Pros and Cons of Antlers for Dogs

Chewing antlers is a great mental exercise and physical activity for adult dogs with strong teeth. Chewing serves as a pain relief mechanism for puppies since it keeps their jaws strong and teeth clean. It also combats boredom and can help with mild anxiety or irritation. Puppies need lots of chewing time, especially when teething spring. While many believe that puppies like chewing, most senior dogs enjoy a nice raw bone or bully stick chew. Providing antler chews to your dog might be beneficial or harmful, depending on their chewing technique. Let's go through the pros and cons of antlers for dogs so you can make an informed choice.

What are the Pros of Antlers Chews for Dogs?

There are several advantages to dog antlers, and they aren't limited to the list above. Because of this, many people love them.

1. Dogs Love them

Antlers are very popular with dogs and puppies of all ages. They love the taste, smell, and feel of antlers and will often chew on them for hours at a time. When giving your dog a treat or a toy, you should give them something they'll like. And no wonder; dog antlers are one of the best things for dogs. Most dogs love antlers. They have a lovely fragrance and taste and plenty of chew-centric fun—just what pups looking for something to gnaw on need.

2. Teeth Health is one of the main pros of Antlers for dogs

Chewing on antlers helps to keep your dog's teeth clean and healthy. It can also help remove any tartar or plaque built up over time. When dog gnaws on antlers, it may help remove any plaque built up on their teeth. This will keep your dog's bite clean and shiny, but it might also aid in the prevention of periodontal disease.

3. They're a Natural Product

Antlers are completely natural and free from harmful chemicals or preservatives. This means they're much safer for your dog to chew on than many manufactured products. Antlers are obtained from Elk or Deers, which don't contain harmful chemicals. If you want a safe and healthy chew for your dog, you can't go wrong with antlers.

4. Long Lasting

Unlike many other chew toys, antlers don't need to be replaced. An average-sized deer antler will last around one year before it begins wearing down and becomes small enough to swallow whole. Buying them is pocket-friendly, one of the economic pros of antlers for dogs.

5. They're a Great Alternative to Rawhide

Many people don't like letting their dogs eat rawhide because it can cause blockages or even be a choking hazard. Antlers are a great alternative for those concerned about rawhide, as they're just as fun and much healthier for your dog.

What are the Cons of Antlers Chews for Dogs?

Antlers have both benefits and drawbacks. There are several potential cons of antlers for dogs which can also turn severe.

1. They Can Be a Choking Hazard

Smaller antler pieces can easily be swallowed whole by dogs, leading to choking or even blockages. It's important to supervise your dog while chewing on antlers and remove any small pieces that could pose a risk.

2. They Can Be Hard on Teeth

Antlers are very hard, damaging your dog's teeth if they chew on them too much. If you give your dog antlers to chew on, it's important to monitor their use and ensure they're not wearing down their teeth excessively.

3. They're Not for Every Dog

Some dogs simply don't like the taste or smell of antlers, so they won't want to chew on them. To find out if your dog likes antlers or not, you should give them a few pieces and see how they react. If your dog isn't interested in chewing on their new toy or treat, it might be better to try something else.

4. Cost can be among the main cons of Antlers for dogs

A large deer antler can easily cost upwards of $30, which means that buying them for all of your dogs could quickly get very expensive! If this is an issue for you, it may be better to stick with other alternatives like rawhide bones or bully sticks.

5. They Can Be Messy

Antlers are great at keeping dogs busy and entertained, but they can be quite messy. When they start to wear down, it's important to throw them away and replace them, as pieces can easily fall off and get scattered around the house.

You love your dog just as they love you. You wouldn't do anything to harm them, but sadly it happens every day. Every year thousands of dogs suffer from injuries from chewing on antlers and bones. Even though these treats are a wonderful alternative to rawhide or other cheap toys, there are several rare to common cons of antlers for dogs.

Even for older dogs, there is a right and wrong way to give them an antler chew. Most experts recommend that you supervise your dog while chewing on an antler and take it away once it starts getting small. This is because smaller pieces can easily break off and become lodged in your dog's throat. If this happens, it could cause them to choke or suffer from other serious health complications.

Conclusion on the Pros and Cons of Antlers for Dogs

Overall, antlers are a great treat for dogs and puppies of all ages. They're fun, healthy, and long-lasting, making them a great alternative to many other chew toys or treats. However, they can also be a choking hazard, hard on teeth, and inappropriate for every dog. If you're considering giving your dog antlers to chew on, it's important to monitor their use closely and take any necessary precautions to keep your dog safe.

Pros and Cons of Antlers for Dogs

Frequently Asked Questions

Do vets recommend antlers for dogs?

While most veterinarians discourage giving dogs antlers, if you choose to give your dog an antler, it is a good idea to keep an eye on him while he chews on it (or any chew toy).

How long should I let my dog chew on an antler?

Chewing on an antler aids in the removal of plaque from your dog's teeth, keeping them clean and white. If a dog chews on an antler for thirty minutes each day, the plaque on its teeth can be reduced by 70%.

Are antler horns good for dogs?

Deer antlers are high in minerals and contain no calories, unlike many other dog snacks. They're a wonderful way to promote good dental health and keep your dog's teeth clean and healthy. Despite a few minor drawbacks, they are indisputably beneficial in the right situation.

Can dogs eat antlers every day?

The simple answer is that, yes, antlers are safe for dogs to chew on. Antler chews are considered safer for dogs than rawhide due to the fact that they don't readily splinter and are an all-natural chew. In comparison to other dog chews, antlers are a highly long-lasting treat.

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