Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Training

Training is a lifelong process where it doesn’t matter whether you spend hours scouring the internet or bury your heads under books. Online Training is has become the new norm as the Coronavirus-hit world ramps up the living methods. Organizations systems have shifted to digital platforms as professionals are now Training their bits through chats or conference apps. Here are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Training worth considering if you are a parent willing to find out its negatives and positives.

What is Online Training?

Online Training is the process of training professionals and up-skilling them according to the new setups introduced in the organization. Online Training depends on internet services to take place. There can be various methods of online Training. The process of online Training can include theoretical Training, practical explanation, live chat, video call, etc.

What Are The Advantages Of Online Training?

There are many reasons why online Training can benefit students, their parents, and even working professionals. Here are some of the prominent advantages of online Training at home.

1. Online Training is Cost-Effective

Conducting training online is cost-effective in many ways as it helps you and your organization save resources. Since the internet powers online training, a session can be scheduled from anywhere participants are located.

A company reduces costs for recruiting a trainer, utilities, equipment setup (projectors, screens, etc.) as an employee; you can save much on travelling costs. Cost-saving is among the obvious advantages of online training.

2. Accessibility-Common among the advantages of Online Training

You can log in to participate in your training session while working from home easily. Provided you don’t have to go out during lockdown; you can attend the session in the comfort of your home.

You can save your money and utilize your time, and there is no travelling involved. Also, if you miss the training, there is a chance you can access it through recorded videos, archives, or sharing tools for future reference.

3. Improved Attendance

Employees tend to find the least excuses while connecting through video conferencing apps such as Zoom. Punctuality is one of the mentionable advantages of online training as you just need to enter your login credential to enter into a virtual training room. This ability to mark your attendance from wherever you also help you keep your attendance optimum.

4. Improved Knowledge

The motive behind training employees is to up-skill them or make them aware of the newly installed equipment. The basic logic behind this is to invest in companies existing employees rather than recruiting new ones.

Online Training allows companies to reduce the load on HR and gives employees the ability to learn in their style. Staying at home and attending a training session in your room helps employees absorb more knowledge.

5. Up to date knowledge gets you recognition

An employee with optimum knowledge and up-scaled skills in the corporate sector is always in demand. They are most likely to get promotions and appraisals. On the plus side, the gained experience further ups their chances to be recognized by other competitors.

What Are The Disadvantages Of Online Training?

Although there are many benefits of conducting online training biding well for both the employee and the employers, some limitations must also be considered. Here are the considerable Disadvantages Of Online Training you or even a company may deal with at times.

1. Hard to Focus on Screen

A typical training session can be at least 2 hours in duration. For those who aren’t used to sitting in front of their computer screens, acclimating into a training session may be the hardest to do.

One of the biggest challenges of online Training is the struggle with focusing on the screen for hours. With online training, there is also a greater chance for employees to be easily distracted by other background activities or sites such as social media.

2. Glitches are the major Disadvantages of Online Training

Internet connectivity is one of the backbones of conducting training session successfully. Lack of basic troubleshooting knowledge is one common problem that troubles many employees. A mall glitch in the computer may cause interruption during a session. Hence, you won’t be able to serve the purpose of attending one.

On the other hand, poor internet speed can rattle the entire training hampering the communication process. Poor quality of visuals and auditory data add insult to an injury by disrupting the entire training session.


3. Less Social interaction

Social interaction is the basis of every healthy communication process. When you imagine a traditional training room, group discussions, active participants, brainstorming, and the trainer handling queries are some perceptions you may develop. Lack of face-to-face interaction comes as one of the common disadvantages of online training sessions.

Unfortunately, there will not be enough freedom to meet fellow trainees and discussing key points. For some individuals, these face-to-face interactions are a must to bring the material to life. Nevertheless, it is possible to bring more social interaction to online Training through competition, scheduled Q&A sessions with a trainer, and discussion forums.

4. Not suitable for every topic

Not every topic can be explained theoretically which is one of the limitations of conducting online training for employees. For example, if a new ice-cream maker has arrived in the ice-cream factory, the best way to train the workers is through giving them in-person practical training.

Online Training is disadvantageous in such cases when much of the training session depends on practical knowledge. Online training cannot replace the knowledge that comes through hands-on experience.

5. Teacher Training

Online Training requires trainers to have a basic understanding of IoT and other digital forms of Training. However, this is not always the case; trainers have a very basic understanding of technology. Sometimes, they don’t even have the necessary resources to conduct online Training.

The essential things you’ll need to conduct online Training are a stable internet connection, laptop/desktop, and video conferencing tool. To tackle this issue, companies need to invest in training professionals with the latest technology updates to conduct their online sessions smoothly.


There are plenty of reasons to replace traditional Training with online Training, and staying at home is one. The rest of the key factors are explained in the Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Training above. Most of the limitations are manageable and can be mitigated if taken into account carefully.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Training

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of online training?

1. You can schedule your work flexibly.
2. You can learn at your own pace.
3. It's less expensive than a traditional training room.
4. It offers a customized learning environment.
5. You can communicate more easily with the trainer.

What are the disadvantages of online training?

1. On-site courses need less time because they are taught face to face. On the other hand, online training takes longer than on-campus classes. 2. Online training makes it easier to procrastinate. 3. t necessitates the ability to manage one's time effectively. 4. They may stimulate feelings of loneliness.

Is online learning bad?

The findings are generally consistent with previous studies: online coursework results in students' lower performance than face-to-face work. The negative consequences of online course attendance are exacerbated for less academically qualified and bachelor's degree seekers.

Why is online learning difficult?

Online learning is more complicated for several reasons; online learning has been a rough adjustment, from missing the key elements of your learning to not accessing your education because of the internet. The altercation in the learning style has made it harder for many to learn. But people with less technological resources are still far away from the benefits of online education.

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