Advantages and Disadvantages of Being a Doctor

While choosing a career, numerous options can come to your mind: one of them is being a doctor. It’s one of the high-paying professions that fascinates many brilliant minds. Being a doctor means respect in all aspects of life, but it also comes with many unprecedented challenges. Being specialized in your field comes with lots of perks and praises. You should also be aware of the Advantages and Disadvantages of Being a Doctor before choosing it as a career option.

If helping people is what interests you, being a doctor is the right choice for you. A doctor is a person who specializes in a specific field which makes him capable of treating illness and diseases. The following studies suggest why you should medicine and choose to be a doctor.

According to the statistics by Kaiser Family Foundation, there are currently 900,000 physicians practising medicine in the US. But another study by the American Association of Medical Colleges reveals that there will be a national shortage of about 46,000 to 90,000 physicians by 2025.

The most number of physicians per thousand people is 4.31 in Russia while, in Spain, it's 3.96. This means, being a doctor, you could have to consult 40-50 patients a day, and the number will be increasingly higher in the post-pandemic era. Before opting for a medical career, you have to go through a lengthy educational career.

Learning the human or animal anatomy and various diseases and their cure can also be challenges of being a doctor. So before embarking on the journey to this career option, it's imperative to understand the pros and cons of being a doctor.

What are the Advantages of Being a Doctor?

There are as numerous advantages of being a doctor as other professions like sports, engineering, Arts. Choosing to be a doctor requires studying biology. Only after acquiring in-depth knowledge, you'll be able to reap the benefits of being a doctor.

1. High Salary

According to labor statistics, the average salary a doctor earns is around $190000 per year. It also depends on your specialization and experience, such as orthopedics, dentistry, cardiology, gynaecology or Neurology. Generally, Neurologists have a high salary as compared to general physicians and family doctors.

2. Personal Satisfaction

According to the American Medical Association survey, 42% of the doctors are highly satisfied with their work. Although it is a challenging profession, treating ill patients gives you satisfaction, the job is the right choice. The opportunity for continuous learning is there in being a doctor while learning for the good of the community.

3. Immigration

In the United States, Medical colleges and universities reserve 25% of total seats for overseas candidates. Since the demand is not fulfilled locally and there is a shortage of doctors, choosing to be a doctor can be an elucidating career path for those looking to migrate abroad.

Even the automation industry cannot meet the shortage of doctors worldwide and is only capable of assisting them. You can choose any country to study medicine and be a acquire citizenship after completion of the course which is one of the noteworthy advantages of being a doctor.

4. Less Physical Labour

Being a doctor doesn’t involve any physical activities, and hence the doctors can perform their work efficiently in their later years. Unlike blue-collar or yellow-collar jobs, doctors have a strong reputation among everyone. You don't have to have physical parameters to qualify for the medical courses, except for practicing medicines.

5. Job Security is one of the unique advantages of being a doctor

A doctor never runs out of work; if you don’t want to work at a government or private hospital, you may start your clinic and propel your career. One of the major advantages of being a doctor is the freedom to work almost anywhere at your convenience. Even if you travel to a remote place or a rural area, your expertise is less likely to be influenced, as the doctor can still treat patients anywhere.

What are the Disadvantages of Being a Doctor?

Before you decide on a career option, various things might come up as challenges in the form of health, stress, or even financial issues. So interest can be one thing, but achieving that as a goal can be different altogether. Do note a few disadvantages of being a doctor since every good thing comes at a price.

1. Long Education Period

The average duration of medical studies is 3-7 years which is more than most other courses. After completing the doctor's degree program, you must practice as an intern to hone your skills in whatever department. This means you'll take more years to be professionally fit to take the role of surgeon or physician while the learning continues throughout your life.

2. Hectic Schedule

The job can be quite difficult as the working hours are extended and unpredictable, especially for surgeons. Since a Physician has to consult more patients due to the shortage of doctors, this leads to rush at doctors' end.

During seasonal diseases, the patients usually flock to hospitals and clinics and may have to wait, but the doctors have to keep working to help more and more patients.

3. Emotional Stress is one of the major disadvantages of being a doctor

Those who are emotionally and mentally stronger may not struggle through tough experiences a doctor has to face in his life. The continuous fight to examine, treat, and monitor the patients can be disturbing and lead to emotional stress in doctors.

Many doctors feel it's the toughest of the challenges to meet a patient's family and break the bad news about their loved ones. While many people believe doctors are doing their job, but to the doctors themselves, it's a much more excruciating experience.

4. Lawsuits

A doctor may fight hard to treat patients and protect them from diseases, but there are malpractices in which many doctors are involved in treating for money. And the survival of a patient is risked for personal benefits. In such malpractices, the doctors are facing lawsuits due to their inability to save someone.

5. High Education Fee

Medical institutes' fees are very high compared to other courses, be it a graduate or master's. So if you are financially stable, there won't be a problem. But you may have to face a large debt if you choose to study medicine through education loans or mortgages.

Conclusion on Pros and Cons of Being a Doctor

There is a continuous shortage of doctors worldwide, and the number of medical colleges is limited. You may have to attempt many competitive or entrance tests before getting admission to a medical college and practicing medicine. The next is financial support for the next 5 to 7 years. But if your life's purpose is to help people with your knowledge, the problems are not your comparison. Considering the pros and cons of being a doctor is worthwhile even after graduating and starting your professional life.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Being a Doctor

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the disadvantages of being a doctor?

Another disadvantage of being a doctor is that there has been an upswing in litigation and malpractice claims. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, approximately 2,500 malpractice claims in 2005. Therefore, potential liability claims must be considered when considering becoming a doctor.

What are the challenges of being a doctor?

Doctors' jobs are very demanding. They work long, irregular hours and may be required to rotate shifts every week or two weeks. This scheduling makes it difficult for family life.

What disadvantages of being a doctor?

The medicine career requires extensive schooling and training; therefore, doctors have
1. high levels of debt upon graduation,
2. high levels of stress,
3. long hours, and
4. irregular work hours.

Is being a doctor hard?

Most physicians work more than 40 hours a week. Their job is stressful since they must deal with sick and often irritable individuals. Because people's lives are in their hands, they bear a significant burden on their shoulders. Because of these strains, many doctors feel overworked and stressed.

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