Advantages and Disadvantages of E-Learning

Online learning proves to be more effective when options for real-time learning are kaput, primarily when your movement is restricted. You can access the latest documents, images, lecture videos, and participate in live sessions from anywhere and anytime.

Most reputed educational institutions and organizations have switched to offer online education to ease the learning process. There are certain limitations and scopes of web-based learning methods. The advantages and disadvantages of e-learning vouch for the possibilities through different glasses.

E-learning in a Glimpse

e-Learning refers to web-based learning or online learning which is not just limited to the education sector now. e-learning is widely implemented in the corporate sector to educate professionals as well. Though students tend to get the maximum benefits of learning in many different ways.

Scope of eLearning

Videoconferencing, Live lectures, online exams, live FAQs, forums, remote printed study material, etc. all are a part of web-based learning.

Advantages of eLearning Platforms

Given that you don’t have to queue up to submit your admission forms, deal with extra expenses, and other tidbits at hand, these advantages of eLearning are also the positive aspects to consider while you sign up for an online course or a professional program.

1. Convenience to sit and learn the stuff

This valuable benefit of online learning is one of the common pros among students as well as corporate employees. You can save yourself from a stressful commute and definitely, some money. Study content and test centers are just a few clicks away from your reach.

With the ease of access to every critical thing required, you can stay comforted by focusing on your preparatory stuff and worrying less about getting up early and readying yourself for work or college/school lectures.

2. Distance Doesn’t Matter

Traveling from far-flung areas to institutions is the most inconvenient task for regular students and trainees. Those registered through an online program can proudly say that they never missed any key content of studies through web-based learning methods. Time availability and a stable internet connection are the only attributes required for web-based learning.

With the ease of access from anywhere, you can maximize your learning capability literally from anywhere.

3. Travel with your digital notes

A digitized learning platform enables you to study anywhere, even if you are on the move or plan on visiting your auntie for the weekend. All you need to do is pack your laptop and roll out.

A conventional classroom confines you with no flexibility to learn where you have no further freedom to move or communicate with your peers. Elearning method supersedes all such limitations. You can easily breakdown your study into modules to get a better grasp of concept as well as tend to your other activities in the middle.

4. Online Learning is Affordable

Lower cost is one of the major reasons why there has been a boom in web-based programs in the last decade. All the essentials are available to you in a digital format that also recedes expenses for education providers. Companies and educational institutions don’t need to spend money paying for the dedicated infrastructure, trainers, and other essential utilities.

An online session only relies on internet speed and equipment to ensure the delivery of lectures and training content. A virtual learning room can be set anywhere based on the budget. Form students’ standpoint, there are numerous ways to cut budgets as there is no additional textbooks and fee (school bus, lunch, etc.) to worry about.

5. eLearning is best for part-timers

For college goers, burying heads into books and tending to work calls simultaneously are difficult to manage. Nobody can multitask all the time given that it’s mandatory to secure the best grades at college and attendance. eLearning sets you free of this trouble and lets you take work and studies to separate tables.

Many learning programs offer flexibility to students who deal with a full-time job. You can adjust your learning period according to your availability and on your own terms. If you have a rotational shift at work, you can schedule your next class to your timing.

What are the Disadvantages of eLearning?

Elearning concept seems an impeccable solution to deliver all-round education to the remotest of students. But, is it really the need of the hour? These limitations of online learning methods uncover some major disadvantages of e-learning for many.

1. Up to Date Technology is Must

One has to keep up with the latest technological support to continue learning online. Provided you have a stable &seamless internet connection, a laptop/PC, and updated software to focus, only then you can expect something beneficial from online learning.

Major education providers/trainers have their own tools and application to provide online learning material. As an individual, some applications may put you under monetary pressure because of price.

Buying an eLearning software isn’t merely enough, it has to be compatible with your computer/device too.

2. Connectivity Issues

An online study/training session relies on internet speed. A speedy connection is the prior requisite for a successful and flawless session execution. You need more than just a workable internet speed to make a video lecture and to live-stream it.

On the other hand, establishing a hi-speed connection is mandatory for students and trainees to be able to participate in a virtual session. Apparently, participants from developing areas are still far away from such technological advancements.

3. Isolation affects learners Mindset

Isolation is one of the significant disadvantages of e-learning for kids as they are habitual of studying alone. A reduced social and cultural interaction can be suppressive for students who group study through collaborative thinking.

Eliminating peer-to-peer learning can be challenging for young minds. Students require to be self-dependent as an online tutor may not always be available. Learning in a room full of fellows is more lively and competitive than to sit alone for a specific period. However, online learning seems a perfect fit for introverts.

4. Sessions are Timed

An instructor has fixed hours to tend to students and responding to their queries. Receiving asks and teaching can't be possible in a time-bound video lecture or chat-session simultaneously.

An online learning environment is less personal than a classroom where you are free to put up your questions amid a session. Although there is time allotted for a questionnaire at the end of each session, it still doesn't suffice for a real-time classroom.

5. Security Problems

Many schools and companies have started conducting their sessions chat and video calling apps such as WhatsApp and Telegram.According to the incident report published in April 2020 by Hindustan Times, Objectionable videos were posted in a group during a High School virtual classes. Even though security measures are tightly maintained at online learning websites and Apps, such an incident may happen when students’/Trainees’ login information gets into the wrong hands.

6. Illicit Methods Used by Students

When it comes to submitting assignments, taking exams, or quizzes, nobody is sure who’s behind the screen. There have been cases of students submitting homework, which later turned out to be written by a completely different person. As online learning promotes self-learning and self-dependency, it also poses a big question; Is the examinee legitimate? Is the test being attended by unfair means?

Words to Wind Up

The advantages and disadvantages of e-learning can be acknowledged by both the students and instructors. To circumcise the limitations, learners need to identify the bottlenecks at their ends, and trainers need to ensure the same. Meanwhile, there is a lot to experience what more online learning methods bring about.

Advantages and Disadvantages of E-Learning

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of online learning?

Online Learning is convenient and costs effective; you can adjust your timing easily to participate in the online learning environment. To distant learners, eLearning, so far, offers the most productive mode for attending lectures.

What are some disadvantages of e learning?

Virtual system of learning is either one-to-one or one-to-many; It's hard for socializing people to acclimate into a reclusive atmosphere staying alone in the real-time. The entire learning system regulates through the internet. Even a little delay or disturbance in the connection may hinder the flow of study.

What is the purpose of e learning?

The purpose of e-learning is to let learners gain accomplishment or necessary certification without any physical participation in colleges/schools/institutions.

What are the limitations of e learning?

Some of the common limitations of online learning are lack of communication between the trainer & students due to time-based restrictions and absence of the real-time learning environment.

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