Advantages and Disadvantages of Dating Apps

Online Dating is the new normal amid the growing pandemic. People have taken on virtual Dating as the only option to find love while maintaining social distance. There is not only a spike in Covid cases but also in the use of dating apps. Is it as good as it seems? The Advantages and Disadvantages of Dating Apps speculate the negative effects of online dating and why it’s good.

The rise in online Dating amid the pandemic

There is a surge in the number of users on Online Dating Apps like Tinder, eharmony, OkCupid, Oemgle, Bu,ble, and Hinge. According to April 2020 survey data of online dating app users in the US, 31% of respondents used online dating apps or websites more than before the COVID-19 pandemic.

Surprisingly, the number of smartphone dating app users in the US alone reached to nearly 27 million this year. According to data company Apptopia, the top 20 dating apps in the US have gained 1.5 million daily active users this year.

What are the advantages of Dating Apps?

Online dating apps received a recent upsurge in terms of use since the outbreak of the pandemic. Most people have confined themselves to virtual dating. These advantages of dating apps delve into the reasons why online dating is good.

1. Establishing Social Connections

Humans are social animals; due to home restrictions and social distancing, people have turned to online dating apps to maintain social connection and interaction. Dating apps are not only a convenient way to stay connected but also a stress buster.

You can find someone of your preferences with the comfort of your own space. Dating apps are an easy way to get introduced to potential suitors.

2. Safety is one of the key advantages of dating apps

Pandemic poses many challenges which threaten safety, especially in many ways. Transmission of infection is one of the dreaded problems these days. Different health factors and environmental factors restrain physical contact. At this time, fear of the unknown is what causing unrest among people.

Nobody knows who has the infection and who hasn’t. Dating Apps are the best possible way to stay safe and connected with the people you want to know.

3. Dating Apps let you choose your date

You are free to choose your dating partner depending on your preferences and how you expect your partner to be like. If you have a perfect match, it may be the start of a new relationship.

Online dating apps typically let you sift through many different profiles based on your preferences. The major advantages of using dating apps are getting your details like age, location, height, gender, and ethnicity, so these attributes help the apps narrow down the lists of potential matches.

4. No geographical limits

Finding your partner in the desired location is one of the commendable advantages of online dating apps. Offering you access to your profile from your smartphone, virtual dating apps lets you find your match in your preferred location.

Disregarding ethnicity, social, and economic background, someone looking for love only needs to have internet access, create an account, and start finding the right match. This also helps you to get familiar to a different culture.

5. Virtual Dating Apps makes you feel less Lonely

Introverts are prone to feel nervous and goosebumps while interacting with someone. Worst case scenario, they may have panic and anxiety attacks which put them into an awkward situation.

Online Dating Apps come to the rescue of individuals who feel lonely as they hesitate to interact in person. Given that emotional intimacy is the need of the hour for everyone, virtual dating apps are the best available option they have.

What are the Disadvantages of Dating Apps?

While there are many advantages of virtual dating, several disadvantages of dating apps have also come to notice recently. Online romance scams and data theft are common cons of online dating apps that force you to think why online dating is bad. The following factors put some light on the negative effects of virtual dating.

1. Fake accounts

Virtual dating apps are often feared to have fake profiles. Even if a profile looks legitimate, you are never sure who is operating the account on the other end of the line. To abstain from being defrauded by a phony profile, you can download the profile picture and search it on the internet using Google Picture Search.

You can investigate further into the matter and save yourself from a possible scam. If you’ve already been dating someone for a while, but they do not agree to meet face-to-face, it’s a sign to act now. It could mean that they are not who they show they are.

2. Dating Apps Are Dishonest

What you see is not what you always get; your profile picture is one of the main reasons people judge you. Consider someone showing their age to be 25, but in reality, they are 35. This often happens on virtual dating apps and websites where it’s easy for someone to mislead you.

Online daters also provide false information about their age, height, or weight, even uploading fake pictures to attract viewers. Income and sexuality are other common details that people either tend to hide or lie about.

3. Scams have always been concerning disadvantages of dating apps

Hackers can easily get to your personal and financial details once they break into your account can you have to face the dangers of online dating. Since the online world threatens your personal safety, no apps or websites will remain unaffected by the vulnerabilities.

Regardless of how sweet or convincing somebody on the dating sites may sound, you must not hand them your own financial or personal information such as a residential address, ID number, pictures, or credentials.

4. Virtual dating Apps are Pricey

No Virtual Dating Apps offers its services for free; even if it’s a free platform to meet people, you never know their hidden charges. Some apps will charge you to increase your profile visibility, while some will ask you to pay more to unlock certain features.

Let’s also not forget that a monthly subscription is also one of the problematic disadvantages of virtual dating as you have to supply your credit card or debit card details into the fee form. You may not know whether a virtual dating app is trustworthy or not.

5. Online Dating makes interaction less personal

While virtual dating sites and apps let you begin a relationship with someone new, the conversation taking place entirely virtually can be a tricky affair. Your relationship existing online can be one of the main disadvantages of virtual dating.

Psychologists suggest that “virtual interaction may have an artificial and unemotional quality as it is harder to assess a potential match. Lack of physical interaction may also alter your feelings towards a person.

Conclusion on advantages and disadvantages of dating apps.

The advantages and disadvantages of dating apps pretty much clear the picture. Lockdown is among the many factors driving more and more people to choose virtual dating apps. To ensure your safety from the negative effects of online dating, it’s best to check for reviews of dating app first. You can start your research from Google Play Store and check for app ratings.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Dating Apps

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of dating app?

1. They're more efficient and faster.
2. Mutual friends are shown by apps.
3. Vetting someone is simpler.
4. You'll receive only messages from individuals you've liked on dating applications.
5. Dating sites have a lot of new, improved features, as do other mobile applications. 6. They're ideal for people who are quiet and shy.

How do dating apps affect relationships?

According to the Pew Research Center, a larger proportion of Americans who are presently using dating sites or apps, as well as those who have done so in the past year, report that their experience left them feeling more dissatisfied (45 percent) than hopeful (28 percent), with concerns about lack of personal and emotional connections, safety among others.

Is it safe to use dating apps?

Because online dating apps don't run criminal background checks on their users, it's up to each individual to decide whether they're comfortable meeting someone. It's vital, however, to keep in mind that if you are a victim of sexual assault or abuse while dating online or utilizing an app, it isn't your fault.

Are online relationships real?

An internet relationship is a connection between people who have met online and know each other solely through the Internet. Online connections are comparable to pen pal relationships in many ways. For example, this connection might be romantic, platonic, or based on commercial concerns.

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