Pros and Cons of Goat Yoga

You all must have heard of the Goat Pose; some of you might even be practicing this. These days many US-based practitioners are practicing a new form of yoga. This is popular as Goat Yoga as the gurus keep saying that yoga is an ancient method but can be modified into modern versions that are more beneficial. And sufficing the fact, benefits of goat yoga are palpable to the modern practitioners. Now take time to wonder how many ways people are making great use of different yogic styles.

People from the United States have found a unique way to curb their stress by introducing baby goats to their yoga classes. Why not? If a Pose is named after a goat, the little one also deserves the credit to help you out. Befriending a baby goat comes as a stress buster to practitioners quite brilliantly when a yoga instructor brings in a goat that brings a smile to everyone’s face.

And when you smile often, you simmer down your cortisol levels. How wonderful a yoga class can prove to be that keeps you fit and enlightens your mood.

Background of Goat Yoga

It began in 2016 as a part of an experiment on a farm in Willamette Valley of Oregon, USA. A professional Yoga Instructor, Heather Davis, asked the farm owner Lainey Morse to use her farm space for yoga practitioners. Heather’s only request was to bring his goats to the classes. Sounded unreal, but the benefits of Goat Yoga turned out really fruitful to the practitioners.

The thought of bringing baby goats in seemed a mindful decision where the instructor steps in with happy smiley goats to help practitioners with their postures and forward bends. Marking the success of this experiment, thousands of practitioners have joined in at different locations based in California, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, New York, Illinois, and Minnesota. Ultimately, the world knows that Goat Yoga is the cutest thing on earth.

Benefits(pros) of Goat Yoga You’ll Experience

How does goat yoga benefit you when a baby goat jumps and runs around you? There are different problems you go through each day. Soaring stress level is another reason you need to be at Goat Yoga Class. Baby Goats are just a trick to delight you while preparing your pose.

A snuggling goat would be enough to lower your cortisol (stress hormones) and eventually boost your serotonin (the happy hormone). When you follow a set of traditional yoga poses, this exciting new method would add the following benefits.

1. It’s a lot of fun

If you closely notice, baby goats are a guide to strike correct postures and maintain balance while they stay atop your back. For instance, make a table-top pose and let the baby goat pat you for retaining proper position. It would be harder for you to hold your smile every time they pass by.

This way of working out would effectively keep you occupied during your course of yoga practice.

2. It’s Therapeutic

Goat Yoga classes help you pet the baby goat, so if you haven’t been able to get a pet for your home, don’t miss out on your yoga classes. It works really well for people who suffer from loneliness and anxiety. Yoga Instructors have had this thoughtful idea of introducing goats to the practitioners.

The time you spend worrying and stressing turns into a memory worth sharing. The goat also helps you connect with animals (if you are an animal-fearing kind of person) and admire this absolute beauty of nature.

3. Traditional yet Exciting Ways to Wellness

Speaking of yogic exercises, the poses are practiced the same way as before. Just a tweak of bringing animals enhances the effect of healing and curing even the prolonged depressions. Goat Yoga has proved to be a successful therapy for patients with PTSD.

As you can add more methods to boost your focus while practicing yoga in a fun-filled class, sessions are more enjoyable than quiet practice rooms.

4. It’s twice as good

While physical health is all taken care of by a series of yogic postures and forward bends, your new happy companions make sure your mood is all cheerful, and the laughter echoes throughout your yoga classes, which can turn out to be more effective than chants. The hybrid style of yoga thus affects you in a two-way; the physical and laughter therapy work on your wellbeing tremendously.

5. Other Pros of Goat Yoga

A blend of yoga forward bends during the practice with goats. So you’ll have counts of outcomes on your mind and body. Some relieving benefits you can experience over the course are:

  • Controlled blood Pressure
  • Stimulated Organic Functions
  • Improved Heart Health
  • Cure from Chronic Pain
  • Balanced Posture
  • Reduced Inflammation
  • Induced Flexibility
  • Stress-free life

What are the cons of Goat Yoga?

There are some reasons why goat yoga is not as famous as other yogic methods. Some cons of goat yoga to remember are as follows.

1. Too much distraction

Focusing is nearly impossible when you have a dozen little animals constantly prancing all over and leaping on your body. If you want a class that's totally peaceful and silent, this sort of yoga isn't the best option.

2. Not a Workout

It won't be the most physically demanding since hot yoga is typically more severe. Rather than building core balance, you'll be contracting those ab muscles through laughter instead.

3. Not for Animal Lover

Don't fall for it if you're not a fan of fur, hair, or pets. Goats are sociable animals that enjoy being petted, so they'll often rub up against you, and you probably won't like it if you aren't enthusiastic about animals.

4. Watch Where You Step

Be warned; this lesson teaches you to look before putting your hands down. Goats, of course, are living, breathing creatures that have to go when they need to. If you're not prepared to accept the animals' natural bodily activities, then this is not for you.

5. Goat Safety

Put it another way... This lesson is essential for understanding how to assess a situation before putting your hands down. Of course, goats are living, breathing creatures that must go when their time comes. If you can't handle the animals' natural bodily processes, this isn't the class for you.

Conclusion: Yoga Poses Practiced During Goat Yoga Process

These are commonly exercised yoga poses that are mainly forward bent. Remember, while doing these bends, there is a little instructor to keep you more active and stress-free. Be on the lookout, because there will be lots of balancing you need to do.

  • Seated Forward Bend (Paschimottasana)
  • Child Pose (Balasana)
  • Table Top Pose (Bharmanasana)
  • Downward Facing Dog (Adho Mukha Svanasana)
  • Extended Puppy Pose (Uttana Shishosana)
  • Intense Side Stretch Pose (Parsvottanasana)
  • Standing Half Forward Bend (Ardha Uttanasana)
  • Wide-Legged Forward Bend (Prasarita Padottanasana)
Pros and Cons of Goat Yoga

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