Advantages and Disadvantages of Democracy

A country or state is said to be democratic, where the entire population has the right to voice their concerns to make specific decisions. The population may choose their representative to participate in the political system to address the issues emanating in the society. Countries with full democracy also have thriving economies. Some of the democratic countries are New Zealand, Finland, Norway, and Sweden. While the USA and Nigeria are examples of Presidential Democracies. Democracy also occurs in business structures and during personal decisions. A population can experience various Advantages and Disadvantages of Democracy based on the circumstances and the delegate they choose.

What are the Advantages of Democracy?

Many intellects believe that there are more advantages of democracy for a country as it promotes equality and gives a right to every individual. Moreover, this form of government is considered the best form of the structure due to the following reasons.

1. Citizens can involve with their governments

Ordinary citizens have the right to put their personal opinions to the table and decide to choose what’s good for their nation. They can choose whether to vote or not. It doesn’t depend on whether they form a majority in the government; they can express their concerns freely, just like everyone else within or outside the authority.

2. Democracy promotes equality

Every vote counts within a democracy which bears an impactful value in a democratic nation. People from any community, gender or race participate equally in a democratic society irrespective of their financial or social status.

According to Alexis de Tocqueville, “Democracy and socialism have nothing in common but one word: equality”. People from any class has equal rights on whether to build their nation or bring it to turmoil.

3. Democratic structure reduces exploitation

People can choose a representative from their community to address their issues. This means citizens from the working class can entertain civil rights and make sure there is no exploitation of their rights by the superior classes.

Furthermore, since the selected candidate is from their community, he has the right to raise their concern and take appropriate actions on behalf of the community. A nation with diverse culture has many advantages of democracy in terms of maintaining peace and prosperity.

4. Economic Growth is one of the Advantages of Democracy

A democratic nation’s economy grows faster than the other forms of government as the government is obligated to follow a transparent approach. Therefore, the general population is free to seek the result they want, considering the betterment of their community and the nation. This structure allows citizens the freedom to look for job opportunities, schools, or even places to live.

5. Democracy encourages a nation’s GDP growth

New Zealand, Finland, Sweden, Norway, and Iceland are some greatest examples of democracy where people are more prosperous and productive. With an equal opportunity in the system, citizens can follow their dreams, do what they want as per their specializations, and earn their living.

A nation can only be prosperous when the citizens are more satisfied and fulfill their daily needs. Such people stay fruitful and immensely contribute to growing nation’s GDP by paying their Taxes and shouldering their responsibilities in the society.

What are the Disadvantages of Democracy?

An inefficient government is one of the common disadvantages of democracy. Since everyone can opine while deciding something, reaching the conclusive state may take more time, even in a crisis. Several other limitations of democracy are listed below.

1. Voting is Time-Consuming

Voting means investing time and resources in the process of election. This process generally takes months of planning as the legislation has to schedule the voting plan state-wise rather than wrapping it in a single day.

Moreover, a nation may have to go through dire consequences in public unrest or war situations. Provided it’s lengthy and process, time consumed is among the biggest disadvantages of democracy when quick decisions have to be made to save the nation’s interest.

2. Illiteracy is one of the major disadvantages of Democracy

Corrupt politicians and representatives often mislead illiterate citizens. They tend to fall tempted to temporary benefits rather than long-term ones. For example, if a representative wants to establish a chemical industry in the area despite knowing its health risks, he would lure voters to choose him as their representative.

Uneducated voters would eventually fall prey to offers like job opportunities and salaries without considering the effects of hazardous emissions into the water, soil, or air surrounding the area.

3. Democracy leads to mob rule

People migrating to other countries often seek shelter in their neighborhoods due to many factors. It’s easy to spot community-based areas in the US where Mexicans, Hispanic, African, and Asians have their separate neighborhood, respectively.

They choose they opt for work opportunities and build relationships according to their comfort with like-minded people. A colored citizen would want a colored representative, an Asian prefer to have an Asian representative; a Mexican would prefer someone from their community, as a so on. Unfortunately, democracy with a multi-cultured population is often polarized, which encourages mob rule.

4. Democracy focuses on the needs of the majority

There is always a difference between the majority and minority. For example, the LGBTQ community has received condemnations in many nations rather than equality of rights. Being citizens of their nation, everyone has a right to choose the way they prefer to live.

Many nations have opposed this way of living which shows the democracy still serves the majority. It’s usual for someone to feel marginalized in democracy if they find themselves in the minority consistently.

5. Conflict of interest is one of the main Disadvantages of Democracy

Ordinary citizens tend to save their earnings for better living, while businesspersons and politicians use their best to stay in power. Democracies try to limit the impact of one person on the overall society.

Major dangers of democracy emanate when the majority has more power over the society hence depriving the minority of their basic rights. Such an oppressed situation in the nation can lead to social unrest and conflict within the government.

Conclusion on Pros and Cons of Democracy

The pros and cons of democracy depict that the limitations of this form of government is the best for most nations. Given the system gives every citizen equal rights, the limitations of democracy can also be tackled with the right strategy. However, people must make sure they are choosing their representative without considering the long-term influence on the community and nation as a whole. Some thriving nations are the best examples of how vital democracy can be for others.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Democracy

Frequently Asked Questions

What are advantages of democracy?

In a society in which everyone has a voice and is treated equally, we strive for a world where everyone is valued and treated fairly. Free and franchise elections?We have the opportunity to stand for election and choose who makes our decisions on our behalf. Both citizens and officials guarantee the state's authority ? Everyone is equal before the law, with the law, and must follow the law.

What is the main disadvantage of direct democracy?

The expense of holding elections and meetings makes it a time-consuming process for citizens.

What are the disadvantage of indirect democracy?

Representative democracies have several drawbacks. For example, representatives may distort peoples' demands to suit their political leanings. They may not be held accountable between elections. They can only be removed through elections if the people cease to respect them.

Why is democracy important for us?

Supporting democracy is important for the United States to advance its national interests. Supporting democracy not only promotes such fundamental American ideals as religious freedom and worker rights, but it also aids in the creation of a safer, more stable, and prosperous global environment in which the United States can pursue its national goals.

Why democracy is a better form of government?

1. A democratic government is better governance because it is a more Accountable form of government. Democracy necessitates that the rulers be accountable to the people.
2. Democracy is founded on discussion and consultation. As a result, democracy improves decision-making quality.

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