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Top Universities in USA: As a student, it's one of your heartiest dreams to study in the top colleges in the USA. But before you start thinking of studying aboard, you should also be concerned about some factors and criteria to fit rightly. Again, USA's universities and world-class education system make it to the world's best universities for graduation and postgraduation. Who are those, and which one you should choose, it's all in here.

There are specific reasons why the education system is dominating, and the institutions have a higher success rate compared to other countries. Recruiters need the best and highly skilled freshers to give a jack to a company's progress. What makes education more of a grave significance in the US is the presence of the world's leading companies in the Market.

Placement firms are always on the move to find the best and talented graduates. What makes a company successful? The answer is, its employees. And employees are made from the best environment to receive a world-class education and management skills. Let us find out which universities in the USA rank at the top.

Top Ten Universities in USA List

Why is the education system in America is the world-famous? Because the world's most prestigious and glorified institutions are homed in the USA. These Best American universities provide many great opportunities for research to their students; the training and teaching staff of these United States universities are renowned in the entire world. Support services for international students are even beyond praise in these best Universities in United States. There is a lot to learn with cutting-edge technology to contribute to self-growth and company's as well.

1. University of Pennsylvania-Philly, PA

Famous as Upenn or Penn, the University of Pennsylvania also known as Universitas Pennsylvaniensis in Latin and was established in 1740. It is a private Ivy League research university located in the University City neighborhood of Philly, Pennsylvania. The University of Pennsylvania has the motto "Laws without morals are useless." The varsity homes to Academic staff of 4,722 faculty members, the Administrative team of 2,489 people, and 21,599 Students study here of which 10,496 are undergraduates and 11,013 are postgraduates.

The Tuition and Fees amount to $57,770 (2019-20) with additional $16,190 (2019-20) for Room and Board. The total enrolment count is 22,376 at UPenn.

Elon Musk, John Legend, Ivanka Trump, Elizabeth Banks, Noam Chomsky, Donald Trump, Tory Burch are some of the notable alumni.Contact Number: +1 (215) 898-5000
UPenn website:

2. Princeton University-Princeton, NJ

Princeton University is located in the peaceful town of Princeton, New Jersey. This university was founded in 1746 and spread over 600 acres area. Princeton University ranks among the Top 5 Universities in US with a total enrolment of 5428 for graduate courses. The varsity has six residential colleges with equipped and hi-tech food clubs and serves according to their motto "Princeton in the Nation's Service and the Service of Humanity."

Princeton University grabs attention from worlds' students, primarily through the programs offered in Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs and School of Engineering and Applied Science. PU, New Jersey is also the safest and friendly University in USA for International Students.

The tuitions and fees totals to $51,870 (2019-20) including $17,150 (2019-20) for Room and Board. 8,374 is the highest figure of enrolment at Princeton University, NJ.

Woodrow Wilson, James Madison, Jeff Bezos, Michelle Obama, and Brooke Shields are some of the famous alumni of Princeton University.
For inquiries: +1 (609) 258-3000
Princeton University Site:

3. Harvard University- Cambridge, MA

Harvard University ranks third on the list of top Universities in USA for graduate and postgraduate courses. This institution was founded in 1636, whose motto is “truth.” HU, named after John Harvard, the famous clergyman and the first benefactor has a record of enrolling 6,700 undergraduate and 13,100 postgraduate students.

Harvard University is a private Ivy League research university in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Its campus is stretched over an area of 210 acres that also offer a friendly space to international students. At present, Tuition and Fees total to $51,925 (2019-20) with $17,682 (2019-20) for Room and Board and has 20,739 total enrolments.

Mark Zuckerberg, Matt Damon, Natalie Portman, and Conan O'Brien are some of the well-known alumni of Harvard University.
Contact Harvard: +1 (617) 495-1000
Harvard University Website:

4. Columbia University-New York, NY

Columbia University was established in the year 1754 with the motto "In Thy light shall we see light" and is the oldest institution of higher education in New York. Being one of the fifth oldest university in USA, its campus is stretched over an area of 299 acres, and it enrolls 27,942 Students of which 8,410 are Undergraduates students, and 19,532 are Postgraduates students. Currently, it has 3,999 Academic staff members.

If you are thinking about admission at Columbia University, the Tuition and Fees is $61,850 (2019-20) in a total and is $14,490 (2019-20) for Room and Board, and Total Enrolments for 2019-20 are 26,338.

Barack Obama, Alexander Hamilton, Allen Ginsberg, Jack Kerouac, Art Garfunkel, Warren Buffett, Lou Gehrig, Jake Gyllenhaal are some of the notable alumni of Columbia University.
Contact CU: +1 (212) 854-1754

5. Yale University-Yale, CT

Yale University, established in the year 1701 with the motto "Light and truth" is a private Ivy League research university in New Haven, Connecticut. With 4,410 Academic staff, 12,312 students of which 5,453 are undergraduates and 6,859 are postgraduates. The campus of Yale University is stretched over an area of 1,015 acres. This institution is one of the oldest American Universities and one of the nine colonial colleges. Tale has regularly been ranking among the top ten Universities in USA.

If you are browsing for the best University in US for International Students, Yale is the right choice you will ever make. The University has a great learning atmosphere for foreign studies and highly skilled faculties to keep your grades sky high, not just in studies but also extra-curricular activities.

The Tuition and Fees sum up to $55,500 (2019-20) with $16,600 (2019-20) for Room and Board. Yale University’s total enrolments plummeted to 13,433.

Notable Alumni- George H. W. Bush, George W. Bush, Meryl Streep, Paul Newman, Gerald Ford, Jodie Foster, Edward Norton.
Contact Yale: +1 (203)-432-4771
Yale Official Website:

6. Stanford University- Stanford, CA

The Leland Stanford Junior University, or Stanford, was established in 1885 with a motto "The wind of freedom blows." This is a private research University located in Stanford, California with a total of 7,087 graduate enrolments. Four out of Stanford’s schools offer UG and Graduate coursework while the rest three are purely graduate schools.

Apart from research and studies, the University also has Tennis & Golf facilities for freshers, including music and theatrical groups Ram’s Head Theatrical Society, the Mendicants, and an all-male a cappella group, to name a few.

If you have thought about getting enrolled at Stanford, here are some facts you should keep in mind. The Tuition and Fees are up to $53,529 (2019-20) with $16,433 (2019-20) for Room and Board. Total enrolments made 17,381.

Popular Alumni at Stanford University- Mukesh Ambani, Tiger Woods, Elon Musk, Sergey Brin, Larry Page, Reese Witherspoon, Herbert Hoover, Peter Thiel, Reed Hastings.
Contact Stanford: +1 (650) 723-2300
Website to Reach:

7. University of Chicago-Chicago, IL

U of C or UChicago is also a private research University based in Chicago, Illinois. This institution was founded in 1890with a motto "Let knowledge grow from more to more, and so be human life enriched." The Campus size of UChicago is 217 acres with 6,552 enrolments for undergraduate courses.

Besides, offering graduate courses to students, UChicago also offers Postgraduate courses through famous and highly ranked colleges named Harris School of Public Studies, Booth School of Business, and Pritzker School of Medicine.

UChicago currently has 2,859 Academic staff, 16,446 students of which 6,286 are undergraduates and 10,159 are postgraduates. The fee structure is as follows: Tuition and Fees $59,298 (2019-20), and Room & Board $17,004 (2019-20). The institution has 14,347 enrolments of now.

Popular Alumni- Carl Sagan, Milton Friedman, Susan Sontag, Gary Becker, Roger Ebert.
Contact UChicago: +1(773) 702-1234
University’s Website:

8. Duke University- Durham, NC

Duke University sits at the 8th spot on the list of Best Universities in USA. This private institution is based in Durham, North Carolina, which was established in 1838. Duke University serves its motto of “Knowledge and Faith.”

This university is also famous for its Basketball programs, including some well-known and colleges namely, Pratt School of Engineering, School of Law, School of Medicine, Fuqua School of Business, and School of Nursing.

The current tuitions and fees at Duke University are $58,198 (2019-20) further followed by Room and Board fee of up to $17,000 (2019-20). Total enrolments done for this year are 16,606.

Famous Alumni at Duke University are Shannon Polson, Retta Sirleaf, David S. Taylor, Melinda Gates, Ron Paul, and Carlos Boozer.
Contact Duke: +1(919) 684-8111
Site to reach Duke:

9. Northwestern University- Evanston, IL

Ranked number nine on the Top National Universities in US, the institution is located in Evanston, Illinois USA. NU is also a private research university founded in 1851. This institution has a total undergraduate enrolment of 8,321 and has a campus size of 231 acres with hundreds of campuses to provide world-class facilities to enrolled students.

NU's main campuses are located along Lake Michigan, Evanston, and Chicago. With other international campus based in Doha, Qatar, NU is ranked 9th among the best American Universities in 2020 edition of best national universities in USA.

NU's mottos are "Whatsoever things are true," "The word full of grace and truth." The institution is renowned for bringing bright new ideas to conduct different types of research alongside organizing multi-cultural events. If you are on the watch of the best international universities in US, NU is the way to go.

The tuition and fees at NU are $56,691 (2019-20) including $17,019 (2019-20) for Room and Board. Total enrolments for NU this year are 21,591.

Famous NU Alumni are Warren Beatty, Edgar Bergen, Charlton Heston, Zooey Deschanel, Seth Myers, Bill Cook, Nicole Lapin, and Pat Ryan.
Contact NU: +1 (847) 491-3741
NU Website:

10. John Hopkins University, Baltimore MD

John Hopkins University is located in Baltimore, Maryland, and was founded in 1876. This institution is one of best universities in USA for International students. With international campuses based in Italy, China, and Singapore, the University is also first research university in the United States. JHU has a total enrolment of 6,064 for undergraduate courses.

JHU has nine schools out of which, five schools serve undergraduate and graduate students. School of Medicine, Whiting School of Engineering, and Bloomberg School of Public Health are well-known for offering top-ranked programs to the enrollees.

The University has the highest enrolment of 26,152, and Tuition and Fees are $55,350 (2019-20).

Courses offered at JHU include BA and BS for undergraduate student and MA, MS and Ph.D accompanied by Biomedical engineering.
Contact JHU: +91 (941) 516-8000
Website to Connect with JHU:

Top university in USA - Best International university in US

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best public university in New York?

New York University (NYU) and Cornell University are ranked the top two Public Universities in New York. Fordham University comes next in the order after Columbia University, NYU, and Cornell University.

What are the best universities in Pennsylvania?

There are many public universities located in Pittsburgh and Philadelphia offering graduate and postgraduate courses to both national and international students. Carnegie Mellon University (Pittsburgh) and Villanova University (Villanova) are ranked 26th and 46th among the Best American National Universities.

Which is the best university in Texas?

Rice University, Houston Texas is the top-ranked University in Texas and takes the 17th spot on the list of best National Universities in USA. It is followed by the University of Texas, Austin (with 46th ranking nationwide), and Southern Methodist University- Dallas, Texas (ranked 64th on the national Universities list).

Which university is best in USA?

Depending on the fee structure and facilities for international students, Princeton University, Yale University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Harvard University, Columbia University, and California Institute of Technology and the best five Universities in USA.

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