Advantages and disadvantages of work from home

Working from home due to any reason can be both easy and cumbersome. Whether you are a small-business owner or a self-employed, there are challenges to overshadow and perks to enjoy.

For regular work from home employees, it’s the best type of job. But what about those who are habitual to commute and report to their seniors every day? Let’s find out the Advantages and Disadvantages of Work From Home for employees and freelancers.

What are the Advantages of Work From Home

WFH (Work From Home) can be both beneficial and cumbersome depending on what circumstances and job profile you are in. There are three types of professional engagement namely, Freelance, Remote, and Self-employed. All these professions are differently affected when you are to work from home voluntarily or by orders.

1. WFH Cuts Commuting Costs

Many employees in the center of the well-structured business hubs New York, London, New Delhi, and Mumbai have to take care of their traveling time. In workplaces like these, the morning starts with vehicular blares and revving engines.

It is more of a struggle to manage time and leave time to reach your desk beating all the odds and incurring the expenses of everyday commute. On the other hand, WFH helps you control your budget by letting you continue your work from your drawing-room. Money is time and time is money, and when you are en route, every penny counts, and every second matter.

2. Less Stress and Pressure

A usual routine for every officegoer is like this. Wake up, get ready, suit up, finish your breakfast, and leave as early as possible. When you Work From Home, you are not necessarily bound by the schedule and formal etiquette.

Since you work alone and connect with your team virtually, you are free to choose what to wear and what not to. If you like your attire as you are, go on, there is no one impress. Stay comfy on your sofa and put two and two together by connecting with your work associates.

3. WFH is Suitable Option During Unprecedented Events

Be it rains of Bombay, flooded streets of Delhi, Baltimore or Philadelphia, no one is known to such climatic dangers prior to being affected. These natural occurrences put your work at risk and lead to massive disruption in the system machinery. For some reason, your excuse for being late at work can suffice on occasion.

The other way around, Work From Home gets you a sound opportunity to neglect whatever takes place outside and set your day's schedule.

4. Personalized Environment

Forget about fuss and movement you have to deal with at your workplace. All you have to take care of is work while staying in your home. Let’s not undermine the fact that you can save your energy by unnecessary movements and can focus on what matters to amplify productivity.

Having work and homely atmosphere at centered at one location is another benefit of work from home jobs. You can access eateries and refill to pump your physical and mental efficiency.

5. Utilization of Resources

Utilization of resources is one of the amazing advantages of work from home for employers too. For an organization with higher consumption of electricity and equipment use, work from home assignments are an easy way to save some funds substantially.

Given that power utilization comes first, consumables and other utilities also fall in the same category. Not only the employees, but work from home for employers strategy can work out for employers effectively.

6. More Options Freelancers

For freelancers, work from home is quite a familiar phrase that closely relates comfort and perks. Freelancers have the best of opportunities to boost their skills, income, and additional perks at times when the corporate world emphasizes the WFH strategy.

If you are already into editing, writing, or data entry work, you probably know what are the pros of work from home regardless of your qualification, skillset, or limitations; Whether you are a parenting individual, a retiree, or a homemaker.

What are the Disadvantages of Work From Home?

Where there are positive aspects of Working From Home for many employees and employers, some may treat WFH as a problematic issue. Here are some pitfalls of Work from home restrictions that put many people in confusion.

1. Punctuality Lapse

With all the basic comforts at hand and less mobility among employees, Work from home strategy cannot suit everyone. You need to follow strict and disciplinary measures in order to execute the deliverables within a deadline.

Sitting in one place can make you lousy and can affect your efficacy which results in low output. This pitfall of working from home can cost both the employees and employers.

2. Connectivity Concerns

One of the major concerns and drawbacks of work from home among many is the connectivity issues surfacing now and then. To carry out your daily tasks, internet connectivity is the key ingredient to ensure successful delivery.

Monitoring the work progress, connecting with your mentor or subordinates, or even virtual meetings become difficult in the absence of a reliable internet connection.

3. WFH is out of use for Fieldworkers

For Marketing Professionals and daily wagers, Work From Home is not as settling as for their counterparts. In jobs like these, people have to put more effort manually rather than composing e-mails and presentations. For most of the marketing jobs, it is critical to maintain contacts and meet the clients personally.

For daily wagers and blue-collar employees, this technological revolution seems falling short as well. For the industrial and manufacturing sectors, work from home is still the hardest hurdle to overcome. Since these sectors depend entirely on manpower, a day with no output can affect the entire workflow resulting in no income at all for employees and the employer.

4. Different Time Zones

For employees working from home remotely, catching up to speed with a different time zone is quite pesky. Dealing with tasks and delivering them according to the employer’s schedule is not that easy in such a situation.

You need to separate and segregate your work-related activities complying with an entirely different routine. Meeting the deadlines while managing your personal space can be difficult in such scenarios.
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5. Cost and Utility Management Issues

Working from home for employees hands them another drawback as they have to rely on their resources only. Companies take care of the expenses for providing space and resources to the employees. But in the case of homemade-office, employees need to handle the cost of the knick-knacks and major expenses.

You have to make phone calls, conduct client-surveys, and collaborate with your colleagues through your own resources. So, be prepared to deal with the mounting bills if you have just started working from home for employers.

Thoughts to Consider

Carrying out your work while staying in pyjamas is the feeling of freedom. When you are home, you are at ease and more worry-free. For some, it’s hard to fit into this situation all of a sudden.

When you are left with limited options to decide, you need to learn your weak spots to level up the work-life balance. Capitalize on your skills and manage fix your schedule to rid the downsides of work from home situation.

Advantages and disadvantages of work from home

Frequently Asked Questions

Is working from home good for you?

Working from home is what many people prefer these days. Companies tend to offer more perks and benefits to their employees when work from home for employees is the only available option. Many employees would switch to work from home strategy considering better work-life balance, increased productivity/better focus, less stress, and a cut in commute cost.

What are the advantages to the employee of working from home?

Working from home helps you focus on your work rather than following a tight timeless routine. Where all the necessary needs are at your home, handling work- life becomes quite easier.

Why working from home is the best?

People who work from home can easily access a healthy diet at home and save energy. Less stress at home is another reason why WFH is best suited for people with a deskjob at the office. A sound day working at home also boosts productivity.

Why employees should not work from home?

Responding to emails, maintaining data into sheets, and reporting to your manager every day may also fill you with boredom. No question, working from home has some proven benefits, but a list of repetitive tasks can also make you restricted and less attentive to other creative activities.

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