning process becomes easier.

How can a stay at home dad make money?

There are plenty of earning options for both moms and dads who stay at home. You can sell your merchandise online, get into affiliate marketing, work as a freelancer in your area of expertise, or promote yourself through blogging and social media platforms. Get registered at sites like Upwork, Elance, Fiverr, or as a starter.

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