Advantages and Disadvantages of Internship at Google

It’s everyone’s dream to apply for an internship at Google and build their resume. Applying for a Google internship is like a dream come true for many students. The company is one of the leading tech giants with total assets worth $327 billion. With a presence in 154 locations globally, Google Inc. is the only employment provider in the world with over a hundred thousand employees. Most of them are interns. If you are also aspiring to join the task force, it’s worth noticing the Advantages and Disadvantages of an Internship at Google.

Google offers internships to students and graduates to enroll in different programs in various fields such as software designing, development, engineering, marketing, and management. The eligibility criteria for google interns is graduation, and students in their final year are also eligible to apply. The requirements are an updated resume and a transcript from the university.

Google LLC is a multinational technology company based in California, United States. Founded in 2008, it has specialized in many internet-related products and services like cloud computing, marketing, search engines etc. Founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin, currently, Sundar Pichai is the company's CEO. Google Alphabet has recorded an annual net income of $40.269B in 2020. There are plenty of evident reasons to apply for the internship programme at Google and boost your career from different perspectives.

What are the Advantages of Internship at Google?

Google LLC is owned by Alphabet Inc., which now holds subsidiaries like Youtube, Fitbit, Google AI etc. It is the world’s most used search engine and among the top five companies in the American IT industry. The current value of the company is enough to give you reasons why you should join it. Google offers learning and training programs in different streams. You may also want to join a programme once you go through some of the advantages of an Internship at Google.

1. High Salary

One of the perks in working at the world's number one software company is the high salary it offers. An average intern earns around $5800 a month, and the highest packages are offered to students in campus placements. This is typically 3-5 times more than packages offered by other companies.

2. Travel and Accommodation

All the travel and accommodation charges are taken care of by the company itself, and apart from salary, there are numerous benefits that a google employee enjoys. For example, for everyday commute, shuttles are provided by the company, and bikes can be rented for the short or long term.

3. Regular Trips

The company takes its employees on regular field trips as a part of practical experience and leisure. Movies, hiking, dinners are highlights of the extra benefits of being a Google employee. In addition, being at the top of the list, the company also places interns for in-house positions after they complete their internships.

4. Extra Perks are added advantages of Internship at Google

Apart from many luxurious perks, food is the delight, with many cafeterias to enjoy coffee and juice on the campus. Animals are also allowed on many campuses and include a library in every zone for free time reading. Some places even have sleep pods for quick naps for employees who spend much time in or outside the office.

5. Insurance Cover

The company covers all its employees with health and travel insurance along with their families too. What else do you need to be an employee when you have a handy salary, and the extra benefits are way beyond your expectations. The company tries to provide all essential requirements for its employees, and self-learning and experience gained from the company help transform your future into better shape.

What are the Disadvantages of an Internship at Google?

Google employs its workers based on a hierarchical system ranging from entry-level to managers and experienced engineers. Currently, 1,00,000+ people work in Google, of which 68 % are males, and 32% are females. Apart from this, it has employed over 1,21,000 temporary workers in offices worldwide. Even after practices such as designating a Chief Culture Officer to maintain and develop its workplace culture, various allegations have been raised by former employees. Here is a list of a few disadvantages of an Internship at Google.

1. Lots of Work to Do

Living as an intern at Google, there’s a lot of responsibilities to handle. Interns have to deal with immense pressure as they are the ones who have to listen to their mentors and perform tasks simultaneously. From designing to development, interns are expected to bring their best at work to showcase their outstanding abilities.

2. Limited Seats are the main disadvantages of Internship at Google

While the benefits of Google Internship are quite many, the seats to enjoy these are few, which means only 1500 out of 40,000 candidates are selected in the United States for the internship program each year. This makes it a very competitive place to get selected.

3. Competitive Environment

The winner takes all; even the selection doesn’t assure your place in the organization as the worlds best have unlimited choices. So any lack in your skills and performance can lead to losing your job as the environment is highly competitive.

4. Specialized Tools

Most of the tools and software used are unique and are limited to Google, so any prior experience is less helpful. Also, after completing the internship at Google, this software may not be of any use in other companies as these are specifically designed by Google itself.

5. Lengthy and Tiring Selection Process

The process of getting selection in Google is slow and tedious, as well as it consists of long interview sessions. The company identifies technical, and other skills in its employee and the process from applying to getting into the program can take few months.

Conclusion on Pros and Cons of Internship at Google

Altogether the reviews from former and current interns, the benefits seem to be way more attractive than any of its disadvantages. In addition to the experience gained while working with the world’s best employer, the extra perks are also far beyond anyone’s imagination. The company’s environment is highly competitive, and the continuous pressure to excel in your field can be mentally challenging.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Internship at Google

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Apply for Google Internship Programme?

Visit here at find current internship programmes based on your qualifications and job requirements. You can also check out scholarships, programs, events, and more here. More details ...

How to apply for internship at Google?

There are many roles Google offer for summer internships. You can go through the list of positions and tailor your resume before applying. Check details here to apply for Google Internship and go through the Frequently Asked Questions. More details ...

What are the benefits of Google internship?

1. Google interns are important
2. Ability to make a difference
3. Excellent benefits and tasks
4. Googleyness is key
5. Great mentorship and training

Do Google interns get paid?

Interns at Google earn more than the average full-time employee in the United States. According to Glassdoor, a typical Google intern makes $5,678 per month or $68,136 per year.

Is it hard to get a Google internship?

According to the recruiters, getting an internship at Google is more complex than gaining admittance to Stanford or Harvard.

Why is Google one of the best places to do an internship?

All types of interns at Google receive great benefits, learn a lot and make a difference in their team and organization. They can expect to work with some of the biggest names in technology and science. They can expect to build new products, change the face of technology and do what they love at one of the best places to work.

How long is a Google internship?

Internships are generally 12 to 14 weeks long. Each position's start and end dates may differ; talk with your recruiter about your specific start and finish dates.

What are Google interns called?


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