Advantages and Disadvantages of Abacus

The pandemic has battered the schooling system across the world, and education methods is are slight turns. Once used for mathematical calculations, now Abacus has become a learning tool. Kids at home are learning mathematics through wires or rods with beads in them. The Advantages and Disadvantages of Abacus learning method for kids evaluate the pros and cons.

What is Abacus?

Abacus is generally known as counting frame which has been in use for mathematical calculations for centuries. This system consists of a number of rows of movable beads or other objects, which represent digits. One of two numbers is set up, and the beads are manipulated to implement an operation involving a second number (e.g., addition), or rarely a square or cube root.

There are still some questions on who invented Abacus or from where it originated. Using an abacus, you can perform all the basic arithmetic operations like addition, multiplication, subtraction, division, finding Square, Square Roots, Cubes, and Cube Roots.

Even today where calculators and computers have replaced abacus, it still remains in common use to educate children in some countries. Merchants, traders, and clerks in some parts of Eastern Europe, Russia, China and Africa use abacuses, and they are still used to teach arithmetic to children.

Each country follows its own methodology to design Abacus. In this Abacus, they focused on beads, though the design might be different. Some made abacus with rods, while some made with bamboo sticks, and so on.

Earlier, Abacus was used just for basic arithmetic operations such as addition or subtraction. As time marched on, people around the globe learned more ways to learn through this tool. Now, the abacus is used for multiple mathematical operations like arithmetics by dividing the beads into 10.

What are the Advantages of Abacus for Kids?

No questions why Abacus is used these days. As the schools remain closed due to lockdown, parents take on the responsibility to teach their kids through homeschooling. Therefore, using the Abacus as a teaching tool for your kids would be quite a common thing to see in the given circumstances.

1. It’s all done mentally is one Advantage for Kids

There are many advantages of Abacus for the kids who are learning the abacus tool. Using the abacus, as a teacher, it will be easier for you to teach kid’s mathematics without wasting paper and other utilities.

2. Abacus is evidently an Effective Tool

Abacus is a centuries-old learning tool that’s been used for learning mathematical operations and calculations. Many parents still doubt that investing in an abacus tool kit wouldn’t be as effective as teaching the kids through board. Abacus has been used in Schools for years. So it is a proven fact that kids will enjoy learning mathematics using an abacus.

3. Abacus Tool Strengthens Kids’ Foundation

Using Abacus, kids can strengthen their skills at an early age. Most kids fear mathematics due to complex calculations and Numerical operations. Abacus is a learning-through fun tool that helps them learn all the basics of Mathematics like Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, Square, Square Roots, Cube, Cube Roots.

What are the Disadvantages of Abacus for Kids?

Besides the advantages, there are also a few Disadvantages of Abacus Tool. If you as a parent planning to switch to homeschooling, you need to be able to face the problems on your own before you help the kids throughout their learning.

1. Have Abacus Before you teach

Abacus is based on practical learning. You can’t teach or learn mathematics without having the Abacus tool. Using the Abacus Learning Methodology, one needs to have an Abacus tool, whether for self-learning or to teach the kids.

2. Learn before you teach

It’s significantly important for you to learn Abacus tool before you teach basic mathematics to your kids.

3. Abacus is Helpful for Primary Section

Using the abacus, you can teach the students who are in the primary section. The biggest disadvantage of the Abacus tool is that it’s not suitable for students who want to do Advance Mathematics.

4. Abacus Can’t Solve Complex maths- one of the Disadvantages of Abacus

The inability to solve complex mathematical problems is one of the concerning disadvantages of the Abacus Tool learning system.

Abacus Benefits for Kids

Many schools across eth UK and USA have mandated homeschooling for kids. Kids at an early age are eager to learn new things. Having a tool such as Abacus benefits kids in both ways. The Abacus tool is a faster way to learn mathematics while having fun.

With the help of the Abacus tool, kids can learn to count and do basic arithmetic calculations. Even before entering their classroom, they would be having enough knowledge of mathematics.

Abacus Training

In many countries, such as Russia and Japan, schools have made Abacus a mandatory tool to teach kids mathematics through practical learning. Not just Students, Parents, and Teachers are also actively taking part in the training session to learn the usage of the Abacus and teach their kids through Abacus. It’s a lot to learn for parents to be able to teach their kids. Given that Abacus has a history of use in ancient mathematics, this method is easier for kids to understand mathematics at the elementary level. In the Advantages and Disadvantages of Abacus, the benefits can only outweigh the limitations once you know the basics of teaching Abacus.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Abacus

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the disadvantages of Abacus?

1. Without a tool, you can't learn the Abacus.
2. Before utilizing an abacus, one must first acquire knowledge.
3. If you're doing many calculations with an abacus, you won't be able to keep track of your results.

Is Abacus good for child?

It's been shown to be one of the most efficient ways for young children to perform mental arithmetic. Abacus learning aids in basic calculations such as addition, multiplication, subtraction, and division; it also aids in counting decimal points, negative numbers, etc.

Is Abacus good for brain?

When children use both hands to move abacus beads in arithmetic computations, it activates cells in their brains' right and left sides. This leads to quicker, more accurate whole brain growth, resulting in a greater intellectual capacity.

Is Abacus useful for adults?

An adult's brain is unable primarily to visualize, judge accurately, and calculate rapidly due to age. An abacus is an ideal instrument for anyone to enhance their mental and visualization abilities. Adults that use abacus-based arithmetic processes have better attention and concentration.

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