Advantages and Disadvantages of M Learning

As the name suggests, m learning or mobile learning is the knowledge you gain using electronic gadgets such as smartphones or tablets. New electronic gadgets like smartphones, tablets, netbooks, etc., make efficient use of the knowledge residing on www. There is information for everyone on the internet in bulk, which can be used for further development. Mobile learning benefits everyone with the internet as they can gain knowledge for free. The Advantages and Disadvantages of M Learning evaluate its pros and cons from a wider perspective.

What are the Advantages of M learning?

The internet generation knows that books are not the only friend anymore with vast information resting on the World Wide Web. Whether it's about the medical field, space, or human psychology, the web is full of knowledge about every field. The following are more advantages of m learning that everyone should know.

1. Abundance of knowledge

One of the major advantages of mobile learning is the amount of information you can get from the internet. All this information can accumulate into the size of a strawberry. On the other hand, books and other written forms in which you get information are limited to the number of pages.

Digitization is a remarkable invention of technology that you people don’t have to carry books and notes everywhere. What they need is available in plenty in their smartphones and laptop.

2. Portability is one of the commendable advantages of m learning

The information goes wherever you go; all the information you need can be carried with you on a single device as unlimited information is already present on the internet.

So with such mobile learning benefits, you are not entitled to stay at a particular place like a library. Instead, you can be at any place, and if you are curious to learn, you can learn it while travelling or on vacation.

3. Knowledge is Free for everyone

The availability of content in audio, video, written, and graphical forms on the web make it easy for every user to understand the concepts. Furthermore, since 2000 mobile technology has evolved, other technologies like software, cameras, recorders, and other electronic gadgets have also greatly improved.

Together, all of them have worked hard to provide information accurately and in the best possible forms to all the users. All you need are a device and internet connection to fetch knowledge from the web without paying a dime.

4. Define your own pace

If you have already chosen your area of interest, with multiple sources of information, you can do R&D on your own and widen your grasp. You can learn your subjects at your own pace at any time. The amount of information is unlimited, and anybody can grasp as much the amount you want and get m learning benefits.

So choosing your field and start gathering maximum information at your own pace is the key m learning advantage. Just keep in mind that it takes a lot of effort for execution, and there is a lot of study and research behind every innovation.

5. Mobile learning significantly helps in education

As most institutions heeded to e-learning and work from home during the pandemic, many parents have switched to mobile learning during a lockdown. In the absence of school teachers, kids can learn better using the available resources and take notes.

The use of mobile learning made it possible for schools and colleges to reach out to students at their homes so that their curriculum doesn't get affected.

What are the Disadvantages of M learning?

Even with the benefits of mobile learning, there are downsides associated with its use and the methods involved. Although it provides you with immense knowledge, certain limitations of m learning need to be considered. Information accuracy is a major concern among m learning disadvantages.

1. Extended Screen Time is among the serious disadvantages of m learning

More screen time means more health risks, including eye strain, behavioural problems, and sleep issues. Since the time spent with books is also replaced by mobiles and laptops, the time spent in the virtual world has its own downsides.

Recent studies showed the amount of time spent by a user checking emails, interacting on social media, and learning from the internet has doubled on average. This simply means that we are spending more time in the virtual world instead of the real. More screen time also endangers your health as it may cause sleep issues, and even behavioural issues in kids.

2. Lack of physical interaction

As said above, mobile learning allows you to learn and discuss things online. But it lacks the experience of physical interaction and on-spot discussion, which involves both physical spontaneity.

As the natural environment created within a school classroom can never be replaced during online classrooms, kids tend to pay less attention in online classrooms. Kids may also start performing poorly due to such disadvantages of m learning.

3. Efficiency

The most important thing about learning is the amount of information you read and the amount you understand. While you have unlimited information available, you need to have a sufficient environment and setup to learn and understand a subject efficiently. Most importantly, it's your interest that drives your learning skills, be it from a book or the web.

4. Major Limitations of m learning are too many Distractions

Every time a notification pops up on your screen, it causes distraction which in turn disrupts your learning process. For example, it's difficult for teachers to tend to lectures when there are a bunch of students wreaking havoc in the classroom.

Similarly, the information in any form like written or videos gets paused for a while as you close the ads and notifications. Even social media and emails can create continuous distractions during learning hours.

5. Dependence on Technology

While online education and M-learning are the things of the modern era, users are more dependent on technology than ever before. Along with security risks associated, health concerns have also increased with the use of mobile devices.

By keeping your mobile away for a day, there are fewer chances of not missing your favourite songs, social media, or messages. Why not engage yourself in gardening or walk in the open air.

Conclusion on Pros and Cons of m learning

With the shift towards online education and distance learning, the world is expected to engage in m learning in the future. Before delving into it, you must be aware of the pros and Cons of m learning. Overall, mobile learning provides you with the latest tools and information needed to keep you updated and educated.

Even if you are an old-school bookworm, the technology is on its path of innovations. Like it or not, the future of education will be highly dependent on emerging technology. If we learn to use it wisely, the mentioned problems can be sorted out and rectified in time.

Advantages and Disadvantages of M Learning

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you mean by mLearning?

M-learning, sometimes called mobile learning, is the practice of learning in many settings utilizing social and content interactions through personal electronic devices. M-learners utilize mobile device educational technology in their leisure time, a type of distance education.

What are the types of mLearning?

Concerning distance learning, four categories of mobile learning may be formed:
1. High transactional socialized m-learning.
2. High transactional customized m-learning.
3. Low transactional socialized m-learning
4. Low transactionally personalized m-learning

What are the advantages of mLearning?

Mobile learning is a method of delivering instructional material that allows for adaptation. By eliminating the requirement for learning to occur at a particular time and place. Mobile learning takes teaching flexibility to new heights by providing instructional materials such as videos, podcasts, and other multimedia formats on smartphones and devices.

What is the disadvantage of mobile learning?

Users can unintentionally disperse learning material when utilizing mobile learning courses, resulting in a fragmented learning experience and decreased engagement. In addition, device compatibility difficulties can develop as smartphones lack standardization.

Is M-learning good?

The ability to learn from anywhere and at any time is one of the most appealing aspects of mLearning. Aside from the fact that it allows learners to choose where and when to learn, mLearning also allows pupils to act independently, increasing their chances of being involved in the learning process.

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