Advantages and Disadvantages of Modernization

Advantages of Modernization:

  • Technological Breakthroughs
  • Globalization
  • Healthy Lifestyle
  • Modernized Society is More Independent
  • Less Manpower and more Automation
  • Access to Healthcare Resources

Disadvantages of Modernization:

  • Clashes of Tradition
  • Globalization hampers Domestic Business
  • Environmental Crisis
  • Emission and Pollution
  • Evolution and Emergence of Threats

The term modernization in this century generally relates to urban and industrial development. Even today, families that dwell in rural regions are considered less modernized and aware of their counterparts from big cities.

The world undergoes tremendous shifts in economic and technological advancements every day. As we progress further, it is equally important for us to heed the Advantages & Disadvantages of Modernization.

What are the advantages of Modernization?

Modernization has become an integral element for survival from the standpoint of healthcare, technological and commercial progress. Not only in terms of business, but modernization benefits human lives too. Here are facts that underpin modernization and its significance.

1. Technological Breakthroughs

Modernization is the reason why man has landed on the moon and is able to explore the universe more and more. With an abundance of technological equipment, people are able to travel, communicate, and collaborate for the better livelihood of global society as a whole.

Technological Development stands out as the backbone of railways, roadways, and the aviation industry providing people services.

2. Globalization

Modernization encourages a country to pace along with other developed nations. Implementation of regular advancements is essential to partner with global leaders and promote globalization.

The major part of the population in the developed nations is urbanized and educated. Education is what paves the way to better employment or business opportunity on a global scale.

3. Healthy Lifestyle

Modern methods of learning and education also tend to make us more conscious of our health and fitness. Developing nations with less access to education sources are also less aware of basic measures to stay healthy and fit amid an emergency.

4. Modernized Society is More Independent

A modernized society moves with changing times growing more independent even at the time of a downturn. Cities with hi-end smart systems contribute to a nation’s economic growth as well as goodwill.

5. Less Manpower and more Automation

From a viewpoint of industrial breakthroughs, modern technology helps reduce a company’s cost and usage of resources. With automated machinery, industrial development boosts production and income. Modern establishments maximize a nation’s economy and GDP.

6. Access to Healthcare Resources

Modern society has access to better healthcare sources with all the basic and advanced systems to tackle health issues. With all the modern equipment and medicare facilities at hand, modern societies have a higher health rate.

What are the Disadvantages of Modernization

Although Modernization benefits humankind with a great deal of comforts, some concerns cause several problems for both mankind and the ecosystem. Some major issues that contribute to the Cons of Modernization are associated with dangerous setbacks.

1. Clashes of Tradition

Technological revolution may have brought drastic changes in the way of living, but people with fewer resources mainly rely on traditional systems of survival and growth. Traditionalists tend to maintain a status quo that often conflicts with new generation ideas leading to social conflicts.

2. Globalization hampers Domestic Business

The domestic business shrinks as more companies globalize their business targeting a wider scope of the market. It goes along with the developing nations and rids their chances of development due to a lack of ample technology or resources. That said, modern methods accessible only for developed states may blindside developing states in terms of development.

3. Environmental Crisis

Modernscapes may have beautified society and eased humans’ living standards, but evolving technology still poses a threat to the environment. Natural and Non-renewable sources of energy are still widely used which not only disturbs the ecosystem but also puts natural sources at the brink of extinction.

Rampant use of natural resources at an industrial scale is one of the major drawbacks of modernization.

4. Emission and Pollution

States adopting modern methods of livelihood have cut emissions of pollutants into the environment. But the society that is underway development is still reliant on conventional sources of fuel and resources. Leading nations don’t promise a sustainable solution to such countries despite being aware of the future environmental crisis.

5. Evolution and Emergence of Threats

A rise in experimentation, chemical revolution, and mutating activities also give rise to emerging unidentified threats like microorganisms and viruses. In the race to be the best and modernized, humans intervene with nature to an extent that brings new species to the surface. Even a highly sophisticated system implemented by a developed society is not prepared to curb unprecedented threats.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Modernization

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of modernization in the industrial sector?

Modernization provides the base for innovative business practices, increasing revenue, and automation. Implementation of Modern machinery also alleviates the risk of workplace hazards.

What is the disadvantage of modernization?

Modernization threatens traditional values and small domestic business practices. This strengthens the fact that states with limited access to resources or modernized methods have low economic growth and more competition. The negative effects of modernization also encompass social and even psychological borders.

What are the impacts of modernization on education?

Modernization goes hand to hand with changing times. Modernized education methods are required for better career prospects, economic growth, and livelihood. Survival and Lifestyle, and better employment opportunities are directly associated with education.

How does modernization contribute to development?

Modernization is an integral element for industrial development which further concretes economic progress. Following modern methods in the industrial sector help the developing nations to collaborate with developed nations playing a vital role.

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