Pros and Cons of Video Conferencing

Pros and Cons of Video Conferencing Device- Review

The technological revolution is redefining our work life and the way we maintain task-lists. Globalizing your business is what relies on this new technology-based advancement diminishing the geographic limitations and communication barriers. Diving deeper into the pros and cons of video conferencing, find out what you need to know about a typical video conference device use and efficacy for business.

These proven advantages and disadvantages of video conferencing apps and devices will let you identify the pitfalls and contradictions of conducting virtual meetings. Things you can ramp up to avoid the communication-related problems.

Pros of Video Conferencing Technology

From healthcare to marketing domains, meetings are an imperative part of the continuance of a flawless work process. Have a gander at how an ideal video conference device can add to more efficiency for your workplace environment.

1. No Business Trips - No costs for a company

Imagine the time before Virtual meetings were a hypothetical concept, convening a meeting was a hard nut to crack for employees and managers. Traveling, accommodation, and let’s not forget that for every business trip scheduled, preparations do take up your time. Where video conference benefits fiscally, the time saved is also worthwhile.

2. Geography Doesn’t Matter

Distance is just an old-school concept nowadays as video conferencing benefits your organization without any geographical restrictions. Virtual Meetings are the most spoken advantages of video conference technology of this age.

To pitch a presentation from your home for clients based in Montreal, your boss in New York, and your colleagues in California, try Zoom for Video Conferencing. Till now Zoom Conferencing for collaboration of workforces is encouraged by worldwide professionals.

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3. VC Vs. Telephonic Conversation

Video conferencing benefits in better communication, grasp, and coordination for sure. To have everyone sharing their concerns on one screen is more realistic than connecting through a voice call. Attendees can easily collaborate through a webinar than in a conventional meeting.

Most VC apps offer a unified platform for chats, calls, video calls, and group calls. Imagine trying to connect to a user via ISD call and the operator responds with a message, “All Lines are Busy." Switching to a video conferencing device or apps sounds more beneficial at such times.

4. Productive Communication

Productive communication is what leads to a fruitful conclusion eventually. This is one of the biggest advantages of video conferencing for the new-age corporate sectors. A bunch of free applications offers a personalized environment for users to make video calls disregarding the physical distance.

That said, you are not just restricted to use this technology for professional use only. Android Apps like WhatsApp, Viber, Imo, and Telegram can help you connect with your family and friends at zero cost.

5. Cost-Cuts Save Resources

For every organization, saving money and utilizing every available resource efficiently is a bit of a challenge these days. Fixing a managerial meet does heap up some expenses from pleasantries to stationery, from setting up to winding up, and ultimately the electricity consumption.

These expenses may sound minuscule at first. But for organizations dealing with such meetings once or twice every week can get the point of saving resources. You can substantially save your resources by getting the advantages of video conferencing technology.

6. Flexibility

Video Conference Benefits the workaholics for sure as the technology keeps their work more flexible than the traditional work process. When it’s about quality service and maintaining a reputation in the global market, nothing else comes as reliable as video conferencing.

For many IT professionals and service support agents, the benefits of video conferencing are countless. Resolving a client’s problem closely through VC technology is the route to build future relationships with them. Let’s not forget about the review they leave for a 24/7 service.

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Disadvantages of video conferencing

Besides, the economic benefits, the disadvantages of video conferencing technology are also to be dealt with adequately. As many organizations have adopted video conferencing as a perfect way for flawless workflow, some cons of video conferencing still need some attention. If you have been participating in a virtual meeting lately, you may face some or any issues in the future.

1. High Cost for High-Quality Equipment

High-end communication needs a high cost for the installation and setting up the establishment. Although setting up is a one-time investment, purchasing a video conference device or software for corporate use may be heavy. Small companies are more concerned about finding an alternative to video conferencing apps for business.

2. Higher Bandwidth Consumption

A video and voice transmission requires higher bandwidth blatantly that is available for corporate sectors only. So, if you use your personal data for an office meeting, you probably face the most feared cons of video conferencing. Personal data connections are restricted to a specific bandwidth and may also increase your data consumption landing more figures on your monthly bills.

A solution to this pitfall is to purchase a plan that suits your business needs and comparing which ISP offers a better transmission rate going along with your business needs.

3. Poor Speed Interrupts the Conversation

No Internet Service Provider guarantees promise constant uptime; that said, you may have to deal with the poor network at times. A rattled conversation flow results in delayed receive-and-response disturbing the natural communication flow entirely.

This interruptive situation may arise due to natural disturbance or man-made errors. Uncommon to occur, but this limitation of video conferencing may find its way to anyone in the worst-case scenario.

4. Technical Glitches

Even though every system is perfectly designed, there’s no way for it to be faltered at some point. Heavy apps such as Zoom for Video Conferencing take up network system resources substantially. Difficulties like hardware or network failure can blindside your communication flow anytime.

These problems are hard to fix when they are remotely connected with your office through home because of the absence of IT support. Even worse is to not know the basics of video conferencing concept. Luckily, zoom conferencing app also comes with a 24/7 support solution.

5. The Zoom Conferencing Security Incident

Not just the good, the bad ones are getting better at more advanced. Hackers have a knack of breaking into unbreakable systems and technology. Zoom Conferencing Security system came under scrutiny in March 2020 due to a bug. As reported by the Cybercrime Cell, Delhi (India), hackers used a bug for “Zoom-Bombing" and hacking user passwords.

Resultantly, "Zoom-bombing" allowed uninvited participants to take over meetings and send offensive or pornographic content. This incident raises more concerns among the professionals about the pros and cons of video conferencing.

6. User Privacy

Since the entire communication is over the internet, your system is exposed to multiple users simultaneously during a VC. Sharing sensitive files with multiple users is productive, it also elevates the risk of information leaks.

Landing a company’s data in the wrong hands is one of the severe disadvantages of video conferencing. This sensitive data may also be sold to the public or competitors for monetary gains.

Common Cons of Video Conferencing for Employees

As an employee, you may also face some downsides of video conferencing being a participant of vital conversation. These situations are where a VC app may fall short for you at a personal level.

1. Conflicting Time Zones

Connecting via VC may feel invasive to you in case of a different time zone. A huge time gap such as USA to New Zealand, Australia to UK can be disturbing for the employees reporting to work remotely. Receiving a call to go online in the middle of dinner or sleep is something invading your space and personal moments.

2. Switching to Digital Meeting Needs Time

A person unfamiliar to a video conferencing device and applications finds it hard to get along with the basic dos and don’ts. Employees with such a disadvantage rely more on prior training and time in order to understand the basics of VC.

To Conclude:

Most major firms and small companies have secured and robust network systems these days. Concerns arise when you are accessing a public or open network such as WiFi. Given the pitfalls of video conferencing can be minimized further, there is no doubt a company should not switch to video conferencing. Advantages of Video Conferencing beats the possible risks and ensure a smooth flow of business as well as communication.

Pros and Cons of Video Conferencing

Frequently Asked Questions

What is video conferencing?

Video conferencing is a technology-based method to communicate through videotelephony. Video conferencing is one of the widely used methods to conduct business meetings in the 21st century. You don't need to worry about your geographic location because the virtual meet is successfully executed through audio and video transmission over the internet.

What are the disadvantages of video conferencing?

Online security is one of the leading disadvantages of video conferencing that sets users' information on the edge. On the other hand, Technical glitches, poor internet speed, and bandwidth consumption are common hindrances you may face during a virtual meeting.

What are the advantages of video conference?

Virtual meetings can save your company a great deal of money by reducing the legwork and cutting traveling expenses for clients as well as yourself. You can connect with the client irrespective of their location and carry out business talks pretty easily.

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