Advantages and Disadvantages of Javascript

JavaScript is a programming language that revolutionized web-based applications and browsers, adding dynamic functionality. Considered an essential element to web designing, JS adds more dynamic features to the client-side when inserted within the HTML webpages. If you are working on this scripting language, you need to consider some Advantages and Disadvantages of Javascript.

What are the Advantages of JavaScript?

It’s the advantages of Javascript that many professionals use to develop client/server-side web applications, add interactive behaviour, and even create web and mobile apps. Following are the reasons why there are benefits of Javascript over other scripting languages that are worthwhile.

1. JS is faster

It runs within the client’s browser, which makes it faster than other scripting languages. It doesn’t have to depend on other resources outside the browser, which means it merely slows down due to no intervention of the server backend. As browsers these days come with Just in Time compiler for JavaScript, the code doesn’t have to be compiled externally while running.

2. Simplicity is one of the advantages of JavaScript

Compared to other programming languages such as C++, JavaScript is relatively easier to learn. Simplicity and ease of learning are major attractions of this language as you can develop its code along with HTML using Notepad. It’s also less complicated than other languages, which mean all the functionality can be added through the DOM model.

3. Online Support

JavaScript is popular, which counts as one of the main advantages of JavaScript as you can get help from online tutorials and forums and get help for your projects. As with the advancing technology, Node.js is increasing grabbing its hold in the region, and it’s easier for backend developers to find and add top-notch functionality to web projects.

4. Interoperability

Not only is JavaScript easy to learn, but also very easy to use. JS comes preinstalled installed on every modern browser so that you don’t have to go through the hassles of installing it explicitly. Furthermore, unlike PHP or Pearl, JavaScript can be inserted independently into any web page and in many different kinds of applications.

5. Modern-day scripting Language

Surprising to some, but JavaScript is still one of the competent scripting languages used to build attractive web projects. You can create features like drag-and-drop and components such as sliders, all of which greatly boost the interface and give a classy experience to the site. Developers have freedom to write snippets of JavaScript and extend its functionality.

What are the Disadvantages of JavaScript?

Since JavaScript is a client-side scripting language that acts as an interpreter instead of a compiler. Besides its benefits, there are different disadvantages of JavaScript that can surface.

1. Client-Side Security

Since it’s a client-side scripting language, malicious users can manipulate the bugs and oversights to harm users. In addition, users are vulnerable to cyber-attacks due to this limitation of JavaScript. Hackers can exploit user's system by running malicious code on client machine. Because of this reason, some people it’s better to disable JavaScript in their browser.

2. Code visibility is one of the major disadvantages of JavaScript

Everything you have written in the JavaScript code is visible to everyone who views the web page. This means it’s easier for any programmer to copy and paste the same functionality using the codes generated by you. This could be one of the biggest disadvantages of JavaScript.

3. Time taking

More functionality means more conversions of variables. The continuous conversions of numbers to integers takes more time and hence reduces the site’s speed. This can be the biggest limitation of using JavaScript in the code when your site is SEO-specific.

4. Advanced Competitor

JavaScript is an old language whose use has been shrunken in many advanced-level scripting languages such as JQuery, Elm, ClojureScript, etc. Many other scripting languages offer an easy way to achieve the same or even better functionality with very little effort.

5. Disabling JavaScript can hinder a web page

Some websites depend entirely on the JavaScript code running on the client-side. Therefore, if you disable JavaScript in the browser, the entire JavaScript code may not run.

If you disable JavaScript, you may be unable to use certain features on a website and in a worst-case scenario, you may get stuck on it due to non-functionality. This may turn into one of the problematic disadvantages of JavaScript.

Conclusion on Advantages and Disadvantages of Javascript

Being one of the oldest scripting languages, JavaScript is also one of the most reliable client-side scripting languages running independently. However, developers tend to opt for its alternatives to achieve optimum functional features due to its limitations. Therefore, if you are thinking of switching to this language, you need to understand the Advantages and Disadvantages of JavaScript fully to avoid its downsides.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Javascript

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of javascript?

Javascript is used to create interactive pages with dynamic content on the internet. This shows that Javascript is a very good server-side language. It has many advantages over other languages available for this purpose; for example, it requires no compilation before execution. Another important factor is that Javascript is supported by all major browsers, giving it the cross-browser capability.

Why JavaScript is not secure?

Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) is a JavaScript security flaw that occurs when a user's input is not properly filtered. Cross-Site Scripting problems allow attackers to tamper with websites and force them to display harmful scripts to users. Depending on the attacker, these malicious scripts are then invoked on the client-side.

Why do we need JavaScript?

JavaScript is a programming language that has been widely used to develop web pages. It allows us to add dynamic features and animations to our website. Validation is mostly based on JavaScript on internet sites. JavaScript helps us perform sophisticated operations and allow websites to communicate with visitors.

Why is Javascript not popular?

This is because javascript has a lot of restrictions and is not supported in some old browsers. As a result, it is slower in performance than other script languages.

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